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I'm to lazy to keep doing this so here's a Список of all my theories and some evidence.
-Dipper's real name is Issac. In Fight Fighters, Dipper enters the initials D.I.P, which could stand for "Dipper" Issac Pines.
-Gideon is a vampire. In Weirdmegenton 1, Gideon says, "She was always meant to be mine". I guess this means that he's a vampire cause Вампиры are immortal. There is also other stuff that supports this and Ты can look it up on YouTube, but I can't help Ты there.
-Bill is still in Dipper's mind. In Northwest Manor Mystery, Dipper reacts to Mcguckets warning with the line, "Let's have some fun for once". He doesn't care and he walks of with his fits on his hips a thing only Bill did when he was possessing Dipper. Also in Stan's Not What He Seems, there is that one scene where Dipper's eyes look like how they did in носок Opera when Bill was possessing Dipper.
Um...I can't think of anything else. So, I'll just get back to Чтение and Письмо fanfics.
Bill has found Hazel, Mabel, and Dipper and has made a little family reunion but with who? Mabel and Dipper или Hazel? Well, the danger is growing as Bill makes a deal with one of them. But, will they accept it? Hazel has a secret and the others know it. Will it make her a threat или will it help the Pine Twins? These Вопросы and еще will be answered in Gravity Falls: The Years Afterward Part :2.
It will get very crazy because I read a bunch of fanfictions about Bill and the Pine Twins so be prepared!
 How could we ever fit back into the normal world?
How could we ever fit back into the normal world?
Dipper's POV
Mabel was in my room. We were sorting through our stuff from Gravity Falls. I took out my pine дерево hat and laid it on my other stuff.

"Really Dipper, tomorrow is the first день of school and you're wearing the same clothes as always," сказал(-а) Mabel picking up a sweater that сказал(-а) 'School is here!', "It's the first день of middle school. It's all about first impressions."

"I like dressing like this," I said.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't tell Ты otherwise," сказал(-а) Mabel.

"Mabel!" yelled our mom," Your pig is eating my Цветы again! Get down before he becomes bacon!"

"Coming!" yelled Mabel...
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 It all started with носок Opera
It all started with Sock Opera
Once apon a time there was a guy named Dipper. Our story begins with the episode носок Opera. Bill takes over Dipper's(I'm watching Weirdmegenton 1 right now and it's hard to type while looking at the TV) body and breaks the laptop. Then he tries to destroy Journal 3. Now I need to make Статьи on my other 2 Статьи on my other theories that go along with this one, oh well!!! Well, let me correct myself, it all started with Dreamscaperers, but it technically starts in носок Opera. Bill says that he's been watching Dipper, literally as shown in every episode something resembles Bill, such as...
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