Гарри Поттер против Сумерек Who's hottest in Harry Potter?

LoveforSeverus posted on Jan 14, 2010 at 10:05PM
We were getting off-topic in a different forum so i started this one :D

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Больше года zelo said…
Hmmm... *thinkning hard*...hmmm, ohhh maybe Draco Malfoy, but....
OMG!!! Draco, well TOM is the hottest actor in HP, making Draco the hottest character. *sigh* Tom... he's just super HAWT!!!
Then Oliver Wood was also hot and Rupert is cute too (I mean, how can you say no to "Ginger hair") lol
In my opinion, Dan's okay. I think he's the perfect Harry, but looks wise, he's not amazing, but he's not ugly either!!
Больше года _xxzikkixx_ said…
^^I agree, Tom is the hottest out of all the actors!!
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
I actually don't think Dan's all that great. Obviously i LOVE LOVE *LOVE* Alan Rickman/Severus Snape. Tom's hot too :D
Больше года haropuff95 said…
Tom!his hair and his voice and his acting and his character..aaghh!fangirl genetic!*lol*.Next comes Cormac McLaggen's actor.Third comes Frank Dillane(16 years old Tom Riddle)
Больше года Harrypotter148 said…
DAN!!!!! Then Tom!!
Больше года LilysLittleTwin said…
SEVERUS SNAPE!!!!! And then TMRiddle in the second movie. Oliver Wood comes in third.
Больше года ABDCFan- said…
Tom Felton/Draco, phwoarrrrrrr. Then Rupert Grint/Ron, i love him. I thought Dan/Harry was alright looking in GoF, but thats it. OH! and i liked Fred+George. (:
Больше года BellaCullen96 said…
Then the James and Oliver Phelps, and Rupert Grint is cute too
Больше года lilith84 said…
Severus Snape! And then Lucius Malfoy :)
Больше года Kellykoo1 said…
ok, you guys are all sooo wrong!!! It is so Rupert Grint(Ron)!! i have had a huuuge crush on him for the past four years!! hes so clueless and cute! but if i had to say anybody else i would definatly say that its Draco. i dont know why but he would be second best on my list
Больше года snapeislove said…
errm.. here's my top five ..

1. SEVERUS SNAPE *squee*
2. Remus Lupin (yep, that's right.)
3. Sirius Black (wtf. i love the oldies.)
4. Tom Riddle (in CoS..)
5. the weasley twins.. (they look the same so they'll tie.)
Больше года holesluver said…
1. Oliver Wood (*drools*)
2. Weasley Twins!
3. Seamus Finnigan (He's pretty cute)

I have a thing for accents. :P (1,3)
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
robert pattinson and tom felton :)
Больше года boolander25 said…
Definitley the Weasley Twins, Wood and Lupin.
Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
Draco & Oliver :)
Больше года GemonkDruid said…
Barty Crouch Jr, sillies. ;D
Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile

but Fred is even with him, because Fred and the Doctor are sexy P:
Больше года bessmarvin1 said…
big smile
I would say.............
1.Tom Felton
2.Dan Radcliffe
3.Rupert Grint
4.Oliver & James Phelps
I don't next
Больше года NataliaLidia said…
barty crouch jr nevile longbotom and deen thomas!!!
Больше года zanhar1 said…
Personaly I'd say for the guys Draco/Tom and Rupert/Ron. As for the girls Emma/Hermione and Helena/Bellatrix.
Больше года Roxyrose007 said…
Draco,Cedric and Lucius out of the boys.

Out of girls,it's Bellatrix,Ginny and Luna.
Больше года FredWRules said…
1. Fred Weasley (I'd tap that)
2. Oliver Wood (I sure would like to see how long HIS wood is *wink*)
3. Tom Riddle (don't care what you say, the Dark Lord was HOT!)
4. Remus Lupin (when he was a young'un anyways)
5. Sirius Black (siriusly, same as before)

that's just about it for now...
Больше года GemonkDruid said…
Gods, you're all disgusting, and have bad taste. XD Peeves is the smexiest!
Больше года RavenclawPride said…
Больше года Gred_and_Forge said…
-Fred and George (from the first to the last, they've grown cuter with every movie)
-Oliver Wood (SS, CoS)
-Draco Malfoy (PoA, GoF, HBP)
-Remus Lupin (PoA)
-Tom Riddle (CoS)
-Barty Crouch Jr. (he's the fkn Doctor!)
-Harry (PoA and GoF)
-Ron (DH)
Больше года gryffindorgirl1 said…
I have to say i like Dan with glasses... But overall i have no idea
Больше года RebeccaCalzone said…
On the book characters not actors? Hmm
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
James Potter
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Oliver Wood
Neville Longbottom
Seamus Finnigan
Cormac McGlaggen
Draco Malfoy
Blaise Zabini
Theo Nott
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Cedric Diggory
Roger Davies
Tom Riddle
Teddy Lupin
Albus Potter
Gellert Grindelwald
Scorpius Malfoy
Nigel Wolpert
Colin Creevey
Ritchie Coote
Michael Corner
Bill Weasley
Charlie Weasley
Percy Weasley