Guys, this is for those of Ты who enjoy reading/support Ron&Hermione Pairing.

Sixth Year
Hermione's POV

Oh, I wanted to перфоратор, удар, пунш her. Right then and there, and shove her to the floor for good measure. I'm talking about Lavender Brown, who had her lips pressed against the one person I loved enough to feel immediate hatred for her. Ron. I wanted to do horrible things to her. Instead, I stood there in shock, tears welling up in my eyes. Harry turned to face me, and I turned away, running towards my dormitory. I slammed the door, which made not even a dent in the sound that was coming from downstairs. Why are Ты doing this to me, Ron? Why? I thought, my tears flowing freely. I flopped onto my bed. I needed time to think. But, instead I cried myself to sleep, my thoughts trained only on Ron and Lavender, and my intense, burning hatred for her.

Далее Day
I walked the halls alone. It was Saturday, so I had no Книги to carry with me. I was in a completely deserted hallway, and then Ron appeared out of nowhere. He was alone as well, and from his expression, he had been looking for me.
"What do Ты want?" I asked, fury bubbling up inside me.
"I'm sorry, Hermione." he replied gently. This caught me extremely off guard, so I didn't notice how he edged a bit closer to me. "I mean it, I wasn't expecting her to do that."
"Well it seemed as if Ты enjoyed it." I snapped.
"Because I didn't see it was her. I thought it was you." he replied calmly. I wasn't expecting that one either.
"O-Oh..." I stammered, as I felt my face grow hot. I looked down at my shoes so he wouldn't see me blush. That's when I noticed how close his trainers were to my dress shoes. I looked back up, and almost hit my head against him. I had never been this close to him, except when we had been crowded into the Quidditch stands. I felt him gently заворачивать, обертывание his arms around me, and pull me closer. "What're you--" That's all I could get out before he cut me off by placing his lips on mine.
Hope Ты liked it. I kinda wrote this on a whim, but I'm open to continue this fanfic if Ты enjoyed it.