Фильмы ужасов A horror story by me

chocolate10 posted on Jul 26, 2011 at 03:39AM
You all have heard of all those famouse horror stories well this one's different. I thought of it. It's called the doll maker.
Chapter 1
I was having nightmares. Bad ones to. One was all about sewing. The next needles. Then buttons. My head hurt day and night trying to find the cause of this. My doctor said it was just too many movies were getting to my head. I am Lilly McClay. A thirteen year old school girl. My sister was always different. She was born albino but got more tan over time. When I was little she said that she was a vampire and that she was gonna drink my blood when I was sleeping. This was different. My sister has been asking people about her strange behavior. She climbs everywhere. She sucks oranges. We talked to a special doctor that delt with kids like that. She said is was a late form of goth stage. But even she admitts this is strange.
This is Lilly if The picture shows

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Its short get over it.