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 Poor Hermione
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 Would Ты prefer to read the new adventures of молочница after "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," или to know what happens to Edward and Bella after the ending of the Twilight saga?
Would you prefer to read the new adventures of thrush after "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," or to know what happens to Edward and Bella after the ending of the Twilight saga?
Summer is the perfect opportunity to stop and relax and let your imagination fly: and what better opportunity to spend some 'time to read, drift into a fabulous world of the best stories?

But what would be the perfect book for summer: a new chapter of Harry Potter или the sequel to Breaking Dawn? Would Ты prefer to read the new adventures of молочница after "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," или to know what happens to Edward and Bella after the ending of the Twilight saga? Vote!

And how can Ты imagine еще of these stories? Let go of the Фэнтези and ... "write" Ты Harry Potter 8 and the new adventures of Edward and Bella!
First part

She gestured to a row of wooden
chairs against the wall. The looked like they belonged with someone’s dinning room
“Okay,” I agreed. I walked over to the chairs and sat right in the middle,
suddenly wishing I had a book. I hadn’t read anything for a while, outside of school.
And even then, when some ridiculous Любовь story was part of the curriculum, I would
cheat with cliff notes. It was a relief to be working on Animal Farm now. But there had
to be other безопасно, сейф books. Political thrillers. Murder mysteries. Grisly murders were no
problem; just as long as there was no starry-eyed,...
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Taken from (just basic meaning или meaning of name from which it derived):

Bella - "beautiful"
Edward - "rich guard"
Alice - short of Adelaide, meaning "noble" and "kind"
Jasper - "treasurer"
Rosalie - "rose"
Emmett - "whole, universal"
Esme - "loved"
Carlisle - "fort"
Rene - "born again"
Charlie - variation of Charles, meaning "man"
Jacob - "holder of the hell" или "may God protect"
Leah - "weary" или "mistress, ruler"
Jane - feminine of John, meaning "Jahweh is gracious"
Angela - "angel"

Ты are welcome to sugest others, if I can find the name, I will add it:
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Okay, my friend and I go to a school that has a thing called 'Lit Circles'. There's a Список of books, and Twilight is on there, but not Harry Potter. My friend thought this was totally wrong, and wrote a super long persuasive essay to our English teacher about it. This was all hers, and I can't take credit for how awesome it is :)

Why Twilight Should Be Replaced by Harry Potter in Lit Circles

    Two Книги sit on the shelf in front of you; on the cover of the first, Ты see two pale hands holding a deep red apple. The секунда features a young boy on a broomstick, in midair as...
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Okay, so Is anyone else as tired of the Twilight vs. HP argument? Well, I personally prefer Twilight, but Harry Potter is also very good. I think that people should just shut the hell up over it! Every once in a while, someone will talk badly about Twilight and I will defend it, but it is still ridiculous to argue over such nonsense.
Twilight: Eclipse was nominated for the Worst Picture by the Razzies in 2010. But hold back thine swords, Twilighters!
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A lot of debates is going on about who would win, if Harry and Edward got in a fight или duel.
This is understandable since it summerize the whole wizards vs. Вампиры thing.
I will try to be objective and analize their chances fair.

1.Physical abilitys
Harry is, besides his magic, a human. He trains Quidditch and he is not exactly out of form, but he just doesn`t have what it takes to break trees in half and stop rushing cars. He can die because of wounds.
Edward on the other hand, is incredebly strong and fast (and cold and never eats and we all know what he is - a vampire). He CAN break trees...
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