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I noticed that less than half of our Фаны here participate in the RP. It would be great if еще of Ты would Присоединиться the Rp. For those of Ты who don't already know the HK rper died yesterday so his spot is avaliable. Currently I am the manger of the club.
So far only Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Nyo Italy have joined the rp. Ты are welcome to use Fancharacters too.
A few rules and Guidelines
1. Pg-15 nothing higher than that please keep it like this if Ты really want to have Smex go to a sub-Forum
2. Cussing is allowed just don't let it get extensive
3. Ты don't have to like Яой или Nyotalia just deal with it.
4. Be Respectful and kind to other Rpers.
5. Please listen if someone says that this makes them Uncomfortable.
That is all and Thank you