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 Harry Potter Обои
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Harry Potter Обои
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harry potter Обои
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Here is yet another Ron-centric one shot. He deserves something dedicated to him on his birthday.

Ever wondered what was going on inside our Избранное Ginger's head when he sacrificed himself in the PS. This is my version.


English is not my first language. Not even my second. So, I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Read and comment.
If Ты are on ff.net, review link. It'll make my day.

He did it again. He had spectacularly...
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1) Scream and shriek loudly and tell them you're speaking Mermish.
2) Always speak in a British accent (if you're not from the UK)
3) Relate everything they say to the Harry Potter Книги & movies.
4) Crowd their Входящие with HP-related emails, and make sure the subject are misleading.
5) Give them Harry Potter merchandise for their birthday and demand they treasure it forever.
6) Pretend Ты can do magic.
7) Yell "Crucio!" или "Avada Kedavra!" if they insult Harry Potter.
8) If you're late for something, blame it on your broken Time Turner.
9) Sort every person Ты meet into one of the Hogwarts houses....
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Here's a Список of my Избранное Harry Potter books, my least Избранное being at the bottom and my Избранное being at the top. All image credit goes to burdge_bug on deviant-Art. Go check her out, her art is AMAZING!

7.Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
 The heir of slytherin.
The heir of slytherin.

I do Любовь this book, I really do. I had so much fun figuring out everything with Harry, but to be truthful, it was a bit boring at times. It dragged out during quidditch matches - the unnecessary fights with Draco, the drama. Moaning Myrtle was EXTREMELY annoying, hate her, and the book could've done without her. The...
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50 ways to know you’re obsessed with Harry Potter:

50. People say that Ты have read too much Harry Potter no matter what people say.
49, Ты know Ты have never read или seen too much Harry Potter.
48. Ты own all the DVDs of the Harry Potter films.
47. Ты own all seven Harry Potter books, the two textbooks written by J.K. Rowling and the Tales of the Beedle Bard.
‎46. Your Избранное Книги and Фильмы is Harry Potter.
45. Ты compare everything to Harry Potter.
44. Ты quote the novels…all the time.
43. Ты not only quote the novels, Ты allude to all things Harry Potter in everyday life.
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How often does it happen that we decide to watch a film in the theatre, then Поиск it online, and then leave it to finish downloading first so that we could watch it some other time, and then end up, ultimately, forgetting about it altogether? Quite often, I’d say!
There’s nothing wrong in choosing to download the film Ты are here for, but when Ты can link, why not simply sit down and enjoy it first, and then worry about whether Ты want to keep this film with your forever! It’s not only acceptable in the film-fan world, but it’s also the idea in vogue. Furthermore, outing to cinema...
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