Гомер Симпсон which is your favourite Homer' s phrase ?

Pick one:
D' oh
Why Ты little
I loooove ALL of them cuz Homer ROX!
I loooove ALL of them cuz Homer ROX!
Added by Crazy-Chica
mmmmmm... пиво
Added by toddson
rrrrrrr... (when he wants to make out)
Added by aiwil
mmmmmmmmm- mmmm.... donuts.... grrrrraaaaa- hhhhhhhhhh
mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... donuts.... grrrrraaaaahhhhhhhhhh
Added by MiSafan
BRART!!!- !!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!
Added by ms-hellokitty
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 ckit posted Больше года
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