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fearkane posted on Sep 01, 2009 at 01:23PM
I've got some good news for you guys. You can watch the unaired episodes of
"Fear Itself" online on FEARnet.com starting Sept 2 (before the DVD
release). Thought I'd also pass along a synopsis of one of the unaired

"Echoes" is directed by Rupert Wainwright ("The Fog," "Stigmata"), and is
written by Sean Hood ("The Crow: Wicked Prayer," "Halloween: Resurrection").
Steven (Aaron Stanford, "The Hills Have Eyes"), an affable, good-natured
young man, moves into an apartment where he believes he once lived -- 88
years ago in a past life. But as memories appear to him like ghosts, he
begins to believe that in this previous life he was a sadistic murderer ­ or
is he just imagining things? Eric Balfour ("24," "The Texas Chain Saw
Massacre") and Camille Guaty ("Prison Break," "Las Vegas") also star.

Hope you guys check it out.
Kane with FEARnet

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