Ever notice to 2011 hip-hop Показать еще and more? From Usher, Ludacris to Akon, are feeling suddenly to a lot of the side the hip-hop star?

Yes, hip-hop culture has been in China detonated near, November 19, 1933 Shanghai LaoChang fang, the United States will Присоединиться forces with the domestic hip-hop web portal ant nets launched together first Shanghai hip-hop carnival, link activities will be held on performance, the theme: the streets, brand interactive activities, the trend of Дизайн exhibition, and other activities, the embodiment of all angles of hip-hop culture charm.

"Brand interactive activities" will be in the carnival afternoon at 30 p.m. start 15, activities will have a lot of hip-hop culture and related Показать interactive links. "Street Hype da" улица, уличный "is young улица, уличный artists Показать his stage, Hip hop around with various kinds of artistic forms, and decides the улица, уличный is a specialty of улица, уличный artists pick the highest level. "Hip-hop carnival theme performance" will thrust deep into the streets of the night: "held between, Shanghai's вверх hip-hop artists including former HeiBang members MC tang, optimal cool the dirty dad, south toads brothers and PQ, etc, will be in the present best performance.

The United States the sound company is "Street Hype the Street:" the outstanding player brings Yao studio, Yao Solo and Yao Jamz and exquisite prizes. link Yao Studio wearing headphones for the use of advanced speaker design, powerful speaker let ordinary headphones look simple, accurate to transfer today's вверх artists and Музыка producers want to present perfect sound; Yao Solo performance earphones to Музыка Влюбленные to provide an ideal entry-level experience, moreover this kind of headset light in weight are smaller, carry is very convenient. Yao Jamz regard in-ear headphones brought to consumer strong бас, бас-гитара and clear the high notes, without any similar price into the headphones can provide so beautiful sound.

The Monster Asia Pacific region WuFei marketing manager ms Yang said: "the sound headphones have been and hip-hop culture related. Hip-hop is from American culture, it is also the Chinese young people sought after manner of a kind of life. Monster company support China's hip-hop culture development. Hip-hop carnival held for like hip-hop culture of young people to create a good communication and presentation of the community and platform. link The monster company will provide the rich prize, hope еще and еще people can be involved in realize his dream."