Гарри Поттер A few of my Bellatrix headcanons which do Ты agree with (or at least find most interesting)?

Pick one:
Bellatrix didn't see Umbridge often but when she did, she'd pull pranks on her th
In her Hogwarts years bothering Snape was one of Bellatrix's Избранное pass-times
But despite that they got along pretty well because she'd defend him from James o
Bellatrix continued taking astronomy classes after her fifth год simply because
Bellatrix tried out for Quittage but didn't make the cut
Bellatrix is not afraid of her own death
In fact she is excited for it; not because she is suicidal but because she has an
Because of this appreciation (despite it all) Bella has a great respect for the d
Bella could see Thestrals from a very young age
They are her Избранное magical creatures, she thinks of them as friends.
If she were a muggle her profession would be a tattoo artist.
 zanhar1 posted Больше года
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