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XDRoseLuvsHP posted on Dec 07, 2009 at 11:51PM
I made this so we can debate on which series is better over here (instead of invading each others pro-Twilight or pro-Harry Potter forums). Feel free to state your opinions here.

Here are some tips:

1. Support your answers
2. Respect other peoples opinions (even if they do not respect yours. You can disagree, but be the mature one and be somewhat polite about it. No saying "YOU SUCK, GO DIE" or anything like that please)

Have fun!

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Больше года Belvedere said…
Hippogriff turds, that was brilliant.
Больше года StarKidWeasley said…
big smile
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
big smile
:D Thanks guys :3
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Okay, I am also going to rewrite her reasons so you can actually read them and respond.
"1. The characters are hot."

This doesn't prove anything. And whether or not the characters are "hot" is an opinion.

"2. Bella is a normal girl. She's super smart and the best in her school, the prettiest girl in the world, all the boys love her more than all the other girls, and she's perfect, unlike Harry Potter."

Ummm... Bella being amazingly hot and smart and having all the boys in the world kissing her butt isn't normal... In Harry Potter, though, he is hated by a majority of people and there is plenty of guys that are hotter than him. Not many girls fawn over him. Harry, despite being a wizard is more normal than Bella will ever be.

"3. The bad guys actually have hair and noses."

OH MY GOD! There is an actual bad guy in Twilight? Where?
Voldemort is the only bad bald guy with no nose. And that's what makes him look evil. BTW, I haven't seen Goblet of Fire in a while, but I remember Voldemort having a sanke tongue. Am I the only one who noticed that, or was I wrong?

"4. Edward is hot."

Again, an opinion. And what does that have to do with anything? And I think this goes in with reason (cough, NOT, cough) numero uno.

"5. Forks is a real place unlike the magic school."

Harry Potter is a fiction story set in a fictional place. DUH!

"6. Bella respects her perents and her friends."

No she didn't! She completely dumped them for her precious Eddie-poo!

"7. Bella is exactly like Stephanie Meyer even her hair and stuff!"

Yeah, you got that right, but Mary-Sue's are not good!

"8. The author uses big long words to describe edward who is beautiful."

OPINION!!!! JEEZ! And by the way, here is what Stephanie Meyer writes every page: "Edward is f*cking gorgeous." And only a couple of times she actually describes his features. I remember hearing he had bronze hair in one book and auburn hair in another. WTF? I thought meyerpires couldn't change?

"9. Bella is perfect."

And that is not good at all. No one can be perfect! Being perfect is what makes Meyer's characters and books suck.

"10. There is a better plot than Harry Potter because it is all about something real like love, not good against evil or something stupid like that."

Good against evil is actually real. In this comparison I will be comparing Harry Potter and actual events and people.
The Golden Trio and the other good guys=the guys that defeated Hitler (lol, don't know much history in this area...)
Death Eaters=Nazis
Holocaust=All the dead muggles and mudbloods.
"11. The cover is nice."

An apple to symbolize forbidden love (FAIL) vs. the HP covers that actually make sense and pictures a scene from the actual book. Hmmm...

"12. The vampires aren't scary because they don't burn in the sunlight like in daybreakers and the good guys don't suck blood so it's good for all ages, unlike Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which I couldn't open my eyes when I watch movies and they swear."

Yes, because Meyer destroyed vampires and the good guys do suck blood if they are vamps. And when I grow up and have a kid, I definately will let them read Breaking Dawn, which has a sex scene and all the other books with detailed kissing! *sarcasm* I agree, Order of the Phoenix was the worst Harry Potter, good, but I didn't like it as much... AND LIKE THEY DONT SWEAR IN TWILIGHT!

"13. The baby broke Bella's back when she was born so it's thrilling and it scares you and gives you a good chill down your spine and keep you edge of your seat."

How the hell is a demon child good? WTF are you smoking? When I was reading it (by the way, I liked Twilight until about a year ago when I came to my senses) I never got goosebumps and I wanted Edward to kill Renesmee and be done with it!

"14. The fans are smart and respectful even to people who don't like Twilight unlike YOU GUYS WHO ARE STUPID AND MEAN!"



"15. The names are cool and creative like Volturi and Carlisle unlike Order of the Phoenix which is lame and Voldemort which don't make sense and not even a word unlike Renesmee which is cool."

Voldemort translates in French to "flight from death," which makes perfect sense! His goal is to be immortal and escape death!

"16. Harry Potter is dumb."


"17. Stephanie Meyer is better than J. K. Rowling."


"18. Edward is 100 years old and he loves Bella and she loves him because he's hot."

Pedophile and if you love someone because they're hot then don't make a book out of it.
By the way, that reminds me... Bella and Edward are not in love, they are in lust! A Twilight fan agrees with me!


Wait, there's more? I know you will be back too, because you didn't even finish your comment!
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
big smile
^EPIC WIN! XD gaycheese just got told off twice!
Больше года pokerface22 said…
:D Yay! Thanks for saying win. I thought I sucked because it was hard for me to argue... I was too busy trying to form a coherent thought in my head instead all these thoughts barging in my mind. I could have gone on forever debating!
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
big smile
No prob! It was really awesome. And i could've gone wayyy longer as well. It must be the effect this grammar-less fan has on us! X3
Больше года pokerface22 said…
WHOO! We rock! Mostly you, because you told her off multiple times in the other discussion..
Больше года gaycheese said…
i stll dont bleev u
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Great, you're back... -__-
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
Wow. Just wow. First of all, how are we stupid? now, on to the debate.
1.Characters being hot is not a good reason.
2.Bella is a Mary-Sue. Nobody likes a Sue. In Harry Potter, the characters have FLAWS. Which makes them realistic and relatable.
3. There was a bad guy? Also, I didn't realize villains not having noses and hair made them bad villains.
4.yeah, no. that's an opinion, not a reason.
5.Hogwarts is a fictional place in a fictional book. Forks being a real place does not make Twilight better.
6.No she doesn't. She was a complete jerk to all of her friends.
7.How does this make Twilight better?
8. Yes. Yes she did. And the thesaurus sued her for it. Every other page was about how "beautiful" Edweird was.
9. See #2.
10. What Bella and Edweird had wasn't love, it was lust. HP is all about Love being more powerful and good triumphing over evil. Harry defeating Voldemort. How is Bella making out with her boyfriend a plot?
11. Yeah, an apple in two hands, that was supposed to symbolize a forbidden love that really wasn't forbidden, vs. all of the HP covers. Who wins?
12. What the Hades is daybreakers? Also,you're right sparklepires aren't scary. They are an embarresment to vampires everywhere. And swearing is an everyday part of life. With Twilight, swearing is the least of your problems. For instance, Breaking Dawn.
13. Yeah, the deamon baby breaking Bella's back didn't keep me on the edge of my seat. It was thrilling in any way. HP, on the other hand, givea you suspense in almost every chapter.
14. I've got nothing to say about the respecting part. But how are we stupid? We can spell and write reasonable debates.
15. No Voldemort is a french world meaning "flight from death", and Order of the Pheonix avtually makes sense if u think about it. A pheonix is reborn from it's own ashes, which (at least to me) symbolizes the wizarding world rising from the ruins of the evil world Moldyshorts created.
16. Opinion.
17. Opinion.
18. It's not love, it's lust. And She only dates him cause he's "über hawt".
Sorry for my horrible debate, fellow HP fans. It's my first, and I'm extremly tired and typing on my phone. I promise to do better next time.
Also, I agree with that statement. -_-
Больше года pokerface22 said…
^ Awesome. You know what? I was reading book reviews for Breaking Dawn just yesterday! Gaycheese, to open your eyes:
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Please, gaycheese, there is now two of us now wondering: Where are the bad guys?

Gaycheese, before you post anymore reasons, tell us this:
1. Where are the bad guys in Twilight, and why are they bad?
2. For SMeyer to be considered a good writer, she has to have a plot, realistic characters, etc. Answer these for me:
-What character flaws do all the characters have, and you MUST include every character?
-Tell me what the plot is in each book.
-Tell me what the definition of Chagrin is, and when SMeyer used it correctly.
3. Tell me when a Harry Potter fan has ever tried to drown someone b/c they didn't like the books, or whatever bad thing a HP has ever done that was newsworthy.
4. Tell us what the F*CK Daybreakers is!
5. Then, at the end, you can post reasons that are NOT:
A) Opinions (e.g. bcuz edwd iz zo HAWT!)
B) Anything that you just answered up there ^ (e.g. resun 4: Teh vulturi hoo r teh bad guiz iz stil hawt.)
last edited Больше года
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Post after post after post! JEEZ!
"15. the names r cool n cretive lyk voltorui n carlizzle unlyk ordr ov the phonics wich lame n voldymort wich dunt mayk sens n not even a word unlyk renesmee wich is cool"
TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE = I AM LORD VOLDEMORT. Voldemort. Flight from death. Vol=flight, de=from, mort=death. That easy.

City Belonging to Lugovalor or “Strong as Lugh”
Lugh was a Celtic god of the sun and craftsmanship. Also known as “the shining one.”
How does this fit Carlisle's description? Oh, wait, we only saw him around three to four times in each book, so we weren't able to get a good description of him anyways!

Volturi-Live in Volterra (which is a beautiful place, according to my cousins), which is where the name Volturi (Note the similarity) and means nothing. I looked up the meaning of Volturi on Google, and someone's guess as to why SMeyer named them that was the 'Vol' in Voldemort and Volturi, so she could have just ripped the name off of either HP (Which she does a lot, check out Jacob BLACK and Sirius BLACK and compare their traits), but it still has no meaning. This fact that all Meyer did was throw a couple of letters together and got volturi, while Joanne Rowling actually took time to figure out all the names (e.g. King George III was deaf in one ear. George Weasley lost an ear), shows who is truly the better writer!

Order of the Phoenix- It is an order, started by Dumbledore, who had a phoenix. A phoenix is a mythological bird that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes. The Order of the Phoenix's goal is to rid the world of Voldemort and start over again, right? Right!
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
^ Ear Ear! I had forgotten about the I AM LORD VOLDEMORT thing when I was writing my debate. And Jacob and Sirius thing. I didn't even notice the Volturi thing. So again I say EAR EAR!
Больше года StarKidWeasley said…
The George thing is really cool!
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
big smile
Thanks! :)
Больше года youknowit101 said…
You guys... this person is obviously a troll who is just acting stupid, saying stupid things, just to give Twilight fans a bad name and to get you to judge them as a whole and to get you to say bad things about it, and in turn, praise Harry Potter in the process. You're doing just that.
Больше года cassie-1-2-3 said…
You guys... this person is obviously a troll who is just acting stupid, saying stupid things, just to give Twilight fans a bad name and to get you to judge them as a whole and to get you to say bad things about it, and in turn, praise Harry Potter in the process. You're doing just that.

All that sound better coming from me.
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Youknowit101-You know it! (hehe, bad pun!)

Maximum Ride-Thanks! I got it on the George Weasley biography wikia.
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
Cool. I didn't know hp had a wikia! And ur welcome!
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Yeah, I go there when I'm writing my fanfictions.
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
Thanks! I'll have to check it out.
Больше года pokerface22 said…
You're welcome. They include lots of detail, so it won't be a light read. They also have twilight wikia. The biographies there aren't that long. xD
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
:) I bet. Theres not much to write.
Больше года pokerface22 said…
Yeah lol.
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
What happened to the twihard? Huh.
Больше года pokerface22 said…
She's stuck trolling in the '1000 reasons why harry potter is better than twilight' forum.
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
Oh. Thanks!
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
This feels so lonely
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
Im here! XD
Больше года MaximumRide12 said…
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
hahahah we all comment and get off before the other person gets on! :P
Больше года FawkesTears said…
No kidding
Больше года FawkesTears said…
*Points at updater*
Avada kedavra!
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
wow you guys must get a ton of updates. I get like 2 every other month lol :P
Больше года Themasteroflol said…
I am sorry for arriving 11 months after the last post.
I guess I shall have to raise my wand. * raises wand*
Once again, I am sorry for arriving so late. Those bluebottle brooms are not that fast. Because they are oh-so “safe” they thought the average broom’s speed was way too fast!
Well I guess I try to bring something to discuss with my “late in a fashionable way” of an entrance. Twitards may I ask you two things? Well I just asked the first so now I am going to continue. WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THE CHARACTERS? (Ah my poor CAPS LOCK L) No siriusly! (J) What moral lessons did the twilight characters teach you?
I know Harry Potter teaches us a lot of moral lessons.
Here are some examples:

Harry Potter: It is good to rebel when the people in charge are being corrupt. (Umbridge) Sometimes sacrificing yourself is acceptable as long as it is for the greater good. (Harry in the forbidden forest with Volde- ah crap I mean He-who-must-not-be-named.)

Hermione: It is okay to break the rules, as long as you have a good reason for it. (Think about al her rants when Ron and Harry were going to break the rules.)

Ron: You don’t need great riches as long as you have each other. ( Weasleys anyone?)

Luna Lovegood: It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you believe, it’s about remaining the person you really are. (Well what does Bella have to say to that?)

Neville: It doesn’t matter what other people say about you. As long as you work hard, you will accomplish something great. ( He could almost be considered a squib, yet after a lot of hard work he became badass and destroyed a horcrux. A part of Voldemorts soul! (Screw the he-who-must-not-be-named stuff. If I were to do that, the twitards would come up with a name for edweird. He-who-must-sparkle. Yeah…. Great.

Really twitards, this is so that we can debate! We want a challenge! What did twilight teach you? “Edwardz iz zo hotz datz itz zux a kreet ztry herie potzter zux.”
Even that would qualify! Really people, give us a challenge! Throw us a wand! I meant bone….
Sorry for any bad spelling and/or bad grammar. Sorry that my rant about the characters wasn’t that great. I am no writer. But really twilight talk, bring life to this debate! We want a challenge! I am bored, it’s summer vacation! Please, give me something to amuse myself with.
last edited Больше года
Больше года snily1128 said…
Dear Twilight fans:
Sorry, we can't hear you over our THEME PARK!
Sincerely, The Potterheads
Больше года cassie-1-2-3 said…
Maybe one day, this will be true. A theme park dedicated to harry Potter would not be a horrible idea.
Больше года Raeshella said…
I'm just saying... If you guys are still debating let me put something in perspective.
harry potter's least successful movie (prisinor of azkaban) make 90 million more dollars then twilight's MOST successful movie. wow!
Больше года karolinak1999 said…
I love both...but since barely anyone is standing up for Twilight here it goes:

The Twilight books are like the toned down version of 50 shades of Grey(ever heard of it?) and that's not bad/good just wanted to say it!!!

and it's a really good romance franchise there haven't been that much good romance movies(franchises especially) lately...Twilight is more personal...It's for girls mainly..which isn't a bad thing...well thats all I have to say + Twilight forever!!!...<3
Больше года TheFangirl101 said…
J.K. Rowling was the first person to become a billionaire off of writing books. TwiHards often say that twilight is better because it is a love story, but the only reason Harry survived an ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT was because of love. Harry broke up with Ginny to save her life, and she still fought a war for a better world. Edward broke up with Bella to "save her life" and she jumped off a cliff. Our werewolf (dear Remus lupin) died for a good world for his son. Harry was raised by an abusive family, yet after everything he still cared enough to have them kept safe.Twihards are fighting on ice covered with water, Potterheads are standing stron on solid stone, in comparison to which story is better. Hermione Granger is the perfect symbol for the victim of racism,she is bullied and even has Mudblood carved into her arm as a painful reminder, yet she still makes sure the house elves get everything they deserve. Stephanie Meyer can't kill off her own characters, but the death of some of these figures is what makes us feel the emotions right with the characters. When Hedwig died we were able to relate to the loss of a pet. JKR also creates Umbridge, the villain that everyone who read Harry Potter mutually hates. That is why Harry Potter is better than Twilight.
Больше года hellochipchip said…
There is no use in arguing with immature losers who have nothing better to do than argue. That's why we aren't arguing. The Volturi were "scary" for those of you who said that vampires weren't and that was Stephenie Meyers interpretation on how vampires look. We could always say that witches and wizards are supposed to be all evil and not go to school... There's no point in arguing like I said earlier because all of you are acting immature.