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This Самые сексуальные актеры фото might contain улица, город сцены, городских условиях, город сцена, урбанизация, городских настройка, трикотаж, футболка, майка, jersey, t shirt, tee shirt, джерси, and t рубашка.

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 The Bill
The Bill
Pick five of your Избранное TV shows before Чтение the questions

1. The Bill

2. Casualty

3. Waterloo Road

4. Eastenders

5. Главная And Away

1) Who is your Избранное character in 5 ?

Heath Braxton

2) Who is your least Избранное character in 3 ?


3) What is your Избранное episode of number 1 ?

Gun Runner

4) What is your Избранное season of number 4 ?


5) What is your Избранное relationship in 2 ?

Sam and Tom

6) What is your least Избранное relationship in 3?

Sian and Michael

7) How long have Ты watched 5?

About 3 years roughly

8) How did Ты become interested in 4 ?

My mum always watches it so i started to watch...
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