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posted by pietruszka
Hi guys!
Lately I saw a lot of Фаны how aren't into the Показать so much as they used to be.
There is a lot of negative opinions about how Huddy started, about how it's handled (not against the whole relationship in general, only the way it's leaded by the TPTB), how much House changed (in "Pox in our House" he didn't wanted to look at the dead body, even if he was already infected).
People see that Cuddy has changed into hysteric teenager, even if the crew say they didn't.
One time, after an episode, one of the writers had to write blog with an explanation of the episode. I find that ridiculous. there are voices about the lack of interesting cases, about House, as a character, really give a damn, like he used to.
It's not the secret that there's the most controversy about House, Cuddy, and Wilson. They are main characters and they changed the lot. (In case of Cuddy, she even changes her age once a season...)
Episodes sometimes feels like taken out of the context (In "Lockdown" 13 tells Wilson to take his change with Sam, one episode after she's bashing this decision).
And, one of my Друзья said, if Ты still Любовь the Показать so much, why don't Ты protest loudly? It happened before in the history of Телевидение and really made the situation better.
I think @ PCA this год the whole community has really shown what they can do! House, as the show, wonned everything there was to win.
How to do it?
At first, i think great way to start is Facebook group. This place really brings things like this together, I've heard case of the chocolate, who was brought again to the market after Facebook group asking for it.
Second, the most famous way is the petition.
Third, at all, there's a leader needed. Someone who will make us visible for лиса, фокс and House crew. I know I'm not able to do that, but I'm hoping someone who reads it will.
And the last thing. WHY? The Показать is not going to last еще than one year, probably, most of things is probably already planned...
I'll tell Ты why. Don't Ты want to say goodbye to our Показать in wonderful way, feeling fulfilled after 8 years? Enjoy every single episode that left? I'd Любовь to.

Q: Is it about complaining about House in general?
A: Big part of us watch the Показать because they are used to it, not because they Любовь it like in seasons 1-4. There was the cases of the shows which went bad and after Фаны pointed it out to the writers and creators, they got better. So I think that's what we should do!
So if Ты Любовь the Показать the way it is and Ты think story lines and characters are better than ever, don't take part in it.
It's not about bashing House in general - it's about the things that gotten worse. Also, it's not for people who hate everything about Показать now and want it to end, because it hurts so much. It's for the ones that believe IT MAY GET BETTER! Like old times.

Q: What can I do?
A: Spread the word. That's the must! Tell your friends, post it on livejournal, myspace, twitter, whatever Ты can think of. Also, help us find some leader who will be able to make one group of us (ex. on facebook), bring us together and contact лиса, фокс when we'll get enough people!

Q: There were a lot of petitions for bringing characters/ships back and they didn't work. Why this should?
A: It's not about the character, it's about the quality. We don't want to change storylines! We only want them to be shown to us with class, at they was in seasons 1-4.
There are a lot of opinions about the show, as much as the viewers. But if we'll sum it up in one, big opinion, they will have to do something about us. Ignore, accept, love, whatever. But we'll be visible.
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The name of the news episodes of House!!:

5x21 "Saviors"             April 13, 2009     
Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase in order to ask House to accept the case of an environmental radical who collapsed at a protest with unexplainable symptoms. Although suspicious of her motives, House agrees. Since she pushed him to take the case so emphatically, House forces Cameron to take the lead and run many of the tests on the patient. Meanwhile, House is unsure of Wilson’s new healthy diet.

5x22 "A House Divided"...
continue reading...
i dont know about Ты guys, but to me it seems like someone leaves every season.

season 1: Vogler
season2: Stacey
season 3: Tritter
season 4: Amber

well, it seems to me that this season, the target may be....


well, its the only logical choice. no one elsse came this season. i mean, rachel is just plain amazing, but i think she may leave ='[

the reason she may leave, i dont know, but this was the only thinking i did all day, and im kinda proud of myself....

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