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Martha is not dead, no one knew she was still alive... We are going to go back to that night where the villagers tried to kill Dracula, and see what really happened...

Dracula had left his Главная and took Mavis with him. Martha was still buried under the roof that fell on her. The огонь went out, and the villagers went quiet. They had realized that the Вампиры were gone, but the villagers thought they ran away, and started to celebrate, and went back to the main village. But there was one human standing behind Dracula's house. This human was a rich human from Oxford(Oxford is in England). This human owned his own big mansion, his own servants and his own Museum.
His servants stood by his side, he went in the burnt house with his servants carrying lots of weapons, that people in this village didn't have. They place looked like it was going to collapse any minute. He saw a hand under a big burnt roof. He ran closer and commanded his servants(more like his guards) to lift it up and remove the roof. This took time because it was really heavy. They removed it and he saw Martha.One of his guards kneeled down and tried to find her pulse to se if she was still alive. And she was.
"All these years, I have been waiting to catch a real, alive monster, and now, I have. I will never be called a fake, now I have proof. With this live vampire, I will gain еще money, and become еще famous, and I will have my revenge on those people who bullied me for having a fake museum..." They put Martha in a coffin sealed tight, and headed back to Oxford.
This human had a museum, filled with evidence that monsters exist. He didn't want to waste his money(even though he had lots of money, he didn't really like to spend it) to buy a real dinosaur Кости или a pice of the moon! He decided to go and find his own museum props. He couldn't find any thing, but he found lots of evidence to prove that monsters exist. He called his Museum, The Museum of Monsters. He had lots of stuff like a picture he took with his really expensive black and white camera of a волк man / werwolf. Camera's were really rare and expensive back then, they were really big and only black and white. And he also had a potion that he saw a witch dropped when he was in a forest, he found out that one drop can kill any thing. People still didn't believe him. People сказал(-а) it was a waste of money. This man does have money, but he wanted more, but the one thing he liked еще than money..... was revenge. He heard that Transylvania was haunted and every human there at least saw one monster. But since the день Dracula got attacked by humans, all the monsters in Transylvania became afraid and decided never to let a human see them every again. That human, arrived in Transylvnia, with only Космос for one monster to come back to England with him. The first thing he saw was angry mobs in front of a house. The angry mob went silent and then started to celebrate and went back to the village. After every one was gone, he went in the house, and found Martha......

Dracula didn't know any of this and was focused on protecting Mavis. He never really talked to Mavis about Martha, because Dracula always feels ashamed that he couldn't protect her...

Martha woke up and the coffin was open, she sat up and saw herself behind bars. She was inside the museum.She looked around and tried to use her arms to get up from the coffin. But Martha realized she only had one arm. The humans cut it off because they realized that Martha can turn in to a bat and fly and escape really easily. She was behind bars. And the only powers she has is to turn in to a bat. Only Dracula has special powers and he is the only one who can mind control any one. She saw humans surrounding her. They were amazed, to see that this was a real vampire. The fangs, black hair and really pale skin. Martha was forced to preform in front of the people by turning in to a bat. The еще money that man got, the museum started to improve.
Martha was sad and upset and she wished to see Dracula and Mavis. Unknowing if they were still alive, she still prayed to see them one day. She was fed, and she was дана a little basement with a bathroom and a coffin(her bed). The вверх floor would be for her to preform. The humans were treating her like she was some kind of animal, and she didn't like it, but she could't do any thing about it because she only has one arm.
After a few weeks she realized she was pregnant, and the humans did too...

To be continued.....
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