Хеталия Another color game (this time its different bc its made by a different person)

Aph-Finland posted on Mar 12, 2016 at 07:59AM
color of your room's walls

White- i kissed

Pink- i punched

yellow- i slept with

blue- i hugged

brown- i dated

black- i'v been mean to

green- i'v been nice to

rainbow- i danced with

gray- i did a fiesta with

color of your certain

orange- Italy

red- Spain

green- Germany

black- Prussia

yellow- America

blue- Finland

dark blue- Sweden

Dark/Regular pink- Poland

rainbow- character of your choice

gray- Iceland

white- Japan

all dark colors- England

i dont have a certain- Canada

brown- Romano

color of your eyes? (check in the mirror if u dont know)

green- because I like him

blue- because I'm just trying to be funny

brown- because i am drunk

black- because i have a crush on him

orange- because he likes me

red- because ---------- told me to (put a character in the blank)

for example:

i'v been nice to Poland because i like him

its your turn go ahead and see if u can make a funny or sad story, this is my 1st time making these so plz dont be mad at me

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