You sit down in the трава and decide that it is a good день to do nothing. To your right, Ты heard children squealing and playing, and to your left, Ты can hear a Футбол game going on. Ты decide that Ты should listen to what’s going on. From what Ты can hear, there is only one person making all of the goals. This surprises you. Ты used to play soccer. At least before...

    “LOOK OUT!!!” calls someone on the field, but it was too late. The ball hit Ты square in the face. Ты swore loudly and tried to find the person who had kicked the ball. “Alright, who the hell kicked that!?” one of the boys shout. Ты heard foot steps running towards you. “God, are Ты alright?” He asked. Ты huff. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Ты say bitterly, “I got hit like that all the time when I played so It’s no big deal. Get back to your Показать лодка game of soccer.” The boy in front of Ты was quiet for a while.

    “A hero would never leave an innocent girl all by herself in a strange place.” Ты laugh. Not because Ты were trying to be cute, but because Ты thought he was really stupid. “I know how to take care of myself... what did Ты say your name was?” The boy chuckled. “Alfred F. Jones, at your service.” Ты sigh dramatically. “Well, Alfred, I’m (y/n).” Ты stick out your hand and find that his is already there. Ты feel yourself blush with embarrassment.

    Alfred starts the conversation. “So, what are Ты doing out here on a gloomy день like today?” Ты sigh. “I didn’t know it was that bad outside today.” Ты can practically feel the frown of confusion on Alfred’s face. “How would Ты not know?” Ты перфоратор, удар, пунш at where he should have been, but he wasn’t there. Ты cursed under your breath and said, “I thought that the dark glasses gave it away. I’m blind Ты pinhead!” For a while, Ты don’t hear the American say anything.

    You took the opportunity to read your book. He was so quite, Ты had completely forgotten he was there. that is, until he said, “(y/n)?” Ты sigh and put your book down. “What is it.” Ты ask drearily. “How often do Ты come to the park?” he asked. YOu shrug. “Almost every day. Why?” Ты hear the American stutter. “N-no reason!!! You’re just cool to hang out with Ты don’t try to hook up with me because of my looks или anything.” Ты say nothing. Ты hear the american’s palm хлопать, привкус his face. “Right. Stupid me! Ты can’t.”

    You continue to stay silent. After about 10 еще minutes, your phone’s alarm goes off. Ты stretch and stand up. “Well, I best be off.” Ты say, “Fair well, Alfred.” Ты start walking away, but Alfred says, “Wait!” Ты comply. “Yes?” Ты ask. Ты hear shuffling of feet and Ты assume that it’s Alfred. “Would Ты like me to walk me home?” he asked. Ты shake your head. “I know the way here and the way back to my house like the back of my hand.” Ты say. Ты hear the American sigh. “But thanks anyways.” Ты add hastily. Ты wave to him and Ты walk home.

{Magical time skip to when Ты arrive at your apartment}

    You unlock your door and walk inside. “I’m home, (older cousin’s name)!” Ты head to the кухня and open the fridge. ‘Well that’s unusual.’ Ты think. (older cousin’s name) always made Ты meals before he/she left. In fact, he/she was almost never home. Ты groan. Ты decide that Ты might as well finish your book in your room, then Ты think abut your day. Who was that person Ты were talking to? He seemed nice enough and Ты got the feel in that he wasn’t going to try to perve on Ты или rape Ты или anything. he was too proud of himself to get that low. Ты had to admit, he was such a kind person. And the way his hand felt in your hand...

    ‘NO!’ Ты thought to yourself, ‘I just met this guy!’ Ты sighed and presses your alarm clock so it would tell Ты what time it was. “Ten Twenty-Seven PM.” It said. Ты yawned. ‘Maybe I’ll see him tomorrow.’ Ты think to yourself as Ты drift to sleep’