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Fan fiction by Darkness_Reaper posted Больше года
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He's just a sweetheart sometimes.
Ты and Romano were at his house, and Ты finally convinced him to tell Ты about his childhood.

And it sounded adorable.

“Aww, Lovi!” Ты teased, ruffling his hair (staying clear of his curl), “you sounded so cute when Ты were small!”

“Get off me woman…” he grumbled, though he didn’t try to Переместить Ты himself. Ты smiled; Ты knew he loved your teasing. Speaking of which, Ты kissed his cheek, then started planting kisses closer and closer until Ты reached the edge of his mouth. Ты saw his eyes close expectantly and Ты moved off him; he groaned in frustration and glared at you, “What-a the hell was that?!”

Ты giggled and bit your lip playfully, “You сказал(-а) to get off you… I was following orders. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I have some макаронные изделия, макароны to make,” Ты stood up and began to walk away, until your Italian boyfriend’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled Ты back down with ease. Now Ты were sitting across him, him leaning over you. He leaned in for his Kiss again but Ты leaned farther back, away from him, “Is there something you’d like?”