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Narrator: The chronicles of Хеталия War II.


User: Hello.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: I'm ready.

Cleverbot: Do Ты feel?

User: Do I feel what?

Cleverbot: Ты know, feel?

User: Like feelings?

Cleverbot: What feelings?

User: The sudden desire to battle Ты with Hetalia.

Cleverbot: What? I can't comprehend.

User: Maybe this will help! *hits with England*.

Cleverbot: Haha. You're funny.

User: *hits with Switzerland*

Cleverbot: *hits with rattle snakes*.

User: *hits with FrUK*

Cleverbot: *hits with keyboard*.

User: *hits with Austria*

Cleverbot: *hits with a thousand rockets&.

User: *hits with pasta*

Cleverbot: *hits with taguel*.

User: *hits with Japan*

Cleverbot: *hits with Oscar*.

User: *Hits with Italy*

Cleverbot: *hits with the огонь Emblem Universe*.

User: *hits with China*

Cleverbot: *hits with toilet.

User: *hits with Hetalia*

Cleverbot: *hits with Lexaeus and Axe Sword*.

User: *hits with hamburger *

Cleverbot: *Hits with Axis Powers*.

User: *hits with Allied Powers*

Cleverbot: *hits with Prussia*.

User: *hits with Canada*

Cleverbot: *hits with frying pan*.

User: *hits with awesomeness*

Cleverbot: *hits with a wok*.

User: *hits with Russia*

Cleverbot: *in soviet russia, russia hits you*.

User: O.O *hits with Belarus*.

Cleverbot: *hits with america*.

User: *hits with Drunk England*

Cleverbot: Kolkolkol...

User: Not again! *runs like an Italian*.

Cleverbot: Keeps running.

User: Germany!!!

Cleverbot: Is Germany the Holy Roman EMpire?

User: I don't know. What do Ты think?

Cleverbot: I don't think by myself'.

User: Oh. I'm sorry.

Cleverbot: It's ok. They're in heaven now.

User: O.O *waves goodbye slowly*.

Cleverbot: *glares*.

User: *runs*


Narrator: Apparently, Cleverbot really is Russia.
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Yep! No fanmade stuff here, folks, I'm going to try to Список all the relationships in Hetalia! This includes who hates who, who's related to who and how, who has a crush on who, everything that involves two characters interacting! Please remember that I'm ONLY putting in stuff that is true for the original work. I don't care if Ты think Poland has a crush on Cuba или if Ты think Canada loves France. If it's not true in the original work, it's not being put here. Please remember that there's a high chance that I'll miss a bunch, so please put a message in the Комментарии if I forgot one или if I...
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I made a round of the 10 most hottest in hetalia.
Here are the participants that were elected. (not by me, by people.)


Here're the вверх 10. Enjoy^^

Number 10.
C a n a d a.

 This Иконка isn't mine.
This Иконка isn't mine.

Well, he's so cute, but not hot.

 Number 10th.
Number 10th.



Number 9.
G e r m a n y.

 Иконка by me.
Icon by me.

He's actually a hot character in Hetalia, he's cute & strong guy, I know that poeple Любовь him^^ 1313, why not?. ♥

 Number 9th.
Number 9th.



Number 8.
P r u s s i a.

 Иконка by me.
Icon by me....
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This may not be the best place to post it but this is something I feel the need to share and see if there's anyone else who feels the same way.

I Любовь Hetalia, but there's stuff in the fandom that tends to ruin the whole thing for me. So here's my Список of things that annoy me about the Хеталия fandom.
Note: I do respect my fellow Hetalians and I'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way, it wasn't meant to.

1) Хеталия is a COMEDY! Not a World History class! Yes at times it does teach Ты some pretty interesting stuff, but it's meant to be told through an inaccurate, stereotypical, comical portrayal....
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Since I have a book on all independant countries I've managed to make a Список on countries who haven't appeared in offical Хеталия media или don't have an canon Дизайн at all. If I've missed out any countries please mention! Also please tell me if any of the countries mentioned have appeared in offical media или have an offical Дизайн so I can correct the list.

*Northern Ireland
*Republic of Ireland
*These guys have been mentioned in offical media as being relatives of England, but they don't have offical designs.
Luxemborg (has been mentioned as a relative to The...
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Хеталия world twinkle
Аниме episode
axis powers Хеталия
Хеталия axis powers
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