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 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (video game)
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sorcerer's stone
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This Статья is based on my Harry Potter forum:


Created this to keep track of the winning meme's!!!

So far 32 rounds completed....more coming shortly!!
♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙

Finalized rounds & Winners

Round 1: 25/8/13 1st place: link 2nd: LadyAmortentia
Round 2: 31/8/13 1st place: link 2nd: loonylovegood7
Round 3: 10/9/13 1st place: link 2nd: totalpotterfan & GoodWitchesRAJA
Round 4: 21/09/13 1st place: link 2nd: LadyAmortentia
Round 5: 01/10/13 1st place: link 2nd: totalpotterfan
1-5:RECOLLECTION ROUND. Winner: link

Round 6:...
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This is all from moviesblog.mtv.com
On Saturday, some lucky test screeners in Chicago got the opportunity to see the first cut of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." The CGI wasn't completely finished, it had a stand-in score and its runtime was 150 minutes, but the response from the Фаны was overwhelmingly positive despite any issues they may have had with the first cut of the movie.

Hit the jump to see our заворачивать, обертывание up of responses to the film and how they resolve some misgivings that have been had with "Part 1." Be warned,...
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 Purdy Wands. :)
Purdy Wands. :)
While browsing on the official Дж. К. Роулинг I discovered a few intresting facts (For example Rowling used to smoke, Harry and Dudley are on "Christmas Card" terms, etc, etc)

I found out a little tibit on wands and it made me pathetically happy. Rowling based wands on the дата of the characters birth дата according to the Celts that assigned trees to different dates.

Soooo if Ты like Ты can see which wand wood is yours:

December 24 - January 20 = Birch
January 21 - February 17 = Rowan
February 18 - March 17 = Ash (Same as Ron's!!)
March 18 - April 14 = Alder (Fearne)
April 15 - May 12 = Willow (Same...
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