Huddy Ты know you're a House/Huddy Фан when....

Carolina_Skies posted on Aug 13, 2009 at 05:43AM
I didn't see a thread for this so I decided to make one =)

I know EVERYBODY has some kinda input for this! xD

I'll start

--When you name household animals after the characters from the show. I have a cat i've named after Wilson [he's my pride and joy] and I have a beta fish named Greg! xD

--You tell your mom in daily arguments "You can't always get what you want!!!" and she knows immediately where it came from then starts laughing about it. hahaha!

---You keep a picture of Cuddy holding House's hand at the end of 'Wilson's heart' next to your bed for inspiration for your day to day life. =D

Okay. Your turn =)
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Больше года Huddylove4ever said…
big smile
*Lol* I like this game. Lets see.

---You put at least one House reference in every conversation you have. (I do this all the time and it drives people nuts hehe)

---The default players on every card game on your computer are House characters.

---You almost always end up doing your homework at the last minute b/c you spend all of your time reading Huddy fanfic. hehe! yeah!

---If a person so much as sniffles in your presence you try to diagnose them.

I really hope that I am not the only one who does these things.
Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
Nope. You aren't! xD

I do the last one all the time! I looove diagnosing people. =D

--When you always ask for a red lollipop at the doctors office. hehe. I actually did when I was in the emergency room a month ago. They had to give me a shot and when they did I went "Where's my red lollipop?" Sad to say I never got my red lollipop. -.-
Больше года MoniBolis said…
- When you said the word "huddy" out loud even thought is a ridicolus word
Больше года siri_soul said…
when you have a huddy wallpaper in your PC, mobile phone, ...
when you repeat phrases of the show in a conversation like "Have you seen my balls?"
Больше года Mafz said…
when you decide that from now on, you'll just drink milk and cofee from a a red mug (yes, I do this)
when you find yourself laughing out loud from the most stupid and not funny house scene and your parents start to wonder if they should get you psychiatric treatment xD
Больше года MoniBolis said…
Oh yes, my mom thinks is getting out of control

- When you buy magazines that you don't usally buy for a House MD article (no matter how small), and then you looks for the huddy parts
Больше года angelfire0264 said…
-When you use up all your memory on you iPod just to buy the exciting Huddy episodes

-You teach your 4 year old cousins who Cuddy and House are

-You find your old NDS and your Nintendogs and name them Greg and Lisa

-You've watched 27 hours of House in a two day period

-You wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for a marathon

haha those are only the recent ones
Больше года cheery_blossom said…
oohoo good forum :)

-when you find youve spent over a hundred dollars downlading huddy episodes off the internet

-you fanfic when your bored

-you compare people in real life

-you talk to the characters on screen

-you talk to the characters OFF screen:)

-you get so overly-excited about house/huddy people have asked you if your high

Больше года siri_soul said…
"you talk to the characters on screen " so true :D but "you talk to the characters OFF screen"?? so crazy!! lol love it
Больше года bones3 said…
"-you get so overly-excited about house/huddy people have asked you if your high "

So far, this has been my favorite!

Here's my lame but truthful addition:
--Your laptop pic is always Huddy.
--Your mood and outlook on life seem to be strongly influenced by what's going on with Huddy (so, things are in a state of turmoil for me right now)
--You can't seem to get yourself to watch anything other than House reruns.
--You fall asleep at night contemplating the first Huddy scene of Season Sex.
--You call it Season Sex.
Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
"--You fall asleep at night contemplating the first Huddy scene of Season Sex."

I love that! xD

--when the only reason you turn on your tv is to watch House [literally]

--When you stay up 24 hours writing a huddy fic, annnnnnd watching huddy vids/episodes.

--Also, when you stay up past 4 with your best friend who is also a MAJOR huddy sharing fanfics and talking about them non stop!

--When your mom tells you that she is getting a new pet and the last thing she says before she hangs up is "oh and no. We are not naming it Cuddy." even when you didn't even bring it up!

--When you ask your best friend to answer the question "You know when you're a House/Huddy fan when.." and she replies. "yes. We all know you need help." Don't ask me what thats supposed to mean.

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Больше года lisa49 said…
big smile

1= your Msn nikname, password .... are reference on the Show
2=you read and write every day FanFics huddy,
3=you have a huddy wallppaper
4= you ask google every day news about House
5=when you try to imagine all possibilities for the House return in PPTH, the huddy, the chameron ....
6=you can't watch others Tv Show because all are under house level
7=when you watch in VO because you want the real voices ... so you are a dictionary beside you!
8=you think Huddy is the best love story all the time
9=your friend stop to ask "what are you doing" when you talk with you in Msn. they know that , what you do is reference to Huddy.

Больше года MoniBolis said…
"8=you think Huddy is the best love story all the time"
I do think so

When you heard the word october and you think : October/October
Больше года housecuddy4ever said…
-- Can't wait until the 28th of October.(I think we all know why)
-- Everytime you watch Joy you still spazz/flail over the kiss.
-- After you get down with a House hiatus,you watch your favorite Huddy episodes before any other episodes.
-- When you start to talk about House/Huddy your friends go:"God stfu!" and you don't shut up and keep talking.
-- When you watch shows that have couples similiar to Huddy.
Больше года huddyislovex333 said…
--When you finally get your sister to watch House with you and its the episode that is always on when you get her to watch House, and you still watch it anyway.
--You have a picture of Cuddy's reaction to seeing House cleaned up and shaved on your wall.
--You recite the scene between Wilson and Cuddy after she and House kiss (Joy) and she figures out his plan to make House jealous by going out with Wilson.
--You love the scene when Wilson says to Cuddy"It's funny, I've leaned on friends in the past. Never leaned so far that my tongue fell into their mouth."
--You wish that you could be in the show just so you can bring House and Cuddy together.
--You still get sad when Cuddy fired House in the season finale.
--You try to learn to how to play Cuddy's Serenade even if you have never played the piano before.
--You preorder every season when they are comming out on DVD.
--You buy all the House T-Shirts.
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Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
"You try to learn to how to play Cuddy's Serenade even if you have never played the piano before."

Same here! I've had proper music training, as i've been in band for 5 years [6th-10th] so I know how to read the time signature and everything but I've never learned how to play the piano myself but right now i'm halfway through learning how to play 'Cuddy's Serenade' Just right now: Thank god for youtube! xD

--When you unexpectedly find a cane in your living room so therefore you limp around the house making rude comments to everybody who crosses your path!

--When you see House with a pair of white "Shutter Shades" or "Hater Blockers" on [Idk what the hell they are called.] in "House Divided" so the next time you go out shopping you buy a pair knowing you will NEVER wear them. *shrugs*
Больше года 1538anonym said…
- when you have an oversized tennisball on your desk, and you play with it instead of doing your homework...
Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
^ I've tried looking for one of those! Can't find them anywhere.

--When you hear "As Tears Go By" by the Rolling Stones [The song at the end of "Both Sides Now" but you all know that] in the convenient store and you can't help but sing along no matter how many people are in line behind you and how bad your voice sounds! xD
Больше года huddylove_emily said…
-Your in bed and trying to fall asleep but then of course Huddy comes into your head. A while later you look at the clock and discover you've been analyzing the Joy kiss in your head for an hour. Then, you try to stop but you can't and end up falling asleep analyzing it. When you wake up the next morning the first thing that comes into your head is Huddy.
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Больше года MoniBolis said…
When you draw Huddy pictures instead of paying attention to class
Больше года _House-MD_ said…
your desk top is huddy

your jump drive is filled with huddy pics instead of homework

you talk to your friends all the time about it and they say "thats the 5th time you've told me that"

you have a countdown on your myspace and phone for epi one season 6

you quote house randomly and people think your weird

on your christmas list the only thing it says is house shirts and autographs

you get outraged when people say they dont watch or like house (ugh that makes me soooo mad)

you have random sleepovers with your friends and the theme is huddy or huli

thats just some of them :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Больше года cheery_blossom said…
When you see a love scene in a movie you IMMEDIATELY place it in the context of h/c
Больше года MoniBolis said…
"you have random sleepovers with your friends and the theme is huddy or huli "

I wish i had friends like that.

- You actually dream about Huddy.
Больше года huddylove_emily said…
^ I am guilty of that. :P
Больше года DrowningMyFear said…
...You've named your breasts Hugh & Lisa =]]
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Больше года pure_rebellion said…
LMFAO!!!!! DMF, that is genius.

Oh God, that is so Hilarious. (I wish I had thought of it!!)
MB I wish I had friends like that too :(

I totally agree with these:

you talk to your friends all the time about it and they say "thats the 5th time you've told me that"

you have a countdown on your myspace and phone for epi one season 6

you quote house randomly and people think your weird

on your christmas list the only thing it says is house shirts and autographs

you get outraged when people say they dont watch or like house (ugh that makes me soooo mad)

You get totally pissed off when you read spoilers or see videos about Huddy and people start complaining about how its such a shitty arc, and by the time you've finished reading their comment you want to punch someone's face in(particularly theirs)

(Like I do now, Im sorry but I just can't take all the negativity, I mean I don't really like 14 that much, but I don't complain constantly, the only reason they hate Huddy is because they want House to themselves (which is understandable). )
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Больше года babybell said…
- you can quote the whole episode the Itch, backwards, forwards, sidewards and diagonally.
- you speak really fast and high when you are talking about Huddy
- you stayed up 72 hors to watch Joy - partying the day before, the 28th, and the day after before finally going to sleep. Yes. I did do that. Yes i am incredibly proud :P
Больше года vasundhara_vas3 said…
i wish that i had friends like that
 i wish that i had Друзья like that
Больше года MoniBolis said…
-When you read spoilers and you either dance of happines or cry like a baby

And babybell how do you quote sidewards and diagonally.?
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Больше года huddylove_emily said…
Your school's name has a G and C beside eachother so you think Greg and Cuddy which makes you say "Aww" out loud in the middle of geography.
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Больше года babybell said…
i'm not quite sure, but i know if it were possible, i would be able to do it ;)
Больше года cheery_blossom said…
when your sister is crying, and the things that cheers her up is a wilson-shaped cookie and a good huddy fic.
Больше года pure_rebellion said…
Lol babybell, nice.(I agree with the really fast and high talking xD)

Ok lemme think.

Your friends think your corrupted and need a life because your ideal relationship would be that of Huddy.(and you realize your never going to find a husband because you will always be looking for someone like house and trying to be like Cuddy at the same time.)

Yes. I am THAT sad. ;-) Well not that sad but close to it.

Больше года huddylove_emily said…
A Huddy relationship would be amazing. <3 I worry myself by wanting it in like 10 years bc I'm only 14, haha.
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Больше года DrowningMyFear said…
...You've taught your two year old niece to say hot when she sees a picture of Hugh

...You've written Huddy all over your jeans
Больше года huddy_ROCKS said…
you call your (female) bestfriend Willson :D
Больше года MoniBolis said…
- You go to a restaurant, read the menu and wonder: "What would House and Cuddy order?"
Больше года yunioshi said…
-you paint your door green
-you stopped going out on monday nights after the switch even though every week, 10-12 of your close friends got together each week to watch heroes and you were a fan since the first episode, but stopped watching completely because house was on and you just needed to see what happened with House and Cuddy in the next episode.
Больше года MoniBolis said…
- You tell all your friends and family, that when House is on, you don't take calls, visitors, and none is allow to change channel
Больше года DrowningMyFear said…
...You wan't to have the word Huddy tattooed on the inside of your wrist
Больше года MoniBolis said…
You're a getting a Huddy tattoo?!

If you do it you should post a picture here, because you would be a hardcore fan
Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
That would be pretty awesome, DrowningMyFear!

-When you can't stop smiling when your geometry teacher uses the word 'Negate' =D I'm still smiling like a fool.
Больше года Mafz said…
-when in the middle of random conversations you say 'it's like when house said...' and then you stop b/c everyone is staring and with 'i don't care' expressions in their faces :/

- when you get mad at your two year old cousin cause he fell asleep while watching House

- when you teach your two year old cousin the names of everybody in the show and just let him go when you're sure he knows it xD

- when everytime someone talks about metaphores you always think of house's metaphores specially the sex ones (Bubbles! Is that your stripper name?) xD
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Больше года MoniBolis said…
- When you´re in an airplane and theres turbulance, you think:
"You're not taking me God! Not before Huddy happens for real!!!"
Больше года 1538anonym said…
when you force your 9 years old brother to watch House with you, and he does it happily, then he tells you, that the 'Itch' is his favorite ep and that he's going to be a wilson, when he's a grown-up
Больше года Carolina_Skies said…
MoniBolis, that's an good one! hahahaha! You seriously made me LOL!

-When the book you are reading has the name 'Huddles' in it and the first words that come to mind like the speed of light are "Huddy" and "Cuddles" LOL! (It happened to me today)

-When you're best boy friend says "I use a cup...*pause* draw my circles." and you think he was going to say something else and you say "Ooh. It sounded like you were going to say something else. Like say...a boss had the hots for an employee and the employee does something stupid and the boss goes 'I want your ass *quick pause* in my office...' and before that pause EVERYBODY thinks [in our case as huddies, we KNOW!] they were being literal and weren't going to say anything after that or if they were gonna say something else or what!" *was referring to son of a coma guy*

(Sorry for the the exact quotes and not making it shorter but I couldn't think of a shorter way to put it.)
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Больше года livethislifeup said…
- When you end up dreaming about the fics you're going to or are already writing.
Больше года MoniBolis said…
So true livethislifeup
Больше года huddylove_emily said…
-You wake up and feel this need to go on here or read/write some Huddy fics.
-Your dad says you need to "expand your horizons from House" and you have a huge spazz and he walks away, probably thinking you have more problems then he thought.
-You waste your life on the computer doing Huddy related things.
-When your watching a movie you sit there and imagine Huddy waching it the entire time and all of the facial expressions they would use.
-Huddy is always on your mind.
Больше года Mafz said…
the 'expand your horizons' thing happened to me too :D
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