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Everyone knows Rowling and Meyer's stance on fanfiction and the fact both writers have дана a thumbs up of sorts. However, there is something I don't think either one of them would of approve of and it involves those Reading the Books a lot of people are supposedly writing. I say supposedly Письмо because copying from another persons work is not Письмо unless Ты are quoting under fair use. And boy... every single Чтение the Книги I've come across is not in fair use and constitutes plagiarism. I know how to write one that doesn't constitute plagiarism, but I'll save that until the end.

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I read the twilight saga and i loved it i was a twihard for a while yes, but was еще fond of the voltori than anything else, When i read Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, i became addicted in its content, i read the Книги one by one and read them again, i like twillight, yes, but there is no doubt i prefar Harry Potter, i also read all the Hunger Games Книги and was a tribute, still Harry Potter is my life and soul. Jk.rowling has an imagnation unlike many i know, the Книги depth and detail is unbelivable, i just wish it never had to end, Ты have to read all the Книги или Ты wont fully...
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posted by RonGetYourWand
Here is a Список of flaws found in Twilight:

1. Quileute Tribe - She added imprinting, which isn't even in their history, as a way to manipulate the relationships and have automatic 'true love' . If I was Quileute I would feel insulted.



2. Basic Biology - It is stated in New Moon that an ancestor of the Quileute tribe transferred his soul to a real волк when his earthly body had been destroyed. In Breaking Dawn, Edward reveals that the Quileute tribe are not real werewolves, but shape-shifters. How can it be that this transformation is genetic for the descendants of the tribe?

3. Armed forces...
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Both twilight and harry potter are very successful, especially among teenagers. Some people keep arguing about which is better, though in my opinion, THEY SHOULDN'T BE COMPARED!

Now, i have to admit i Любовь both series! I'd say harry potter is unisex and appropriate for all ages, whilst twilight adresses mainly to teenage girls. HP talks about friendship and love, while twilight is еще romantic! Also, hp gives lessons of life, although maybe in some cases, i would prefer Чтение twilight.

Finally, They are both written by two very talented and imaginative writers, j.k rowling and stephenie meyer. They wrote these Книги to give teens (and not only) inspiration and time of happiness. So, if Ты don't like one of these two series, don't blame them! We can't all have the same tastes!
posted by one_a_kind4ever
In my last Статья I got some Комментарии that stated that I didn't support my opinion so I will try again.

Harry Potter is definitely going to be a story that people are going to be telling 50 years from now. Harry Potter is a fun filled story taking place in a wizarding world as many of Ты know. Over the past couple of years it has been argued that Twilight is better. Us Harry Potter Фаны disagree because a 17 год old wizard who defeats a dark lord is WAY better than a sparkling 107 год old vampire virgin. I respect the fact that Twilight has Фаны as well that like Twilight for reasons we...
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copied from a web-site:

Wizard-on-wizard combat in the films
Writing battle scenes was never Rowling’s strongest suit, but her fight scenes became electric on the screen, еще или less literally: The effect when two thrown spells locked in mid-air is particularly splashy and creative, with the clash of energy throwing off heavy, wet detritus that looks like paint. Scenes like the Battle For Hogwarts at the end of the series, the Ministry Of Magic showdown in Order Of The Phoenix (with good and evil wizards zipping around as light and dark clouds, and the sense that еще action was...
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Lesson 1: PROPS!!! Lots and lots of props!

Harrypotterlurvfeverweasley_ravenclar-granger gave me Благодарности for my comments:
“Hi I really like the way Ты verbally attack Twilight fans. The way Ты threatened their lives by tracking down their IP address and sending them cryptic letter describing how you’re going to kidnap them in their sleep and dismember them limb by limb was so cool. Don’t worry; I’ll have your back if they call the police. I know you’re totally justified because I hate that book too.”

Cullenlife_number1fan_forks gave me Благодарности for my articles:
“Hey, that wasn’t fair,...
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Not sure what to Название this exactly:P

Anyways this was a Комментарий on some Форум here I cant remember and I liked it so decided to post it as an article. It was by Lumos_Maxima I believe.

You have Robert Pattison play Edward - we had him play Cedric. He even admitted to enjoying play Cedric еще than Edward ;)

You have Jacob and Edward - we have Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

You have Bella лебедь - we have Bellatrix Lestrange who could Avada Kedavra your Bella any day.

You have Jacob Black - we have Remus Lupin who is the real werewolf here. Jacob isn't even a werewolf, he's a shape shifter.

You have...
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posted by mr-cullen
NOTE:copied from web site.
if same Статья is there tell me i will remove this

1) Sperm are living cells that need to be reproduced. If Ты have been dead for a hundred years such as Edward Cullen your sperm would be LONG dead. Also sperm needs protein, something Edwards body has no need for. If Edward has no sperm, how did he conceive Renessme?

2) 23 and 24 chromosomes does not produce a healthy off spring. Nessie either had a genetic disorder would of died.

3) If Jasper shouldn't of been around people why did he go to school. The Cullen family lived in the middle of no where. I'm sure they could...
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posted by spongebob105
Did Ты ever think that dumbledore was useing harry potter? Well he did! As Ты can see in snape's thoughts that he did. Dumbledore сказал(-а) that he was like a pig up for slauter! I mean who is mean to say that или act twards that person. WELL HE DID!

He doesn't realy think about what would he feel if he was steping into his shoes. I mean come on. He thinks he so COOL that he has the elder wand. HE'S A NORMAL PERSON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Well now getting back to the subject. Dumbledore is a MEAN person so if Ты want to find out your self then go to chapter that says "Snape's Memories"
Hello everyone!

I'm planning on Письмо a letter to Stephenie Meyer regarding the Twilight series. I wanted to address all the points many people do not like in the series. The letter is going to be friendly and straight-forward. I wanted to hear what everyone would want me to include. These are a few of the topics I am going to be including:

- Anti-feminism
- Abusive relationship
- Unhealthy obsession
- Lust does not equal Любовь
- Bella is horribly rude to her Друзья (not valued friendships)

These are just a few. Please add anything and if there is something specific you'd like me to add.

I'll be working on this letter and posting on Sunday on Fanpop, so I can add anything else and have your approval and then I will send it to her.
I understand that Seth probably won't let it get to her, but it's worth a shot and I will post his reply (assuming he does reply.)

Thank you! :)
posted by june13
we all knowed hermiones was one of harrys Друзья anyone who did not know her know her for a know it all over the years at hogwards she larned not to worry want everyone says about Ты and want Ты are in book five six and 7 we was showed want she could do that was not spells and every thing esl Любовь she fell hard for one boy that was her freind ron and some us thougth that i =t was going to be harry или nelive over the ages she had kids and they turn out to be smart and good at hogwards to and we all thought that she would end up somewhere esl on the road
I thought this would be fun!Guess what!?What if I had an interview with J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer together!This is the fake interview with me,J.K. Rowling,and Stephanie Meyer:
M:Are Ты ready for the interview?
M:Ok,since Ты both write fiction-how did Ты come up with the books?
S.M.:It was a dream,the meadow scene and I woke up and I'm like,"How did they get their?How did they fall in love?WHat would happen,next?"I jumped out of постель, кровати and sat down and started writing.Going,"I can't...
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Harry Potter beats Twilight. Of course. But I really don't like it when HP Фаны use opinion-ated "facts" when saying WHY Harry Potter is the better movie series. So, I, who am a major Potterhead, put together 7 true, solid, hard, and undeniable facts about certain aspects of the two movie series to prove why Harry Potter is the ultimate series.
**I will only be discussing the movies**

1) Soundtrack

Listen to this wonderful and memorable theme song. As Ты may have guessed, the theme song belogs to Harry Potter : link

Now listen to this: link
It's pretty, but it doesn't find a special place in...
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posted by HopeEve
ok so I found this stupid person listing all the reasons why twilight is better than twilight. so I replied to every single one. and this is her picture:

1. Robert Pattinson, can Ты say HOT? And he's totally sexy when he sparkles!

So? Hotness has absolutely no correlation to Актёрское искусство ability. He was also in Harry Potter first.

2. Taylor Lautner, I mean, have Ты SEEN those muscles?

NOT HOT. Strange nose, closed up eyes and no Актёрское искусство ability. That is just my personal opinion. As I said, hotness has no correlation to Актёрское искусство ability.

3. Kristen Stewart. An extremely talented and beautiful actress,...
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When me and my friend Fiona were in the sixth grade, we decided to write a fanfiction about the Twilight characters going to Hogwarts. (We were both major Twilight Фаны then.) I wasn't the best writer in those days, so the beginning of the fanfic isn't great, but it gets better as we go along.
You'll notice that our seprate entries can get a bit confusing at times, and that's because we were Письмо by e-mail because she lives six hours away from me, and we were just making it up as we went along. Fiona is Письмо about the character Peace, and I am using the character that I use for EVERYTHING,...
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Alright I haven't gotten a chance to revise and Редактировать this so it's still kind of a Список type thing. I guess I'll finish later. One point for now.

While Чтение the Популярное teen book Twilight, I couldn't help but notice some rather disturbing problems, and some facts that just don't add up.

For starters, Twilight is anti feminist. How can it be anti-feminist? Ты might ask. Well here's how, Bella is always staying at Главная tending to either her father, her boyfriend, или her boyfriends family. Meyer cleverly disguises this by saying "oh well Charlie can't cook" and "there's nothing better to do"....
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posted by Mrs-Grint
 As Ты can see, some of his Niffler genes are actually visible. If you'll look to his stomach...
As you can see, some of his Niffler genes are actually visible. If you'll look to his stomach...
OK, so many Harry Potter/vampire Фаны (like myself) will probably agree that Edward Cullen is not a real vampire. The only similarities that Edward and other Вампиры have is the liking of human blood. I suppose Meyer was trying to be original, and I don't mean to offend anyone who does like the sparklepyres.

Why Edward Cullen is a niffler

Before I state my actual reasons, I should probably tell anyone who doesn't know what a niffler actually is. For this I have my trusty Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them book:

M.O.M. Classification: XXX [Which means a competent wizard should cope...
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posted by Sophia21
Ah well, in the name of justice now I will take it a little bit against Harry Potter. For starters I will only mention consistency errors или plot mistakes. Scientific and lore mistakes will be included later. HEY! They are 7 very long books, and unlike Twilight were mistakes were easy to spot amongst the constant lovey-dovey of Bella and Edward, Harry Potter has a lot of information going around. Now then.

1)Where did Voldemort stick his wand?
Explanation: Yeah the Название doesn't give a very nice image. But seriously. Voldemort went on a solo mission to kill the Potters and their baby. Due to...
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Okay so I've come to realize how all of this is just pointless. People seem to only compare Twilight and Harry Potter because the two are popular. That is a main reason why those two are being compared now. Now to me I have really found this to be pointless. People are comparing a romantic fiction story to a Фэнтези fiction story.

Now when I realized this is when a Комментарий was made by a user who goes by the name: justmandi23
on the topic "1000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter" So what she wrote just made me realize what I did. I Опубликовано like a lot of reasons in the topic, "1000...
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