Фильмы ужасов Are The Endings To Horror Фильмы Bleaker Today? (spoilers ahead)

QueenofHorror posted on Mar 06, 2015 at 03:55AM
I just finished Chernobyl Diaries for the first time and granted when you have seen as many horror movies as I have you become used to seeing no one make it (case in point this film) But this ending isn't just "oh so close" it's downright cruel. For about ten minutes I just stared at my TV trying to remind myself "hey it's horror these things happen!" Didn't make me feel any better ya know? Which got me thinking: do horror movies have darker/depressing endings than they used to? I've been racking both my brain and some google work and here is what I have come up with (to save us some time I'm omitting movies where the heroine/hero lives ie TCM because the character is clearly scarred for life)

1) The Mist (2007): Most people know how this one ends and for those that don't I won't give it away just know that my very packed movie theater left on a dead quiet note I kid you not

2) Mother's Day (2010): I almost broke my TV over this flipping ending that's how mad I was. Less like "The Mist" feeling and more like "are you kidding me?! After all that they still get away?!" Ugh just thinking about it makes me want to punch a wall!

3) The Vanishing (1988): Okay so this is an older one and unlike the ending to the remake we don't get a happy ending here (ftr if you have seen the 1993 one you can probably guess the difference in the endings)

4) The Orphanage (2007): Had I been paying attention I probably could have seen what was coming (kind of like the sixth sense when you go back and watch it that second time all the pieces fall into place) some may argue with me about those last few minutes (with the husband I mean) but frankly I don't think that makes it any happier we still have dead children no?

5) Night of the living dead (1968/1990): Did not see that ending coming at all. Total sucker punch that again comes out of nowhere I suppose you could apply this to any/all of the Dead movies they are not my favorite and my memory is hazy

6) Jeepers Creepers (2001): Ugh everytime I watch this movie a part of me hopes and prays it will end differently and of course it doesn't just downright dismal

7) Drag Me To Hell (2008): The title and well the poster/DVD case kind of tell you everything you need to know about the ending but the moment the moment when the boyfriend stops the car suddenly and everything goes flying...yeah that was when I bowed my head and bid our heroine aideu how could you not?

8) Darkness (2002): From what I've been told the whole world ends and I don't think it gets much worse than that (and yes I have seen it but good grief it's a mess of a movie how anyone could make heads or tails out of it is beyond me)

9) An American Werewolf in London (1981): Title is pretty obvious no? Ending is one of my favorites to this day (some people get thrown by the music with the end credits I think it's brilliant)

10) Arlington Road (1999): Wait a minute! This isn't horror! Not in the traditional sense no but since 9/11 there aren't many things scarier than terrorism and this one is not on the other side of the world oh no it's your neighbor. Plus the ending is such a downer you literally feel like there is no good anywhere

11) Se7en (1995) "WHAT'S IN THE BOX MAN?!" Pretty sure everyone and their brother knows the answer by now (and if you don't either watch this brilliant flick or just google the ending I'm not telling)

12) Open Water (2003): Some of you will again argue this isn't horror and no it's not in the vein of TCM but the idea of being stuck in the middle of nowhere in shark infested waters? Kind of scary huh?

13) Cloverfield (2008): Yet another "are you kidding me?! All of that and for what? Nothing!" This one didn't surprise me I mean there aren't that many (if any) found footage films that end happily ever after

14) The Fly: Oh Cronenberg what happened? From thought provoking horror to working with...Robert Pattinson...? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Okay sorry. Like AAWWIL you pretty much know the hero is screwed from the start it's watching him fall apart-literally-and then his final demise that is truly depressing (and I hate Jeff Goldblum so that's saying something!)

15) Carrie (76/2013): I'm keeping the TV version out for an obvious reason. There's no need for me to go into why you've either seen it or you know how it ends not with a happy story for anyone

16) Pet Sematary (1989): Is there any greater loss than that of a child? The answer is probably not but some lines shouldn't be crossed unfortunately our grief stricken hero does not learn his lesson and it costs him dearly

17) Martyrs (2008): If you can get through this movie more than once you deserve a medal. It's downright depressing and the ending is just as if not more so than the first part of the movie

18) Inside (2007): Simple and extremely gory movie no really gore practically becomes a part of the decoration for the house! And the ending oh the ending...seriously what is wrong with the French? I have seen so many disturbing movies from them just ugh

19) Wicker Man (1973): Ignoring the "remake" the original story has me convinced that everyone was on drugs during the 70's and I do mean EVERYONE. Back to the whole Arlington Road issue few things are scarier than man and in this case man's belief which ends with a bit of a sucker punch if you don't know the original story (seriously even if you saw the Nic Cage one give the original a go it's worth it)

20) Funny Games (1997/2008): Doesn't matter which version you watch you get the same story with the same depressing ending few movies have left me with such a sense of hopelessness and both versions deliver in spades

21) Eden Lake (2008): Coming recommended from a friend also a horror aficionado I knew I was in good hands I just didn't realize I was in such depraved hands it took me a long time to shake that ending and now that it's back...Ugh...

22) Jacobs Ladder (1990): The first time I saw this I just wanted to get to the ending so I could finally understand what was going on...Then I get to the ending and well...pretty bleak...Great movie but very strange

23) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978): Again we get to the end and it's another "are you kidding me?!" and well you just know there is no hope. None. Nada. Man kind is screwed. The end.

24) Oculus (2014): I haven't enjoyed a horror movie this much since Cabin in the woods-and that's saying something. From the second we see the...um...tool that will cause permanent loss of life I just knew nothing good was going to come of it and damn it I was right (believe me I didn't want to be right) Such a bleak ending but overall one of my favs in recent horror

25) In The Mouth of Madness (1994): Can't really explain this movie just that it's from John Carpenter and should be seen more even if the ending is less than "happy" (though it's pretty weird so you may just be downright confused)

26) Event Horizon (1997): Yet another "are you kidding me?! After all that hell for nothing?!" This is part sci-fi/part horror and the ending is 100% bleak

27) Halloween 3: Season of the witch (1982): Okay before you all crucify me think about the ending-just the ending. Pretty sad when you think about it right?

28) Would You Rather (2012): This one was kind of obvious if you paid attention to the subtle (or not so subtle depending on how much attention you paid) irregardless of knowing the ending or not still pretty bleak

29) Dead Silence (2007): Doesn't matter what ending you prefer either way you get one bleak as hell ending

30) The Descent (2005): The UK version is way worse in the bleak department than the US version (which sucks I prefer it to the original) still thanks to DVD release you can see both and decide just which ending is bleaker

And that is all I have for now. So what do you guys think-are movies getting more bleak as time is going on or has it always been this way? Let me know what you think I look forward to your answers.

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