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How it happened:
Stealthily, Ты crept up on Yao. Sitting on a bench, presumably enjoying the flowering trees, ambushing him was too perfect to resist. One step brought Ты closer to him, another and Ты were almost there, last one and Ты were close enough to embrace him. Carefully, very carefully, Ты slid onto the bench, wrapping your arms around him and greeting him with a sweet, “Good afternoon!”
Though Ты weren’t a romantic, Ты knew what Ты wanted, and Любовь wasn’t half bad.
When Yao didn’t respond, Ты raised an eyebrow, noticing that he was asleep. Still smiling, your eyes glinted with a glare. Why was he asleep? Glancing at his side, Ты noticed a painting canvas on the ground and knelt to pick it up. He had been painting the sky, Ты observed, with a sole цветок in the middle. Wait, Ты looked closer, that’s not the sky, it’s a pond. Interesting.
Propping the painting accordingly, Ты glanced at Yao.
Face drifting through dreams, his expression was soft. Part of Ты wanted to break that tranquility, while another part desired to embrace it. Ты didn’t understand yourself. Settling for just touching his face and watching him, Ты puzzled over the Chinese man. Just like you, he was powerful and desired еще power, but your personalities were opposites. While Ты were serene but insincere, he was high-strung but honest. It fascinated Ты in an odd, childish manner.
However, as your eyes swept down his face then his body, a protruding bulge from his pocket caught your eye. Curiously, Ты poked it with a finger and Yao awoke immediately, as if Ты had jabbed it.
“Ah!” Yao yelped. “What are Ты doing?”
“Mmm?” Ты smiled. “Nothing.”
Unconvinced, Yao straightened up and seized his painting, exclaiming, “You looked, didn’t you?” Well, Ты weren’t expecting him to react over that as your stare fixated itself on his pocket. “Really, Ты could learn to respect people’s privacy!” He scolded Ты with a glance and Ты shrugged innocently. Sighing, he held it out to you. “Here. Happy fifth anniversary.” Ты blinked, tilting your head to the side.
“Why are Ты giving me a present?” Your eyebrows knitted together. “You haven’t before.”
“Must Ты always ask questions?” Yao prodded your nose.
“Yes!” Ты responded, poking out your tongue.
With yet another sigh, Yao replied, “Fine. But close your eyes! I want your секунда gift to be a complete and total surprise!” Pouting, Ты did as commanded and squeezed your eyes shut, irritated but smiling. Yao seemed slightly amused and chuckled. Your smile tightened. After a few moments of silence, Yao ordered, “Hold out your hands.” Again, Ты did as directed, holding both of them out to receive.
A light box plopped between the palms of your hands.
Just as Ты were about to slim your eyes open, Yao instructed, “No. Keep them closed.”
Smile turning to a scowl, Ты wanted to know exactly what he was doing. His smooth hands lightly grazed yours and overlapped your fingers, squeezing both the box and your hands tightly. Suddenly, Ты felt his lips brush your knuckles and, not caring if Ты were going against his orders или not, Ты opened your eyes to see him chastely Поцелуи you.
Upon realizing that Ты were looking, Yao blushed and released your hands. Within your warm hands was a little white box with Chinese characters inscribed on the top: “我的愛”. It was hand-painted and Ты recognized Yao’s Письмо immediately. Translating the traditional Chinese, Ты realized that it said, To My Love. Yao smiled proudly. “Go ahead, Ты may open it now.”
Nimbly, Ты flicked the box open to discover a piece of paper.
Your smile emptied—there was no ring.
Beam cold, Ты unfurled the paper and were immediately met with a barrage of Chinese characters that were foreign to your eyes: “儘管我們有分歧,我愛你,想和你結婚。你願意嫁給我嗎?” Not understanding made Ты feel stupid. This inevitably made Ты angry. Struggling to remain composed, Ты bit your lower lip before controlling it into a perfectly frustrated grin. “What does all of this say?”
Glad that Ты were asking, Yao cheerfully replied, “Jǐnguǎn wǒmen yǒu fèn qí, wǒ ài nǐ, xiǎng hé nǐ jiéhūn. Nǐ yuànyì jià gěi wǒ ma?” Wow. Ты wanted to hit him when he wouldn’t do things your way and acted so cheekily. Realizing how irritated Ты were becoming, not wanting to damage the moment, Yao translated, “Despite our differences, I Любовь Ты and wish to marry you.” His eyes became suddenly serious when they met yours. “Will Ты marry me?”
Flushing, Ты stumbled over your words. “W-what? Seriously?”
Yao raised an eyebrow. “I would not play around about proposing to you. It is a serious matter, after all!” Rising to his feet and pulling Ты up with him, Yao kissed your cheek and slipped a ring onto your finger. “You are a highly respectable young woman and I expect that Ты will let me take care of Ты from now on.”
Your smile was sheepish. “You are so unromantic sometimes, Yao.”
He goggled at you. “Am I really? Ah, well. You’re not too romantic either.”
Giggling, Ты looped a strand of his hair around your finger before yanking gently on his entire ponytail, pulling his mouth into yours and saying, “Shut those lips of yours and Kiss me, love.” Outraged that Ты just out-bossed him but excited by your acceptance and willingness, his lips met yours with unrivaled passion. Fingers entangling in your hair, Yao regained dominance as he pressed his lips and body against yours, making Ты battle him with Любовь in return.
For someone so stuck-up and presumably prudish, he was an extremely good kisser.
Now, he was yours to Kiss for eternity.