I honestly don't hate, dislike, like или Любовь Twilight. It's just neutral with me. I never really had any problem with it until I saw an Статья saying that Harry Potter copied Twilight. The person who wrote it also went so far as to say that J.K. Rowling is ugly and that Stephenie Meyer is the pretty one. It just irked me, because the looks don't even matter (they're both equal too) and it's not a valid point.

She сказал(-а) something about Sirius Black being copied from Jacob Black - who is commonly described as a big волк in his werewolf form. And Sirius (she spelled it as 'Serious'. I laughed and I got slightly mad. Oh well) could turn into a dog. So she thought that Sirius Black was created because of Jacob. But being a Potterhead, I know that Prisoner of Azkaban (when Sirius was mentioned) came out on July 8th, 1999, around six years before the first Twilight book (Oct. 5th, 2005).

Even the Prisoner of Azkaban movie came out before the Twilight series started (May 31, 2004). So how can Twilight Фаны say that Harry Potter copied from Twilight. Please don't say that as it is wrong. I really wouldn't bother you... But I just need to say that the book series that I Любовь did not copy from Twilight.