hey(: dbsk is losing in секунда place and the gap is quite wide so all of your support is greatly needed.

to vote, go to this site


click on the dbsk picture and then the white box which appears.
a window will pop up and Ты will see sth like this

1번 투표를 하셨고 남자 부문에 9번 더 투표하실 수 있습니다

the first number is how many times Ты have voted and the секунда number is how many еще Голоса Ты have left (you can vote 10 times each day)
i.e. voted 1 time, left 9 votes

below these korean words, there is a purple box. click it and Ты are done with your first vote.
to vote again, open a new webpage and repeat the steps.

oh yes, to vote, Ты need to be LOGGED IN TO YOUR YAHOO ACCOUNT first.
if Ты want to vote more, create еще yahoo accounts(: and help pass this message(:

thankyou! please do go vote and support dbsk! they really need lots of Голоса to catch up):
keep the faith dbsk fighting!