Helo and Athena Избранное Helo/Athena moment

Pick one:
First time they had sex
When Helo found out she was pregnant
When Helo held a gun to Lee's head when they got back
When Helo saved her from Thorne
When they were reunited after Pegasus
When Athena had Hera
Right after Athena was sworn in
When Athena found out she was immune to the virus
When Hera was reunited to them
When Helo killed the Cylons first
At the end of the Woman King as Helo comes Главная
Their family right before they land on earth
Athena "saves" him from the Cylons
Sleeping together in the сарай
Athena realizing she loves Helo after they slept together
Running through the sewers from the Cylons
Helo "saves" Athena from the Cylons
Helo watches her sleep in their shelter
Together on Kobol
Helo kills her so she can save Hera
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 jesterlady posted Больше года
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