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I сердце HELENA FOR EVER and i cant wait to see other great films she will звезда in
Lived with Kenneth Branagh. [1994 - September 1999]

Great-granddaughter of H.H. Asquith, British Prime Minister (1908-1916).

She is a first cousin of Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter, and only a distant cousin of Crispin Bonham-Carter: Crispin’s father, Peter Malcolm Bonham-Carter, is a third cousin of Helena Bonham Carter. The first ancestors that Crispin and Helena have in common, are John Bonham-Carter (1788-1838) and his wife Joanna Maria Smith (1791-1884).

Her father was severely paralyzed by botched brain surgery in the 1980s.

Speaks French fluently.

She was denied admission to King’s...
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posted by helenacrazy
I had been a huge Фан of harry potter since the first movie when i went to see the half blood prince in the Фильмы i didnt even notice there was bellatrix in it till....i read the deathly hallows i had alreadly knew she killed sirius black in order of the phoneix but when i found out she killed dobby i started to really hate her and also she was a death eater one день i was really bored so i decied i would look up bellatrix lestrange on the computer and the opisite happend i started to like her so switched to the dark side . i soon found out that the actress was helena bonham carter i had no idea who she was so i goggled her i found out that SHE WAS THE AWSMEST PERSON EVA and i became obsessed and i still am i sent her letters and everything shes so passonite about Актёрское искусство and shes so good at it! thats why im helena crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i was looking at a picture of those two and i was thinking about how they are alike and i found out that they both:
- have brown hair
- have big dark brown eyes
- are pale
- have strong jaw line
- are slim
- have the same heart-shaped face with pointed chin
- share the same zodiac "Gemini"
- have really a good sence of humor
- often play eccentric characters
- share a passion for completely immersing themselves into the roles they're playing so much so that their true personalities are completely concealed
- can play any role perfectly
- right handed

simpley Helena Bonham Carter is the female version of Johnny Depp
posted by slytherin360
I simply Любовь her because she is different!

I mean, take a look at all the anorexic,drug taking,dumb,clone- like,untalented Актрисы there are. Most of them end up in rehab или on the cover of some scandel magazine. Not exactly people to look up to.

Most of the actresses/singers we see in hollywood, really aren't great people. Not all of them, just most. All of them dress the same, take drugs, sleep with Болталка people, get lipo, weigh nothing, and are usually ignorant. They are completely self absorbed and have some sort of disaster in their life. They participate in trully reckless behavior....
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 The Red Queen
The Red Queen
I dont want to offend anyone here seeing as I do go over positive and negitives of characters Ты may или may not like. So if Ты dont like criticism i would'nt recommend Чтение any further XD.

Bellatrix Lestrange like most characters has her up's and down's . Her up's are; Bellatrix is very loyal to those whom she cares about, such as Voldemort and Narcissa. Bellatrix followed Narcissa all the way to Spinners End to keep her from potential harm. Bellatrix is very devoted at least to the dark lord. She also shows a great deal of power being able to deflect dumbledor's spells, binde unbreakable...
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posted by BellaLovett
credit to mrs-lovett.org

On Tim's reaction to Billy's birth: I think the birth was a bit of a shock to Tim. He was down there, shouting, "I'll catch it!" like he was a rugby ball или something. I was saying, "Look, Tim, it doesn't just shoot out." There's 48 hours of contractions and agony first.

On her upcoming role as Enid Blyton: It's a long time since I have read such a well written script with as complex and fascinating a character as Enid. I hope I do her justice. And I hope I get to drink lashings of Ginger Beer.

On the classic fairytales: All the ancient classic fairy tales have always...
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posted by NellLovetCarter
So, i think the Название says the lot:) There are much еще ways, but this is a pretty good start.

1 .If Ты can´t decide which shoes to wear, wear one of each.

2 .Don´t behave the way Ты are expected to behave, behave the way Ты want to behave.

3. Don´t give a s*** to what anyone says.

4. Use all the opportunities to quote Helena или some of her characters.

5. Visit Лондон just because Helena lives there.

6. Be unique, strange and shock people.

7. Make the Unbreakable Vow to Любовь Helena forever.

8 .Bake horrible pies and proudly tell everyone they are the worst pies in your town.

9. People are gonna...
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posted by BellaLovett
click link to hear the song

сердце and soul, I fell in Любовь with you,
сердце and soul, the way a fool would do,
Because Ты held me tight,
And украл, палантин a Kiss in the night...

сердце and soul, I begged to be adored,
Остаться в живых control, and tumbled overboard,
That magic night we kissed,
There in the moon mist.

Oh! but your lips were thrilling,
Much too thrilling,
Never before were mine,
So strangely willing.

But now I see, what one embrace can do,
Look at me, it's got me loving you,
That little Kiss Ты stole,
Held all my сердце and soul.

Oh! but your lips were thrilling,
Much too thrilling,
Never before were mine,
So strangely willing.

But now I see, what one embrace can do,
Look at me, it's got me loving you,
That little Kiss Ты stole,
Held all my сердце and soul.

Held all my heart,
And soul.

posted by NellLovetCarter
So here I've listed some significant events of Helena's life
by year. Hope Ты enjoy reading:)

1966-She was born:)
1971-Her mother got a serious nervous breakdown, which she suffered from for three years.
1979-Her father went deaf on one ear and got paralyzed. Helena won the секунда place at a Поэзия contest.
1982-First TV appeareance, in a commercial.
1983-Helena's movie debut, Pattern of Roses
1984-Helena suffered a short depression.
1985-First movie in a leading role, Lady Jane
1993-Helena won her first Golden Globe, from Fatal Deception.
1994-Helena started a relationship with Kenneth Branagh, who...
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Copyright from Facebook :)

This is for all of us who have received odd looks или strange Комментарии for:
1. Laughing whenever Ты hear the word bovine
2. Пение violent songs on public buses
3. Looking for ways to quote "Fight Club"
4. Leave Harry Potter when Helena's part is over
5. Own "too many" Merchant Ivory films
6. Магазин on амазонка UK
7. Dress in ways that are threatening to the social norm
8. Ask your dentist if he's ever done it in the chair
9. Ты can and do speak in a British accent
10. Ты don't use a brush
11. Ты overuse the quote "Beauty if always only an illusion"
12. You've seen Sweeney Todd...
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ATTENTION: Official 2008 Bovine-Helenaist Awards!



Official Voting: August 12th,2008

-slytherin360 :)
Hi guys , I just got a brilliant idea, and wanted to ask for your opinions before I begin on my “brilliant idea”. If Ты are familiar with other Форумы besides helena-world, Ты might have seen these kinds of things before. They frequently happen on IMDB.

Anyways, I just got the idea that this Форум should have like an “award” ceremony; where we would nominate users for different categories of awards (ie: Most Optimistic User, etc...), and then...
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it was the week of my burthday i have helena as a friend on Facebook i knew all my Друзья could not come to my party cuz they all moved and i dont have that big of a family.so with my hands crossed and with alot of hope in my eyes asked helena to my burthday.days past no responce it was the день befor my burthday i went on Facebook as soon as i got out of постель, кровати and looked my face went closer to the screen as i saw nothing......all hope of a awesome b-day was Остаться в живых i dident know what to do my i...i started to cry and cry and cry so much that i got the computer all wet and it broke with mother mad...
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posted by Lolabella

So, everyone here loves Helena, but I hate it when people go, "zomg, she's so pretty and perfect!". And this whole religion thing, I don't get it

I mean, yes, she's beautiful (you'd have to be blind или dead not to notice it) but she is sooo much еще than that. I first see her as an actress, not just a pretty face. I mean, seriously, she's been Актёрское искусство since she was thirteen, and she had to work bloody hard to get to where she is now.

But the one thing that really gets me about *some* of her Фаны is that they say she is perfect. I hate to break it to them, but she's not. Nobody is perfect....
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posted by HelenaTrix
Okay, so just to keep my fellow Helenaists on track, I decided to Список Helena's nominations for 2014 award season. There's already a few and I hope еще are coming. So here are they:

Satellite Awards: Best Actress in Miniseries of Телевидение Film - "Burton&Taylor".

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries или a Телевидение Movie- "Burton&Taylor"
Winners will be announced on Saturday 18. January

Golden Globe: Best Actress in a Miniseries или a Motion Picture made for Телевидение - Burton&Taylor
Winners will be released 12. January

I will update this as new nominations are released. I think I speak for all Helenaists when I say I'm already so proud of her♥
This is all from moviesblog.mtv.com
On Saturday, some lucky test screeners in Chicago got the opportunity to see the first cut of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." The CGI wasn't completely finished, it had a stand-in score and its runtime was 150 minutes, but the response from the Фаны was overwhelmingly positive despite any issues they may have had with the first cut of the movie.

Hit the jump to see our заворачивать, обертывание up of responses to the film and how they resolve some misgivings that have been had with "Part 1." Be warned,...
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