Гарри Поттер Harry Potter Tag Team Tournament,Round 1, Duel 9

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Harry & Draco
Luna & Xenophilius
 Narusasu4EVER posted Больше года
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delamico picked Harry & Draco:
That's no question.
posted Больше года.
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APWBD112 picked Luna & Xenophilius:
I did it like this "i dont relly like Draco and I love Harry humm and Xenophilius he got the deaheaters to come and get Harry!! but he did it for Luna and I loooove Luna plus Xeno told them about the deathlihallows" so thare you got it i love Lovegood
posted Больше года.
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Narusasu4EVER picked Harry & Draco:
^this is about who would win
posted Больше года.