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Horror-Forum posted on Sep 27, 2009 at 04:00PM
Favorite Comedy Horror Movies?

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Больше года bluej12 said…
Army of Darkness and im not sure if it counts but i also like the Toxic Avenger
Больше года Helen-Lover said…
ummm sorority row or drag me to hell!!
they were BOTH pretty funny! haha
Больше года HighwayCreature said…
My favorite horror comedies are:
Shaun of the Dead
Army Of Darkness
Black Sheep
and Return of the Living Dead.
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Больше года MarMar_XigLux said…
big smile
Shaun Of The Dead
Dracula's Dead And Loving It

These are my fav Horror comedies xDDD Well...Until I'll watch new ones lol xD
Больше года dpaisita97 said…
Jennifers Body and The Final Destination 4 were pretty funny