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 Harry Potter = звезда Wars
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Звёздные войны
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As Ты can tell from my username, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. However, I wasn’t always. I used to be a Twihard (a twilight obsessed fan-girl). In fact I was one during the early stages of puberty, which is the age where most Twitards fall into the ‘romantic’ trap.

Here’s my story about how I went from ‘Twihard’ to ‘Indifferent’ to ‘Potterhead’:

I first read Twilight as a recommendation from a fellow member of the Teen Advisory Board of my library. I finished that book quickly and moved onto the next. The библиотека didn’t have Eclipse so I read it ‘Twilight, New Moon, Breaking...
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posted by bessmarvin1
 Ginny vs Bella
Ginny vs Bella
I know that many of Ты like Bella and many of Ты hate her.But I Любовь Ginny еще than her.In fact I hate Bella.She's such a Mary-Sue.


Bella made us all realize that we cannot live if we do not have a man in our life.
Ginny made us realize that Ты don't need a man in your life to live.

Bella was broken down when Edward left her.
Ginny fought for her family and Друзья when Harry left her.

Bella always hurdles behind Edward when she had to face danger.
Ginny was nearly killed,but she did not back down.

Bella married just after she graduated out of school...
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posted by TeamSiriusBlack
    Ok, well I’m getting pretty tired of people saying that Bella and Edward’s relationship is love. It’s not. It’s just lust. Let’s look at the clues:
-She sees him and thinks he’s gorgeous.
-He likes her smell.
-He’s a vampire.
    Now, before I start Письмо about these points, I would like to compare the relationship to that of Snape and Lily. Yes, they have never gone out but they didn’t need to. Snape met Lily when they were little. He probably thought she was pretty and developed a crush on her which bloomed into love. When Snape found...
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posted by Athiya
Many of Ты might have noticed that the golden trio from Harry Potter (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) had always been paired up to fight with the not-so-golden trio of Twilight (Edward, Jacob, and Bella). Now, XDRoseLuvsHP had pointed out a great deal on why HP trio would win against the Twilight's (you can find it link), so I figured perhaps it's time for the villains to battle.

My first thought was off course, James and Voldemort; but then, it didn't seem fair on the Twilight side. James was not a very good villain; his character was poorly underdeveloped and his powers weren't very outstanding...
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Гарри Поттер
Continued. :D
Эдвард Каллен
Белла Свон
Джейкоб Блэк
alex день
chapter 16-18
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