Фильмы ужасов Watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original 1974) and discuss

bluej12 posted on Sep 17, 2007 at 04:53AM
this movie was based on true events from Ed Gein's life and Tobe Hooper's wild imagination

after you can discuss what you think about it and compare it to the sequels and remake
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Больше года ste3344 said…
I didnt really like this film the first time i wached it like 2 years ago but i watched it again and like it lol :). Do people like the original or the remakes ?
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Больше года bluej12 said…
I actually enjoyed the remake much more
than the original, it kept me interesting all the way through, i got really bored during this one. the sequels to this movie really sucked especially the 2nd one sooo horrible, i'm pretty sure it was just made for the money
hahaha I also did not enjoy the beginning it just not needed
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Больше года axemnas said…
After reading about Gein a bit i can see a couple similarities like for instance the whole bones and skin around the house and through out the sequels and remakes they used different portions of the story in each one like in Next generation they used the whole angle were he wanted to be a women
Which they did pretty good in general and they probable would have a hard time putting all the details of the story in it and they probable would think the grave robing portion to be boring and so they wanted to add a higher body count to it
in some areas the remake made some huge strides closer to the story but Tobe Hooper knew how to make it exciting which the story was pretty good in general but in the prequel they could have done more when they were mapping out the origin but the movie was pretty good anyways