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Severus Snape is without a dought the deepest most complex character in Harry Potter. His relationship with Harry was quite complicated in the sense that he had a very difficult past with both Harry's parents. On the one hand he was deeply in Любовь with his mother, but on the other hand he absolutaly LOATHED his father. This resulted in the awkward difficult relationship the two of them had throught the books. Snape cared about Harry, but only to the point where he wanted to make sure his physical being was protected, and that he was alive and well. He cared about this, because his Любовь for...
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Edward Cullen. A sparkling "vegetarian" vampire who is supposed to represent the "perfect boyfriend". He's hot, strong, fast, and he lives forever! What could be wrong?

Well, a lot, I'm afraid.

Edward Cullen is not, I repeat, is not a good boyfriend. He is actually an abusive boyfriend. Before I go on to offer proof as to why Edward is abusive, I will clarify what I mean by "abusive".

What is an abusive boyfriend?

There are different kinds of abuse. Many people think of a boy who actually beats up his girlfriend. That is physical abuse. There is also psychological abuse. This includes emotional...
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