Гарри Поттер Some of my Bellatrix headcanons which do Ты agree with (or at least find most interesting)?

Pick one:
Her patronus would be a raccoon if she could produce one
Despite her childish nature she is actually really picky about candy; she only li
Aside from somehow becoming a muggle and Voldy's death her biggest fear is
Bellatrix is kind of short; Cissy teases her for it
She has a secret interest in muggle works like 'Hamlet' and 'Tell Tale Heart'
She was abused as a child; this is partly why she likes torturing people
This is also where she learned crucio
The reason Bella Любовь Voldy is because she and Tom were Влюбленные before he Остаться в живых the
If Bellatrix had to pick a muggle Музыка style to Любовь it'd be black или death meta
Her Избранное color is red because blood
Bellatrix is actually a very good painter
When she was a really young kid she had a couple muggle friends; her father chase
Deep down Bella knew her years spent in Azkban were a total waste
Bella likes stealing Lucius' cane
She actually kind of felt bad for killing Sirius; it was the only kill she made t
Bella doesn't really like her hair
When Bella can't torture others she sometimes hurts herself
She killed the bird herself
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