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midnyte007 posted on Oct 07, 2009 at 08:26PM
Your couple has made it into the final round of my shipping contest (link ost /41 449 /.. .es t). As you can see from the contest description, in the final round of this contest, I will visit the spots of the top five couples, which you guys are one of, and this is where you guys will try to convince me that your couple is the best House MD couple. I hope to be able to have an intelligent discussion with you guys about your couple. Good luck on the final round.
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Больше года oldmovie said…
First of all........YAY!!!!!!

Second of all, get ready for some seriously long posts!!!

This is just what we need right now on this spot :)
Больше года Mafz said…
1st: GO HUDDY!
2nd: oldmovie is right, there's going to be some serious discussion and this couldn't have come in better time for us huddies, thanks :D
Больше года pumpkinpie99 said…
awesome!!! i'll do it tomorrow tho :/ need to think about wat i'll say LOL plus i need sleep!!
Больше года oldmovie said…
KK I was writing something, an extremely long comment (and I'll finish it at some point) but I thought I'd post a link to an article I wrote that I think sums up a lot of what I think about Huddy: link
Больше года cheery_blossom said…
so MANY reasons why Huddy is obviously #1.

so little time to write them least for now.

But i'll be back!
Больше года HouseAddict87 said…
One simple reason Huddy=GREATNESS!!!!
Больше года huddysmacked said…
Ok so I'm gonna do the wording over word and if it is too much I'll post it as an article and then put the link here *I know I'm evil... BWAHAHAHA!
Больше года misanthrope86 said…
Come on guys! This Huddy forum is an embarassment! You have 2 days to impress midnyte007, so get to it!

You guys have soooooooooo much to talk about and you have a chance to convert someone to Huddy-ism, and you aren't doing anything about it!
Больше года Belle0308 said…
When is the cutoff?

Ok, here is my attempt whether it makes it or not.

I was watching the very first episode on the very first night it was aired. House quoted the philosopher "Jagger" to Cuddy in an attempt to be snarky and get her off his back. Instead of backing down, she came back at him with the next line.

Over the past six years, Huddy fans have been witness to a relationship that didn't just start, but has been evolving for the past twenty years. We have had hints and clues of an earlier tryst, all the while watching as they are both strong in one part of their life and traumatically weak in their personal lives.
He wrote her a song she doesn't know he wrote, refinished her old medical school desk, takes every opportunity to check out every inch of her body, asks her opinion when he is lost and hallucinated her saving him from drugs and having crazy-hot and wild sex with her. He remembered some guy she made out with from two years ago who he saw for a minute just because he made out with her.
She perjured herself in court for him, saved his life a couple of times, trusts his opinion, does her best to keep him in line and not show how much she loves it when he objectifies her.
They evenly matched in brains, and in pain and turmoil. In function and disfunction.
All that said and yet the best parts of Huddy are the times when they say nothing and let their eyes speak for them. Longing, insecurity, lust, admiration, love, fear,'s all there.
No other ship can not only take you to the edge of a cliff, but throw you over and you still get back up and climb to the top because the view up was worth the fall.
Больше года midnyte007 said…
The cutoff is 2/28/10, which is when the fanart shipping competition also closes so don't worry, Belle, your entry made it into the contest on time.
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Thank you! ; )