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ilovereading posted on May 14, 2011 at 07:55AM
I have talked to different people who have read His Dark Materials and the responses were very unusual; either they thought it was a great book or even their favourite, or they hated it and found no words about it to say other that it's "the worst book ever". There were no "in between opinion". (For instance: "It's OK, but I've read better," or "Not my genre, but fine.") The same goes for reviews I have read so far.
Do any of you have similar (or different) experience or at least a clue why it might be so?
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Больше года Pinnipedi said…
How could anyone call it "The Worst Book Ever." It is AMAZING and I don't understand how anyone could not love it. I think it's because the books are very powerful.
·4 месяцев назад Flickerflame said…
I'd guess that at least some of those who were calling it "the worst book ever" were those who found it offensive for religious reasons. I'm not sure why there wasn't anyone with a middling opinion though. Maybe it was just who you asked?