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***SPOILER*** Would anybody be able to briefly explain to me what happened in the last 10 mins of '5x20' and what happened at the funeral (did anyone from the hospital speak) and why Kutner did kill himself =(

Help muchly appreciated. My computers a dick. Thanks
 biancaweatherly posted Больше года
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DrRemyhadley said:
Kutner's funeral was really sad..... know one from the hospital spoke, but thirteen and foreman helped carry the casket. at the end foreman forgave thirteen and held her hand aw!
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posted Больше года 
Okay, well, House and Taub were the only ones that didn't go to the funeral; House went to kutner's Главная and looked at pictures and tried to figure out who might have killed him (House thinks it was a murnder and not a suicide), and Taub stayed at the hospital, and at the end, it showed him sitting on a bench crying. ): The funeral was really sad, and yeah, Thirteen and Foreman were holding hands at the end. (AWWH!) So yeah, that's basically the end of the episode. *sobsob*
TriumphICD posted Больше года
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