He's just a sweetheart sometimes.
Ты and Romano were at his house, and Ты finally convinced him to tell Ты about his childhood.

And it sounded adorable.

“Aww, Lovi!” Ты teased, ruffling his hair (staying clear of his curl), “you sounded so cute when Ты were small!”

“Get off me woman…” he grumbled, though he didn’t try to Переместить Ты himself. Ты smiled; Ты knew he loved your teasing. Speaking of which, Ты kissed his cheek, then started planting kisses closer and closer until Ты reached the edge of his mouth. Ты saw his eyes close expectantly and Ты moved off him; he groaned in frustration and glared at you, “What-a the hell was that?!”

Ты giggled and bit your lip playfully, “You сказал(-а) to get off you… I was following orders. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I have some макаронные изделия, макароны to make,” Ты stood up and began to walk away, until your Italian boyfriend’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled Ты back down with ease. Now Ты were sitting across him, him leaning over you. He leaned in for his Kiss again but Ты leaned farther back, away from him, “Is there something you’d like?”

Having enough of the teasing, he got out from under Ты and flipped so his tanned body was hoisted above yours, pinning Ты still. He smirked in triumph and leaned in. Ты smiled back and closed your eyes—

“Ve~! Romano! [Name]! Look-a what I found!” Ты both groaned from your spot on the couch, lips inches away from each other, “Guys? Where are you? Ah! What are Ты doing! Don’t do that, not in front of a bambino!” Romano looked at Ты and raised an eyebrow, Ты shrugged your shoulders in reply. Ты got off each other and sat normally, seeing Italy enter the room with a small child following reluctantly behind.

Romano’s eyes grew and he stood up waving his arms and yelling at his brother, “What the crap-ola happened?!”

Ты stood up from your spot and hit your boyfriend upside the head, “Romano! Don’t swear in front of this cute little guy,” Ты bent down so Ты were at his eye level, “Hey sweetie, what’s your name?”

“That’s Romano!” Feliciano shouted happily. Ты were surprised for a moment, but then again Ты remember Ты were dating half of a country, so then the news didn’t seem so crazy anymore. Ты saw Romano clenching his fists, trying not to beat the crap out of his brother. Ты could see the darkness surrounding him Russia style and the vein in his head about to burst.

“Oh…kay...” Ты turned your attention to the tiny, chubby Чиби in front of you, “hey, aren’t Ты the cutest little thing!” Ты couldn’t contain yourself, the cuteness was unbearable, Ты wrapped your arms around him and lifted him into a hug,

"Basta! [1] Get off me woman!” Ты dropped him sadly and sighed, this was definitely Romano.

Speaking of, adult Romano came over and tapped his younger self on the head like Ты did with Romano before [2], “What’s the matter with you? Don’t Ты know how to talk to-a women?”

“Shut up jerk-face! As if Ты know how to talk to sexy ladies.” Adult Romano’s face dropped in shock, “I don’t want to talk to you, you’re almost as annoying as that помидор bastard.” Romano kept opening and closing his mouth but couldn’t form words. Feliciano came over and started annoyin- 'playing' with Чиби Romano, giving Ты and adult Romano a few moments to talk.

When Ты stopped laughing, Ты asked your boyfriend, “Oh that’s right, Ты lived with Spain didn’t you?”

“Eh, don’t remind me…”

“So didn’t Ты say Ты had to learn Spanish?”

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously and blushed, “Y-yeah, but it didn’t really work out well.”

“Did Ты ever learn any Spanish?”

“S-S-some stuff! What do Ты think I am, an idiota!?”

Ты smiled at him, seeing how flustered he was, “Like what?” Something tugged at the side of your jeans, pulling them down slightly. Ты looked down and saw Чиби Romano looking up at you. Ты squealed at his adorableness and bent down to his level again, “What Spanish did Ты learn little Romano?”

His face lit up and adult Romano’s face dropped again, “Oh, I know this one! ¡Besame mala chica! [3]”

Ты translated it in your head and stared at Чиби Romano with wide eyes, “[Name] is not a bad girl Ты stupido bambino! [4]”

“Romano, don’t call your baby-version of Ты that!” Feliciano begged, standing in between the two Romanos.

“Veneziano, stay out of this!”

“Yeah, don’t call me that, Ты dumb bastard.”

“Hey listen here you-!”

Ты Остаться в живых track of which Italian сказал(-а) which as all three blurred together in a облако of smoke. Ты sweat-dropped and left a note for them, saying Ты were going to Spain’s house.

Oh, he’d want to hear about this.

*_*_*_~-~-~-~{[Extended Ending]}~-~-~-~_*_*_*

“Romano!” The door burst open, revealing a happy and excited Spain.

Both of them let out girlish screams and hid behind you; startled by his brother, Feliciano did the same, leaving Spain to stand hurt at the door.


Pathetic but kind of funny extended ending is pathetic but kind of funny xD

[1] Stop! или Enough! Usually used when Ты don’t want to hear what someone’s saying или want someone to stop what they’re doing

[2] Us Italian, we like to hit each other upside the head, I can’t tell Ты why, but we do.

[3] Kiss me bad girl! (Not a direct translation, based on the anime)

[4] stupid child!
He loves the way Ты smile so he returns it back at you~