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Sirius Black III:

- In the film version of Order of the Phoenix during the battle at the Department of Mysteries, Sirius accidentally calls Harry James, even though this mix-up never occurred in the book.
- Also during the battle at the Department of Mysteries Sirius was hit by a Killing Curse in the movie and survived for about 6 seconds, but in the book he was hit by an unnamed curse and fell into the veil.
- J.K. Rowling described Sirius as a "bit of a loose canon" and a "case of arrested development" and she also once described him as "brave, loyal, reckless, embittered and slightly unbalanced...
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here are some things i came up with that define people who just like harry potter from people who are OBSESSED!

1.    Here are some еще things that Ты would do if Ты were really obsessed with harry potter:

2.    You’ve made your own firebolt...and played quidditch on it with your Друзья who also have their own broomsticks.

3.    You don’t understand when your Друзья can't cry on demand, because all Ты have to do is think about dobby.

4.    When someone says "i'm serious" Ты say "no you're not!"

5.    When...
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"Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" - James Potter (DH)
Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" - Draco Malfoy (PS)
Similar yet different!
Quite ironic isn't it? Father of the hero and arch nemisis of the hero have the same line. I don't think it's a coincidence that both James and Draco quote a similar line about a house they were prejudiced against. Both boys were brought up as the only sons in rich pureblood families. Both were undoubtedly spoilt. Both were definitely raised with a house prejudice. Both were definitely arrogant, attention-seeking...
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By now I feel like most people know about and have formed opinions on Delphi and the details surrounding her birth. I know I definitely have and I thought I'd share them.

I'll just put it right out there; hell yeah I'm glad it happened! I know that there are a lot of people who hated the fact that Bellatrix had a kid--and believe me I do understand why, I'll get to that in a bit. But I personally was really excited. I saw the leaked script back in June (or so) and I hoped quite feverishly that it wasn't a hoax. Because the Lord knows that I'm happy that Bellatrix's legacy will live on through...
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posted by zar_far11
 The crest of Gryffindor.
The crest of Gryffindor.
This was on Harry Potter Wiki, please do not credit me for ANYTHING. The only difference was that on HPW, it was a table.
The Houses of Hogwarts

Basic info: Gryffindor is well known for bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. The house Цвета are deep red and gold, and the house is symbolized by a lion. The entrance to the common room is on the seventh floor hidden behind a portrait of the Fat Lady. In order to get into the common room, Gryffindor students must say the correct password.

House ghost: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, also known as Nearly Headless Nick.

Notable members:...
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posted by SpecialAgentKat
Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts: ...

1) Seamus Finnegan is not after me lucky charms
2) I will not sing "we're off to see the wizard" when sent to the Headmaster's office.
3) I will not bring a Magic Eight Ball to Divination class
4) I will not, under any circumstances, ask Harry Potter who died and made him boss
5) Professor Flitwick's first name is not Yoda
6) Remus Lupin does not want a flea collar
7) First years are not allowed to be fed to Fluffy
8) I will not make any jokes about Lupin and his "time of the month"
9) I will not give Hagrid Покемон cards and convince him they're real...
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I don't own Harry Potter, Дисней или any Movie picture used here. Neither I get credit for the awesome crossovers pictures. Feel free to make me suggestions, I'm working on еще harry potter scenes!

Ron got annoyed at Hermione because she kept correcting him.
 -She's insufferable, she is!
-She's insufferable, she is!

 Hermione's been crying all день
Hermione's been crying all day

 -Troll in the dungeons!
-Troll in the dungeons!

Harry and Ron saved Hermione from the troll.
 After that, Hermione became their friend.
After that, Hermione became their friend.

 Рождество at Hogwarts.
Christmas at Hogwarts.

 Harry found the mirror of Erised
Harry found the mirror of Erised

 It showed him his parents.
It showed him his parents.

But Dumbledore warned him not to forget his...
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posted by alisonfaith297
House Test
ok so its really simple, just put an X in the box it the Описание fits you. then add up the total number of point.

[] Ты are loud.
[] Ты like(d) going to school to see your friends.
[] You’ve had еще than a couple detentions.
[] Ты always have something to do on the weekends.
[] Ты like to be the center of attention.
[] Ты get above average grades in school.
[] You’ve been called bossy before.
[] You’re a bit of a daredevil/you like an adrenaline rush.
[] Ты are athletic.
[] Ты are one of the best players on your team.
[] Ты would do anything for your loved ones....
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posted by princessofmagic
This takes place after the end of the last book, but before the 19 years later. Every one goes back to hogwarts. So basically this is an Статья about the result 'Slytherin bitch' on a hp quiz, link found ¥¥¥ below. I'll post p.2 tomorrow.

Harrys pov

Every wizarding newspaper and magizing had been raving about him for months. After Volldamort had been defeated, one of his biggest secret followers, Merlin Agustus, had gone mad and started killing Болталка and innocent witches and wizards. Half of Howarts was here, surrounding his huge stone manor. It was suposted to be just Harry,...
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posted by LifesGoodx3
Dobby died in March of 1998. He was killed when we was rescuing Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ollivander, Luna and Griphook the Goblin from the Death Eaters.

Dobby was a house-elf. They are servants to wizards. Magic ties them to their Master, so they must listen and do what their Master wants them to do. If they go against their masters commands, they must punish themselves with self-harm. The only way a house-elf can become free is if their master gives them a piece of clothing. Most house-elves would be devastated if they were дана a piece of clothing, their freedom would be like an insult. However,...
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Sumamry: How exactly did Barty Crouch Jr. Присоединиться the Death Eaters in June 1981?
Main author: WolfAngel'JR at FanFiction.Net (bendaimmortal here).
Rating: PG13
Chapters: 2

Authors: WolfAngel'JR & DrRockter.
Voldemort is viewed and written by DrRockter and Barty Crouch Jr. is viewed and written by me, AngelJunior. This is our role-play game topic, which I fixed into a fanfic mostly form my Junior's point of view, translated it into English and changed the title. DrRockter doesn't have a pen name here. I have her permission to Опубликовать this.
Disclaimer: We don't own the Harry Potter world, Barty Crouch...
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posted by narniafreak12
 The Tri-Wizard Champion!
The Tri-Wizard Champion!
So, I was buzy making picks to decide your favourite Tri-wizard champion, and I've decided to Показать the results in a countdown!

4. Fleur Delacour
In at number 4 is Fleur! She was always going to be last, with Ты calling her 'a twit', 'over-the-top feminine' and 'little miss perfect'. She Остаться в живых Ты guys pretty badly, but I don't think she did too bad in the tornament, but hey, that's just my opinion.

3. Viktor Krum
At number 3, Krum! This Bulgarian seeker seemed to annoy alot of you, including me! Whether it was because he seemed 'bleh' (your words), или because of the friction it caused between Ron...
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posted by PiiXiiE
Ok, yesterday I answered a Вопрос in the "Answers" area asking "Do Ты think Ginny is a Mary Sue?" and it got me thinking. Here is my answer.

No, I do not think Ginny Weasley is a Mary Sue. For one, I don't think she is "too ostentatious for the audience's taste, или that the Автор seems to favor the character too highly." In my point of view, other than the fact that Ginny ends up with Harry, she really doesn't seem to be favoured. I don't know very much about J.K. Rowling as a person, but again, apart from the fact that they are both female, nothing jumps out at me that would indicate that...
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posted by othobsessed92
Guaranteed to get Ты a дата with some some Котята and a bottle of Veritaserum.

1. Offer her flies. Tell her they're good with ketchup.

2. Ask her if she's related to Trevor.

3. Follow close behind her all day, making clip-clopping noises with your tongue.

4. Ask her if she's met the handsome new divination teacher.

5. Tell her that Cornelius помадка, выдумка only hired her to scare small children.

6. Dye all her clothes black.

7. ...when she acts horrified, say Ты were only trying to help her, and that "black is the new pink."

8. Send her Любовь notes, signing them as if they were from Cornelius Fudge.

9. Perpetually...
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posted by Aimee147
I was handing out Конфеты for Halloween. A little boy dressed up as Harry Potter came by and as he was walking up the driveway he dropped his wand. I told him he dropped his wand and he looks at me and shouted “ACCIO WAND!” and twitched his hand (which had a string attached to the wand and to his finger) and his wand came shooting up to his hand. He got the rest of my Хэллоуин Конфеты and 5 dollars.

Today I got stuck in traffic on my way Главная from work. Usually I hate traffic.. However, the фургон, ван in front of me was Показ Harry Potter on their TV screen. I Любовь traffic today.

Today, I was driving...
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posted by FloCircle
And so now the hurly-burly's done, the battle's Остаться в живых and won — the Battle of Hogwarts, that is — and all the secrets are out of the Sorting Hat. Those who bet Harry Potter would die Остаться в живых their money; the boy who lived turned out to be exactly that. And if Ты think that's a spoiler at this late date, Ты were never much of a Potter Фан to begin with. The outrage over the early reviews (Mary Carole McCauley of The Baltimore Sun, Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times) has faded...although the кислый taste lingers for many fans.

It lingers for me, too, although it doesn't have anything to do...
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Hi guys, I'm a big Фан of Harry Potter and I remember watching Halloweentown. So, I'm going to be Письмо the similarities between Hermione and another young witch, Marnie Piper.

Marnie Piper

I first saw Halloweentown back in 2001 before Harry Potter hit the cinema theatres! Okay, I was very happy that Marnie is her own character and she is not the typical Mary Sue character.

Hermione Granger

Okay, I watched all of the Harry Potter series, and I have that Hermione is actually very much like Marnie, in terms of personality except that she еще of a book-worm. To whom I look up to, not to forget that their names rhyme!
If Harry Potter and Halloweentown were to be set in the same universe, it would be great to make a film about the characters together!

Hermione или Marnie?

Who do Ты like? If Ты have anymore similarities between these 2 heroines, let me know!
posted by Andressa_Weld
01. Before Тонкс died, she saw Remus fall down only a couple feet away.
She ran over to him, and as Bellatrix fired the Killing Curse, she whispered in his ear, “Wotcher, Remus”, with her hand falling into his after she’d been hit.

02. Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley got together in their 5th year.

03. Dean's son married Seamus' daughter.
Dean and Seamus were so proud and saw it as a way to be brothers.

04. Severus wrote many letters to Lily saying how he loved her.
He never sent one. If she was happy, then he could get along.

05. Ron was never a romantic. But he tried everyday to Показать Hermione...
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Harry James Potter:

- Harry became an Auror at age 17 without taking his N.E.W.T's
- In 2007 he became the head of the Auror Office.
- He was featured on a Шоколад Frog Card for his accomplishments.
- He made sure that Severus Snape's portrait was hung in the Headmaster's office wtih the other Headmasters' and Headmistress' portraits.
- After parting with his muggle family he was on 'Christmas Card' terms with them and the occasionally visited.
- The book version of Harry has green eyes, but the Переместить version has blue eyes due to the fat that Daniel Radcliffe's eyes ar to sensitive for contact lenses....
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posted by Persephone713
Okay, I seriously wasn't going to go here but I feel the need to express my opinion a little further. So I have heard some of Ты say " The Harry Potter series will be re-made to keep up with time, или keep the legend alive". That is fine that Ты have that opinion, but I only have one или two questions. Ты don't think the movie series will live on as a classic. Its the вверх earning movie series in the world, not counting inflation. It has the best British cast in the world. Besides I think Hollywood avoids remakes if they can unless they are trying to make quick money. And if they do remake...
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