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harold posted on Aug 16, 2006 at 04:08PM
What did everyone else feel when reading the books?

I really really enjoyed the first book - enough so that I started reading it aloud to friends and family - but the second and third books were progressively worse and worse. By the last book, I was just reading it for the sake of completeness, not out of any enjoyment. We gave up on reading them aloud after a while, because everyone lost interest after the first book. I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this, or whether it's just all the people I know.

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Больше года teenpotterfan said…
I've only just started the first book, but I will report back to you once I've read more.
Больше года aniko said…
I agree that the first book is the best, the second is the second best, and the third is the weakest. I don't think though that it's horrible, or that it's only worth reading to finish the trilogy. I liked the mulefa and their seedpods, for example. But the cosmology gets really messy, and there's way too much of it in the third book.
Больше года sallywag said…
I loved the third book!!!!!!!!!
It was by far the best, sad but amazing all the same.
F.Y.I its called artistic license. I am sure that when we leave polar bears chuck on armour and chat with each other its ok if the cosmology isn't point perfect
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Больше года luvrofedward said…
i agree with harold. i absolutely loved the first book, but the second and third were really boring, to me.
Больше года Cara09 said…
I thought the first book was amazing, the second one was pretty good too. but the third book was not what I had expected at all it took me almost a year to actually read the whole thing and i was kinda disappointed with it
Больше года Saphira333 said…
I loved the first and third book although the third draged on a bit, but harold is right the first one is great..
Больше года Sempra said…
Personally, i thought that the first book was very weak compared to the second, and that one was in turn weak compared to the third.
The end is rather bittersweet, but doesnt that make the story a good one?
For the few days after finishing TAS i just couldnt get over it, but after some time i did, and started to appreciate the books for what they really were; solid bricks of fiction in that great wall we all want to climb.
When you think about it, most successful fantasy books end with some bitter ending (think LotR or HP).
Anyway, in my understanding, Pullman is just as strong a Rowling was with HP.
Everyone that says different is simply kidding themselves.
Больше года silverraven333 said…
ok, i liked the amber spyglass the BEST. followed by the golden compass and then the subtle knife, however, i think that the subtle knife would make a GREAT movie, as would TAS.
Больше года ilovereading said…
I agree with Sempra about the bittersweet ending.
But about the books getting weaker or stronger, I didn't get that feeling, just that they are different. Some may like it and others not.