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This Гарри Поттер Обои contains улица, город сцены, городских условиях, город сцена, урбанизация, городских настройка, пивной бар, and пивной ресторан. There might also be бистро, обедающий, закусочной, браунстоун, коричневый камень, and коричневого.

Ever since Дж. К. Роулинг revealed that Dumbledore was gay on October 19th i've had to Вопрос the fact about why this piece of information became
front page news.
Firstly to put my own opinion out, i personally think that this was a very Храбрая сердцем thing of JKR to say and whilst i support this statement of hers, it doesn't change my perception of the books. Dumbledore is still the wise, old Headmaster who can make mistakes just like any of us, whom i learned to Любовь over the course of the books.
However, there are many Фаны who now think that they can "never read the Книги in the same way again"....
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Ты always hear people saying there are discrepencies in the Harry Potter books, but I have truly found a plot hole.

It is a major plot hole, I have noticed, in the Harry Potter series...A very serious one.

Everyone's always talking about how much Harry looks like his father, even Hagrid in the first book.

Molly and Arthur were in the order with Harry's parents ie James.

Why didn't Molly recognise Harry at Kings пересекать, крест station?

He has the same black, sticking-up hair. And the scar!

And just look at the moment Фред and George told Molly that he was Harry Potter.

~ Sydney.
"MUM, Ты bought the 'No pulp' kind again..." I grumble, grimacing with my first sip of оранжевый juice.

"Sorry, dear. I always forget which kind Ты like," she apologizes.

"It's 'SOME pulp'," I remind her for what must be the millionth time.

She scribbles something on the grocery Список tacked to the inside of the silverware cupboard door.

"Run out and get the mail?" She asks.

I run my thumb up the stack of napkins that sits on the table. "Do I have to?"

She turns around and gives me a look that usually means No-dear-you-don't-have-to-but-if-you-don't-I'm-going-to-buy-more-no-pulp-orange-juice....
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