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CrimeMaster posted on Apr 12, 2012 at 03:05AM
I will go ahead and post the survey here in the forum. It is pertains to horror/disturbing movies and your opinions. If you are willing to answer the survey for me I would appreciate it very much. Instructions are at the beginning followed by the 13 short answer questions.


If you are one of the wonderful people who already filled out a survey for me, I appreciate your input. If you haven’t filled out a survey for me yet, then you haven’t seen any of these questions.

For those of you that already did one: I have changed the direction of the book somewhat and I’ve added new questions to my survey. Since I already have your answers, if you are willing to do a few more… just skip the first 8 questions and begin on number 9.

As you may or may not know, I have spent the last two years researching movies. Originally, I began with only snuff, pseudo-snuff and real death videos. While researching I have found other movies and horror/thriller sub-genres that I want to include in the book. I am now focusing on “shock video” which I am defining as not only snuff and actual death films but also as any film that is generally described as being disturbing. I am mostly looking at horror films and to a lesser extent thrillers (but mainly only if they are violent psychological thrillers and not action thrillers).

I have worked up this survey to reflect my new direction and to get new information. If you are willing to take some time to answer the questions for me, I would really appreciate it. Your name will not be used in the book and not all answers will be used. I’m mostly attempting to get some views of the people who are fans of horror or disturbing films. I will however add your name to the list of thanks in the acknowledgements part of the book unless you specify that you wish to remain COMPLETELY anonymous. You may answer any of the questions you like… if you don’t have an answer for one or feel uncomfortable answering it, don’t hesitate to leave it blank.

Please answer using Microsoft Word and send your surveys to me at horror.disturbia.research2010@gmail.com

Thank you for any cooperation you can give.

Crystal M. Staples


1. How do you feel about horror films, including today’s movies and past films?

2. Why do you like watching horror movies?

3. Do you find them disturbing or do they peak your interest? Explain your answer.

4. Do you think disturbing films are more attractive psychologically, socially or sexually? Explain.

5. Of the answers you did not choose from the above question, why do you think other people would feel that way? (i.e.- if you chose psychologically, why do you think others would pick socially or sexually). What do you think is the motivation behind these peoples’ thoughts?

6. What do you think about people who make videos of their crimes such as Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka or Leonard Lake and Charles Ng?

7. Do you think that real snuff films exist or are they just a blown up urban myth?

8. What makes you think so?

9. Which movie would you say was the most disturbing film you’ve ever seen? Why?

10. What is more disturbing to you: actual violence, psychological torture, graphic fake violence, or another form of film?

11. Do you believe that a person’s tolerance builds up over time with exposure and that they can become desensitized to violent or shocking images? How or why?

12. There have been videos leaked on the internet showing violent scenes such as the beheadings of soldiers or American citizens by “terrorist” groups, scenes from the war in the middle east and the Dnipropetrovsk maniacs video also known as 3 guys 1 hammer. Have you watched any of these real shots of violence and what were your thoughts? (Most people cannot watch these videos or ones similar all the way through. If you found yourself turning away or stopping the video, have you ever tried to view it again?)

13. Is there anything you would like to add that you think might be of some importance or interest to me in my research? Examples: What you think of a genre of horror, suggestions for movies to review that I may not have seen yet, ideas about why horror genres command so much attention, or your views on the ratings system of films today. Any information I use from this section you will be credited for if I quote you directly.

Please answer below by just typing the corresponding number and your answer to the question.

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