Гарри Поттер против Сумерек Sister, Brother, Enemy, Frenemy, BFF, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Icestorm08 posted on Dec 29, 2010 at 10:33PM
Okay this is my first post so BE NICE!

Okay my answers would be
Sister: Hermione (I Just think she would be a great older sister)
Brother: Ron(Over protected but he is just such a good bro)
Enemy: Bella Do i need to say more?
Frenemy: Ginny (Like her/Hate her)
BFF: LUNA! (Im crazy)
Boyfriend: HARRY! (Please PLease Please!)

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Больше года SuperSnuffles13 said…
Frenemy:Edward (it's more that fact that he exists...)
BFF:my sister lol
boyfriend: no.
Больше года smallypuppy22 said…
Sister: Hermione she is so nice
Brother: Fred and george hehe thay are so funny
Enemy: Cho Chang
Frenemy: Bella I really can't stand her
Bff:Luna I love luna too
Boyfriend: harry aww he is so cute in a rare way
Больше года zanhar1 said…
Sister Luna
Brother Fred
Enemy Bella
Frenemey Jane
BFF Bellatrix
Boyfriend Draco
Больше года Gred_and_Forge said…
Sister: Ginny Weasley
Brother: Neville Longbottom
Enemy: Bella Swan
Frenemy: Cho Chang
BFF: Hermione Granger
Boyfriend: Fred Weasley <3
Больше года KatiiCullen94 said…
Sister: Hermione Granger
Brother: Draco Malfoy
Enemy: Victoria
Frenemy: Harry Potter
BFF: Alice Cullen
Boyfriend: Jacob Black.
Больше года Darkshine said…
Sister: Tunie
Brother: Sirius
Enemy: Bella Swan
Frenemy: Cho
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Neville
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Больше года riyawoods said…
Sister: Hermione
Brother: Fred
Enemy: Bella (duh)
Frenemy: Bellatrix
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Ron (we have a lot in common)
Больше года mina_sit said…
Sister: Hermione
Brother: Harry
Enemy: Pansy Parkinson
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Ron
Больше года i-am-mariella said…
Sister: Hermione
Brother: Harry
Enemy: Edward & Bella (they're basically one person anyway)
Frenemy: Draco
BFF: Luna!
Boyfriend: Neville!
Больше года LoopyLuna96 said…
Sister: Luna
Brother: Ron
Enemy: Edward
Frenemy: Severus
BFF: Hermione
Boyfriend: Fred
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Больше года cassie-1-2-3 said…
Sister: Bella
Brother: Emmett
Enemy: Molly Weasley
Frenemy: Hermione
BFF: Edward
Boyfriend: Um.. Carlisle.
Больше года youknowit101 said…
Sister: Jane
Brother: Carlisle
Enemy: Trixy
Frenemy: Rosalie
BFF: Jacob
Girlfriend: Bella
Больше года xDark_Angelx said…
Sister: Ginny
Brother: Seth
Enemy: Bella
Frenemy: Hermione
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Ron
Больше года foopetsrule said…
Sister: Hermione (We look alike)
Brother: Emmet
Enemy: Lavender Brown
Frenemy: Cho Chang
BFF: Ginny
Boyfriend: George Weasley
Больше года Renarimae said…
Sister: Hermione
Brother: Ron
Enemy: Umbridge
Frenemy: Bella
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Harry
Больше года alexthedog said…
Больше года la-la-la-45 said…
Больше года alexthedog said…
^ Neville's your girlfriend? Um...
Больше года Darkshine said…
^^ No! Neville is MY girlfriend! Don't steal my girlfriend!
Больше года alexthedog said…
Haha, Darkshine.
Больше года DracoLuver said…
Sister: Alice. She seems nice and shares the same love of cheesiness and clothes :)
Brother: Seth. He makes me laugh and he seems so fun and immature :P
Enemy: Uh ... since I can't write Sauron, Death Eaters and Voldy.
Frenemy: Um, I think ... Ginny. I hate her with a passion, but would probably try being nice since she's Ron's sis.
BFF: Er, probably either Harry or Hermione. Harry is like me, so we have alike opinions & such, and Hermione just seems really friendly.
Boyfriend: Draco or Harry. I like Draco because he's so misunderstood, but again, me and Harry are alike.
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Больше года jodarchy said…
sister: hermione
brother: neville
enemy: bella cullen
frenemy: bellatrix
BFF: hermione ( yeah she is also my sister, so?)
girlfriend/boyfriend: tonks/ dean
Больше года Icestorm08 said…
I love seth too!
Больше года jodarchy said…
^ i really didnt like seth, didnt he leave leah for her best friend, hmm not sure lol im re-reading the books now but i think thats what happened
Больше года Darkshine said…

Why would you want Sauron to be your enemy?
I'd want him to be on my side. x)


That was Sam. Seth is Leah's brohter.
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Больше года jodarchy said…
ah ok need to chan ge all of their names lol, yeah im re-reading but havent gotten to that part yet lol
Больше года AaronHaley4ever said…
Sister: Ginny
Brother: Jasper
Enemy: Bella
Frenemy: Harry
BFF: Hermione
Boyfriend: Draco
Больше года Angel-Trix said…
Sister- Fleur Delacour (I would give anything for someone like Fleur to care for me the way she does for her sister Gabrielle. Plus, she's smart so I don't need Hermione anywhere in my life, hooray!)

Brother- Harry Potter (He's so nice and caring.)

Enemy- Ginny Weasley (Hate her more than any other character in the entire HPverse. I sometimes wonder if I hate her more than Bella Swan!)

Frenemy- Draco Malfoy (I love to hate him and hate to love him!)

BFF- LUNA LOVEGOOD! (Do I really need a reason?)

Boyfriend- George Weasley (He was always my favourite twin.)
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Больше года TheLoneWolf said…
Sisters - Luna and Alice (I like Alice)
Brother - Harry
Enemy - Bella
Frenemy - Cho
BFF's - Ginny and Hermione (Harry's only dating Ginny cause I introduced them)
BF - Seamus
Больше года StarKidWeasley said…
Sister: Lunaaaaaaaa
Brother: Ron
Enemy: Bella Swan
BFF:Oliver Wood/Hermione
Bf: Fred or George.
Больше года DarkestZsusanna said…
Sister: Ginny Weasley
Brother: George Weasley
Enemy: Lavender Brown
Frenemy: Rosalie Cullen
Bff: Luna Lovegood
Boyfriend: Ron Weasley
Больше года nan_beetlejuice said…
Sister: Tonks
Brother: Harry
Enemy: Edward (No sparkly vampire please!)
Frenemy: Cho Chang
BFF: Luna, Neville, Harry
Boyfriend: George
Больше года Blue-Nargles said…
sister: Tonks
brother: Sirius
enemy: Bella
frenemy: Jacob
BFF: Luna
Boyfriend: Remus
Больше года slytherin713 said…
big smile
Sister: bellatrix
brother: george
enemy: alice
frenemy: ron
bff: luna
boyfriend: umm...lupin....if only he was younger.....lol
So basically I would be a pureblood with a blood-traitor brother and frenemy....and a part werewolf for my boyfriend........I wouldn't want to live in that position.....and if bellatrix is my sister then my other sisters would be narcissa and andromeda and I would be related to tonks... =) and sirius and I would be related to lucius by marriage and then I'm related to draco and that makes me related to little scorpius here....
but then I'm related to the weasleys.....OH WELL!!
I have one big happy family!