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posted by Rogue475
I joined this club four years ago, it was a time in my life when I needed friends. At first it felt too good to be true, that I did not deserve the people that resided here. Truth is, this place had the one thing that I did not know could exist online; Love. Passion kept us, this mutual Любовь for Письмо and the stories that were our childhood. Each one of Ты that I got to know was an experience that I would not trade for anything. In a weird sense I grew up with this club, with the many unique characters and the stories we told. I want to thank each and every one of Ты for the times we had together, and the stories we shared.
posted by Rogue475
 Hades Aspect
Hades Aspect
Mark Ivory

"Marky", "Ivory"


Mutagen Aspect¬

Playful, Snarky, Rebellious


His Father was Adam Ivory, a key figure in the Grazer Military. Jordan is his brother, a Late teen trying all he can to protect his little brother from harm. His mother is an entirely diferent story. Sarah was a devoutee christian and loyal wife to Mark's father, yet was deeply kind to Mark and Jordan.

(You all know the rest, and if not, here
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posted by Rogue475
Let me start by simply saying: Its Rogue, not Rouge -_-. K
My real name is Brian, I live in Michigan(Merica!) I am 15 years old and I Любовь to write.

anyway I'm aperently a Nerd, but hold on a sec. I'm not your average stereotypical Nerd from the US. I'm into a lot of different things, and often they change to new hobbies like: Письмо and drawing. My Избранное hobbies are: Airsoft, Gaming, Writing, and Listening...yes Ты heard me... an ADHD kid who like to listen to people and their stories? yep, I Любовь stories, all kinds of them.

anyway back to the Nerd topic. im in a gamer group at high school....
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What about this for the Last Stand theme?
theme songs
imagine Драконы
the last stand
posted by Rogue475
Disclosure: Smoking and Drinking is hazardous to one's health, do not ever abuse. This is merely a story and does not relate to any real-life person или occurrence. Be responsible when dealing with such substances, for Ты never know what may happen.)

Right so this story takes place when Mark is Eleven years old and living in Washington D.C. with his brother Jordan, who's now Seventeen. Enjoy)


"Mark, you've got your whole life ahead of you..." The words echoed in my mind. They were the last honest words I had...
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ok so this has nothing to do with RP, but i thought Ты guys would like this