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What's your Избранное horror movie?

My Избранное horror movie is the Grudge series. Horror Фильмы rule and it always seems like I'm like the only person I know who likes scary movies. I like the horror movie fanpage because everybody here likes horror Фильмы like me. Thx u guys for liking to get the living poop scared out of Ты just like me!!

Anyway, if you've never seen the Grudge 1 или 2 или 3:

1. Watch it, of course!
2. It's an Asian movie, so it has a different feel to it. In Asian style movies, the ghost/entity is bigger than the victim and there is no ghostbusting scene at the end, making it еще scary, but that's just me personally.
3. Don't blame me if Ты have complaints from your neighbors/roommates/etc... from loud screaming noises.
4. Don't blame me (also) if Ты have nightmares for a month.
5. Ты might not like it, so don't blame me for that either.
6. It's kinda hard to follow, so pay attention and watch the Фильмы in order.
7. If Ты really like it, joint the club for the Grudge!!
 kittehluva posted Больше года
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Makeupdiva said:
I've only seen the American versions of the Grudge series. They're kind of creepy but not my favorite.

My Избранное horror Фильмы are:

The Остаться в живых boys
From Dusk till dawn
The Craft
The Ring
Final Destination series
Urban Legend
Black Рождество (original)
The Amityville horror (original and remake)
The Exorcist(Though I don't watch it as much cause it just freaks me out.)
The Haunting in Connecticut
I know what Ты did last summer
Let me in

I think that is it. I'm not a horror fanatic like I was when I was 15, I grew up and now I watch еще romance, comedy and drama-ish Фильмы and some action. I just don't care for the gory-slasher Фильмы that's all. I still watch them from time to time but the ones I listed, I still watch like all the time.
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posted Больше года 
I really want to see scream
kittehluva posted Больше года
and i Любовь jeepers creepers too i just recently saw it on tv
kittehluva posted Больше года
and idk why i Опубликовано these all in separate Комментарии
kittehluva posted Больше года
Jackal87 said:
My Избранное horror movie is The Остаться в живых Boys (though if u ask me its еще of a comedy)

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posted Больше года 
never heard of it :)
kittehluva posted Больше года
hatelarxene said:
John Carpenter's Halloween. Classic! Scream would be a close second.
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 John Carpenter's <i>Halloween</i>. Classic! <i>Scream</i> would be a close second.
posted Больше года 
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