Гарри Поттер против Сумерек A DARE FOR ALL TWILIGHT HATERS!!

I_Hate_Twilight posted on Apr 16, 2010 at 08:56PM
Give you a mission: to invent a spell to kill a vampire ...

How can he be called? What would the effect that caused a vampire?

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Больше года FredWRules said…
INCENDIO- I know it's already made, but it would set fire to the vampires, and they would die.
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
Accio Sparkles? I really believe it's the sparkles that give them their power xD
Больше года GemonkDruid said…
Killus-the-fanged-fairies... -us. I don't know Latin. ;D
Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
Avada Kevampra - It will... rip the apart and light them on fire.. Oh look that's exactly what needs to be done to kill them xD
Больше года RavenclawRocks said…
big smile
Tell bella she'll never see edward again. she'll die on the spot
(then i'll have a party)
Больше года harrypotterbest said…
Kidnapus Edwartus!
Kidnaps Edward, Bella jumps of a cliff and dies, Edward kills himself... and we didn't even have to commit any murder!
Больше года KishuandIchigo said…
Zabić wampira!
Kill the vampire in polish
The affect would be like an invisible cheese grater- ON FIRE!
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Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile
or shove the sparklpires inside a warehouse, and before they can get out, cast fiendfyre, and then "forget" how to stop it, until they're all dead.
Больше года KishuandIchigo said…
^The best part is, I really don't know how to stop it! That's the best part of not-studying!
Больше года FredWRules said…
big smile
lol, me neither. I skimmed over that part of my text book. for some reason, I didn't think I'd need it... XD
Больше года HecateA said…
^ That's cause you don't

Больше года zanhar1 said…
Edwardo takeo - this spell removes Edward from the Earth and sends Bella Swan into a spirleing depression.
Больше года Angel-Trix said…

This spell causes the vampires to feel extreme pain while slowly being torn limb by limb and then each body part will slowly start to burn. It's slow so the vampires feel as much pain as possible. And then their souls will all be trapped in a box where they feel so much pain that they wish for death (but they know it's impossible because they know they're dead) for eternity. It also smashes all their cars which cause them more pain.
Больше года 1-2vampire said…
mediocris intereo


translation from latin to english: fairy die.
Больше года LilysLittleTwin said…
Ieday parklysay aeriesfay.

Hooray for pig latin. XD
Больше года LifesGoodx3 said…
@1-2vampire, yours is awesome xD
Больше года TeamSiriusBlack said…

Not really a spell, but in honor of Ron ^_^
Больше года TheLoneWolf said…
IGNAVIA praevalebit
It means apathy prevail (apathy is the opposite of sparkle)
Больше года nan_beetlejuice said…
Victus mortui scintillans

= Sparkling losers dead
Больше года phoenixwand said…
I guess we'll have to have different spells for each vamp:

Rosalie: Repellomirraro- She cant look in the mirror! *Dead*

Emmett: Facerio Relaism- He has to face reality and see how not cool and how superlame he is. *Dead*

Alice: Accio ALL HER MONEY! Well.. no gifts for others, no new clothes or cars for bella! *dead*

Jasper, Carisle, Esme: ahh.. they dont annoy me that much. I guess they can join some band or something!

Edward: Forbido Stalko- No more stalking.. WHAAATT.... *Dead*

Bella: Imperviokiss- Inability to kiss. Well whole point of bella's existsnse is to make out with Edward. If she cant do that she will jump-off-the-cliff-and-die. so.. *dead*

well to be safe I have one for Smeyer as well:

Smeyer: Redcutodreamz and forbidothesuraus- first one will make her unable to have any more freakking dreams and the other will forbid her from ever laying her hands on thesaurus! *;-)*
Больше года Lunalovely said…
Demonus chupasangre morte:

Demonio: Demon in spanish, adding an us to makes it latin-ish

chupasangre: "sucks blood"

morte: death in latin

means "die blood-sucking demon"
Больше года DarkestZsusanna said…
big smile
venit ante felis
(come gay vampires!)
To call the vamps


sanguines lactentio coruscaries prædictas Fatales mori
(Die blood sucking sparkle faries)
to kill them

It would work based on who it was cast on.
Ex. Emmett: He would get really old and be forced to stare into a mirror as it happened. Then, he would slowly and painfully start to disentigrate but wouldn't die completely until someone torched Rosalie, too.

Bella: She would be forced to see her future as a human: death. then she would see Edward dancing on her grave. She would then spontaneously combust.
Больше года Lunalovely said…
^ By the way, in Latin felis DOES mean gay, but it means happy gay. Feliz is happy in Spanish. Just to let you know
Больше года zanhar1 said…
Avada kacrucio - a painful way to murder someone.
Больше года SEEKER6 said…
big smile
occidere felis ac stolidum

Latin for "Kill off the stupid vampire"
Does what the name implies ;)
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Больше года traceyhp said…
Trucido molestus Lamia

Latin for 'slay the annoying vampire' (Edward only)
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Больше года Percy___Jackson said…
Больше года Rockie993 said…
what am new i just joined can someone keep me up to date on this tell me what happend so far
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Больше года Rockie993 said…
Name: Death

It would kill a vampire in moments, blood would come out of it's mouth like a big gushy liver.

That`s an organ in your body
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Больше года cuteypuffgirl said…
meyer disaperus! no more smeyer! no more TWILIGHT! oh and....avampa kedeathra! lol :D
Больше года athena305 said…
Simple. Vanish them.
Больше года EmmyPotter said…
big smile
Well, this would probably kill all of the vampires except the fairy they have named Edward (Edweird)
So Neco candeo (Latin for kill sparkle)
I guess the fairy needs his own so i guess it could be "Neco Edweirdo" be nice to see these work.
Больше года Kittylexy said…
a simple Avada Kedavra can kill them