Huddy Huddy new chemistry....It isn't over until is over

Beatrix8520 posted on Feb 09, 2010 at 06:50PM
Ok so just to make some order here....I thought Belle's post was too long already and we have said we have strated a new one after 5 to 9, so here we are. Just go. Thoughts, opinions, feelings about Huddy as it looks like after this ep...

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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Sorry to show up late but I had some problems with my Spanish connetion...what a fucking luck! XD Anyway I just finished watching the ep and I am amazed! It was wonderful and Lisa was so great I really don't know what to start with....I'll try to make a list of what I liked the most and I had read also some of your comments on Belle's lates post...sounds like BH is having a Huddy hard time....I'll try to cheer her up a bit :D

1. The morning Luddy sex

Come on we have said it already: it could be barely be called a decent quickie. The look on Cuddy's face was eloquent enough. Besides Lucas showed to have no charm at all nor she was eager for sex anyway. It was clear she just thougth about saying yes to him to calm down. It didn't work and Lucas sounded like a teenager.

5 stars out of 10. :)

2. House's bet with Lucas

BH! I can't believe it! You were right! Or was it Belle's idea? Anyway we are really starting to kick ass here! :D Seriously guys we knew the writers by heart now XD I just think it was a good move from House to show to Cuddy how jerkish and childish Lucas can be. Good call House! High five pal!

4 stars out of 10 :D

3. House finding Cuddy everywhere she hides

Ok. We have seen better banters before, but don't you get it guys? This is the new Huddy! They're getting closer and closer...House is the guy she can count on! He's there at every step she makes and she is slowly realizing that....She first doesn't want to involve him because she thinks nothing good is gonna come out of his crazy mind but she's wrong cause House's style is her style too. She goes and asks his opinion ultimately. And he finally says "Do you really want to be like me?" Of course she does!!! I mean it's it the very meaning of the whole episode? She wants to get her 12%, she wants what she deserves! She wants it all. She doesn't want to go for the cheapest choice....she doesn't want to be good, she wants to feel great? You following me? She had struggled for that so hard. And she finally succedes. Life and people are though. But THEY both, House and Cuddy, are tougher. House knows her better than she thinks even if he never takes credit for that as he is thousands of times better than Lucas. She is not so different from him. She has never been. That's why they are so perefct for each other....

8 stars out of 10 ;)

4. Final family picture

It's not so bad as it can look like....they look like a family but if you watch closer they are see, Cuddy watches Rachel sleaping and as the camera goes back we see as if Lucas isn't really part of the picture...he puts his hand on her ass and she remove it stubbornly as it was not really the right moment as the baby was sleaping with them. He is a tru child! And the simple fact she puts his hand back, it's just a little sense of guilty....but he is not able to understand her emotions! She is not happy at all and the look that crosses her face in the end proves it. She was thinking about perfection. Something was missing. You have clue? ;)

10 stars out of to 10 XD

Barbara Barnet's perls on the ep to conclude:

"It’s almost as if he (House) is in the background guarding Cuddy’s back, knowing when she most needs his brand of honest consultation"

"it’s interesting to see the difference in Cuddy’s relationship with both men: one with whom she has an uncomplicated and easy relationship and the other with whom her relationship is laden with history and an intimacy that transcends the physical—but is intensely complicated"

ps I don't know what this forum post looks like! I am just to damn thrilled by this beautiful ep XD Sorry for the possibles errors :P
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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Bea, i have watched the ep once and i was a bit disappointed, but then i watched it again twice and i can honestly say you are right. It's not just new Huddy chemistry, it's better: it's depth, intimacy and trust, and it's on its way towards something real and complete.
The bet bothered me a lot first time a saw it - it seemed like such an improbable thing to do after last weeks blood shed. But it was House's way (and Lucas's way too) to search for a bearable way to both fit into her life, at least until one of them kicks the other one out:))) And it was hilarious - the call during sex, the malaria and the breast milk, all of which were only won half way: Lucas bets House can't get her to stop morning sex with an emergency call (and Lucas wins, even if its by really bad sex:))))), House bets Lucas that he can get Cuddy to sign off on malaria as a treatment (which House wins, but also half way, because Foreman actually stops him from starting the treatment), and they also bet on whether the cancer guy can get her to write a prescription for breast milk, which House loses, but again only half way, because some other doctor is actually convinced to write it. Classic "House" brilliance.

Here are my adds to your list:

5. the fact that many people in the hospital still think that Cuddy favors House big time ("putting out all his fires", that was my favorite line:). This shows that her basic need to protect him, to help him, to indulge him, to play his games and to nurture the crazy needs of his genius is still intact.

6. the fact that House didn't get personal and romantic: when i first watched it, i was pissed by the fact that the conversation in the car was so impersonal and so not romantic and also by the fact that in the end, she didn't come to thank him for his support. But then i figured that this is better: House not begging her or putting himself out there too soon and things not getting too personal too soon. I think that the best thing for them right now is to "fall back into that very intimate trust" (thank you, Barbara:), like friends and co-workers. Then she can slowly realize that he has changed and how she still feels for him and their relationship can bloom under the circumstances of renewed friendship and intimacy.

7. his smile: my God! Oh my God! That tiny smile, looking at her with such tenderness, admiration and pride, and also a little sadness, longing for her from a distance... And she didn't see it, i don't think she ever caught that kind of expression on his face... That was sweet and sad beyond words, and if he could only show her that side of him, if she could finally see it and be convinced of it... Aaaaaaaa, i'm getting carried away here...

8. The final call: the fact that that "perfect family scene" was interrupted by House's call, that was so funny and so much like the old Huddy - just recall that amazing phone call in "Living the dream". He called in order to continue the game of whether she picks up or not, but the very fact that he did brings back the playful side of Huddy, a side that cannot exist unless there are friendship and intimacy and trust and unless they like each other and enjoy each other... Even with Lucas there, even if Lucas was part of the game, it still was a big step forward from the Ice Age.
Больше года Belle0308 said…
A) I love you!! heard that right. I was really doubting my perspective. I spent most of the day wondering if I had lost it.

B) Pretty much the Luddy sex...I mean, you BET House? Kinda scary. Total lack of charm I agree.

I heard a rumor about the bet and when I saw the preview with House calling and I figured it might well be real. When does he get there before her typically? Hmmmm... One spoiler that was right.

C) I totally thought that the way that House was in tune with her, even while playing games with her, curing his patient and so on was the opposite of the Luddy DID have charm.

So funny that you quoted the same things as me. That is what stood out to me too. I totally loved the episode. Not only from the Huddy perspective, from the Cuddy perspective too. I just think that Cuddy needed to have a little human contact and she obviously wasn't getting that from House. At the same time, I don't think she is getting the intellectual stimulation from Lucas that she does from House. Truth be told, I think that if left alone in a room with House for a period of time, she might well decide what was most important and that she could get both from the same person who ISN'T Lucas.

Maybe I am just taking the joy in the Huddy that is here instead of getting too hung up on what isn't since I really doubt we will see anything big soon. TPTB just don't work that way.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Oh my Delia I totally agre with you!

"the fact that many people in the hospital still think that Cuddy favors House big time" I find it amazing too and quite revealing. I love also the fact her mind flew immediately to vicodin, i.e. to him, and not because she was mad at him but because she was worried. Little thought: do you think she would fire him in case? I bet she wouldn't.

"his smile: my God! Oh my God! That tiny smile, looking at her with such tenderness, admiration and pride, and also a little sadness, longing for her from a distance..." I wanted to add it too!!! I found that so adorable!! And I couldn't have put it better into words..the pride in his eyes, the way he was looking at her, as if she was the most compelling, interesting, amazing woman in the world. And the bitterness which shadows his face?!!! Amazing acting! XD

And I also agree with you on to the intimacy factor: Huddy is much more than just the banter....the scene in the car was so wonderful even if it didn't get personal, cause Cuddy actually felt confortable enough to open up with him.

Final consideration: don't you guys think the very fact Cuddy didn't actually kill Lucas for his dirty bet is very significative? I mean she felt betrayed for much less with House in the past...

I am positive Huddy is going somewhere by now. Baby steps. That's for sure. But they are getting more and more huge by time....Lucas mahy still be on the way...but he is getting slowly out of the picture as the last scene visually provides to show.

Больше года bluehue said…
Your post looks fine Bea. "New Chemistry" is a good theme.
You are not late. In fact, it may be better to "sleep on" these episodes, to give ourselves enough time to let events sink into our (Huddy) brains. Though, sometimes our first thoughts CAN also be meaningful, certainly more emotional, before our analytical, reasoning, speculating, and hoping takes over.

A few asides to your descriptive points above.
1. Luddy sex
Yes, as we well know, barely qualifies as a quickie. Over the course of Cuddy’s day though, Lucas seemed to make up for the bad start..with other small gestures. Ok, fine. His "tape recording flower" was cool too.
He is just young and less experienced. Cuddy inhabits a more structured world in her workplace, more responsibilities than Lucas could even begin to understand.
Ex. Cuddy’s speaking to the mirror..”You can do this.” (Save that thought).

2. House’s bet - Please do share your thoughts about the following idea...
Credit Belle. I didn’t know about that before a Belle comment, that was her scoop.
I woke up this morning..thinking about “the bet.” This is VERY complicated.
House knew about the insurance deadline. He made a bet with Lucas. He walked into Cuddy’s office at the start of her bad day & told her about the bet. The bet was on Cuddy’s mind..when she then made the bet offer with the Insurance Rep. So, House (possibly) set this bet up to get into Cuddy’s mind (apparently) tick her off just enough to make her act, to place the entire hospital up as a ‘bet.” She was riding that emotion that House started. Well, IF this were true, then House is way beyond manipulative, he is some kind of master mind. That would mean he used Lucas to help Cuddy. This served to give her a push, some encouragement to even think of, or DO such a thing. She even said to House during the day...a little later...”This is what YOU would do House.” Also, Wilson said as much, when he advised her to ask House, “He is the master of manipulation.” It is awesome to think, he knows Cuddy so very well, that he planned this 25 steps start a chain of events. Lucas on the other hand, had no idea what Cuddy meant..when she said, “You can do this.” (Save the hospital). I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else, or you may have thought the same thing, already. I would like to know if I am reading too much into the bet. Finally, to put it ever so simply, “the bet” bonded Huddy MORE than Luddy.

IF I can accept the above idea as at least partially true, then I can more readily accept that House was on a stake out with Lucas, & I can accept that “5to9” was more of a masterstroke for Huddy..a tightly woven story, indeed.

I like your eye to detail Beatrix with the final family picture...that Lucas was not a part of the picture at first..very subtle..but I think true.
P.S. I didn't even see DB or Belle's comments when I posted. I'll read over.
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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
We love you too:)
House's charm versus the Boytoy - well, can we even attempt to compare? Come on, let's all us girls think about ourselves (until LW gets here:))): whom are we less likely to resist to? Lucas or House?... Lucas can be viewed as a good guy from a certain perspective (that is, a non-Huddy one:))))), as a benign and juvenile version of House, but House is a fascinating, masculin, brilliant man and there is nothing to compare, really.

One other thing on the list:

9. SHE TOUCHED HIM. When she pushed his feet off from the desk. Like that famous scene in which she pushes his feet of the small chair (i can't remember what they are called:( in his office. That is such a personal gesture. It is intimate in its very lack of thought and preparation: it's something you do with someone that you feel very close to, in your subconscious. Think about it: who would you touch like that? Closest friends and family, and not even everybody out of these categories, just the ones you feel comfortable getting physical with. Since it's such a spontaneous gesture, it comes from a deeper layer than conscience and premeditated actions: it's natural, it's true. She is not guarded around him anymore - thank God.

Human contact versus intellectual stimulation: well, we've been over her reasons to be with Lucas many times (disappointment with House, hurt ego, loneliness, felt like a fool, need of a father figure for Rachel, need of stability in her life etc). What was apparent in this episode was her need to be taken care of. She kicks ass at work. She is in charge of a million things. She barely has time to eat. She is always in a hurry and always worried that she isn't a good enough mother. Always the guilt and the panic. So there is Lucas, who takes care of her: brings her lunch, acts like the interface between her and her home, making sure she realizes she doesn't need to be so worried about the baby, who is fine (and soooooo CUTE, by the way:) and gives her a little helping hand once in a while with things at work that are too much for her.
These are all things that matter to her, but i think she is still in the phase where she bathes in this comfortable situation, still not fully aware that it is not enough. He does things for her, but we haven't yet seen a Luddy scene in which there were chemistry, passion or deep emotional connection. All he does is do things for her and he is there for her, which comforts her - but it's not enough. And the thing is, a comfortable and easy relationship such as Luddy might be enough for some people (God knows a lot of normal and apparently happy marriages are based on just that), but Cuddy has felt real excitement, real passion, real chemistry and real fireworks with House, the real butterflies in the stomach, and that is something you just can't forget and pretend that "comfortable" is enough forever. No one can.

My guess is, when House shows her true emotional support - i mean, take this incredible connection they have and use it to show her understanding and tenderness - ther battle is won. If she got a glimpse of the non sarcastic House being there for her - not just like in "5 to 9", but even further, even more personal, even closer.
In "5 to 9" it was far too early for this, they are just beginning to get re-adjusted to their intimacy and friendship. But later on, if he could tell her kind words, or show her physical tenderness and affection - not sexual, but like when she was in the stairway, troubled and lonely, instead of respecting her privacy (well done, House! for now...), he would go in and embrace her or hold her hand and give her encouraging words...

Also, just for fun in the fantasy world, i have a sollution for not making Huddy as a couple a traditional and boring and non-housian thing: Cuddy and Rachel move in with House and Wilson. The fun is still there, unconventional situation, no need to get House into a traditional family picture that doesn't fit him. Wilson finds joy in attending to Rachel, House and Wilson still have their pranks, endless possibilities to find humor in the fact that Hilson live with their boss and a baby (imagine that!!!!), and Huddy is together, but not overwhelmingly romantic and puppy-eyed, but more on the hyper-fun side. Just imagine the mornings, the three of them getting ready for work in the midst of the baby and perhaps some conquest of Wilson who slept over... Wilson hitting on Rachel's babysitter, House trying to manipulate his way out of hospital responsabilities right under Cuddy's nose, Wilson and House having a rebelious influence on Rachel's education, who starts talking and doing things, while learning a lot of nasty stuff from those two... I'm just saying, why can't we have this?...
Больше года Belle0308 said…
I think we were posting at the same time before. I have been typing and then copying and pasting because I am multitasking tonight.
I TOTALLY agree with you.
I think that there were a lot of elements to the show last night that impressed me in their simple yet complex nature. I pretty much feel that both you and Bea did an excellent job in detailing them. For that reason, I won’t go on and on….no need when you are both so brilliant! I couldn’t do a better job than you have done.

Just to agree specifically with some things, I really love how House is viewed as the “Favorite child”. That Hag pharmacy tech even accused her of sleeping with House so apparently that is the common thought among some of the employees. She didn’t really deny it either, which made me wonder if that if that isn’t an escape hatch for when they DO sleep together, everyone already thinks is so she doesn’t have to answer to anyone?

His smile…YEAH baby! It was all there. That melted me like butter. More like how I WISH the piles of snow around me would melt.

@Bea... "Pride in his eyes"...yeah, that was beautiful I thought. ; )
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Beatrix: i think Cuddy overlooked Lucas's idiotic bet for a couple of reasons: 1. at the time when she found out, she had much more important stuff on her mind than his stupid games. 2. after that, she was sooo happy with her victory, she felt very generous, not only to the guy with the thumb, but to Lucas too. 3. she, too, is very relieved and happy to see that House and Lucas can both fit into her life - we know for a fact that she felt guilty for pushing House out of her close circle of friends because of Lucas - and i'm sure she wasn't just feeling guilty, but also sorry, because she needs House and likes being around him - to say the least. So when she sees that these two (and especially House) can find a way to approach the situation in a playful manner, she accepts it, even if it's demeaning to her.

Bluehue, this is another great example of how generous for interpretation the multi-layered structure of "House" is! Your idea about House's reason to start the bet thing is very, very interesting. I hadn't thought about it, but of course, anything is possible (that is to say, everything is possible, because the only limit is our imagination - there are so many things on "House" whose "true" meaning we can only guess, because there is no "true" meaning - they are never reapproached in a later episode to confirm which interpretation was correct). So, yes, it is possible.

My version on that was that indeed House knew about Cuddy's big day and he went on that mission with Lucas in order to plant seeds of scandal between Luddy. He could have wanted to check whether stressed out Cuddy would find Lucas attractive enough to indulge that morning sex proposal. Or could have thought that he would get to use the bet in order to let her know what a big mouthed weasel Lucas is. Or he wanted to make Lucas look completely insensitive (making her late on her big day not for the stated purpose of helping her relax, not even because he cannot resist her charms, but for such a selfish stupid reason like a bet). Or he just took the chance at a pissing contest - we all know that turns him on.
We don't know. I doubt that we'll find out. And this is great, playing these mind games!
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Belle, yeah, we are posting at the same time:) Which is a sign of happiness, finally:))))

On her not denying that she's sleeping with House: great point! First of all, there is the politically correct reason of not discussing her sex life (or lack there of) with a psychopath employee. But there is more to it than that. If she denied it, it would mean that she would deny their one night stand, and her "infatuation" with him. It would mean denying him as a whole in a way - and i LOVE the fact that she didn't do it. She didn't defend herself of the "favorite child" accusations, either. I clearly remember that there was a very painful moment for me, in "The Softer Side", when Wilson accused her of having slept with House, and she said that she would be curled up in shame in a corner if she had. That was a horrible thing to say - and she could have said it now, too, but she didn't.
My guess is, she understood the meaning of his hallucination correctly up to some point, and she does not dare trash this subject anylonger - it's like it became much more meaningful and precious after BSN.
It's also her guilt for being with Lucas - she feels it's wrong, on a deep down level, and again, she does not dare throw dirt at her intimate relationship with House.

I feel like this is a step further from the walking on egg shells that she's done nearly all season. She seems to value House's place in her life even more now, and she's pretty careful not to let anything affect it. That's why she let go of the condo thing, for instance.

Also, my last note tonight, on that smile: i feel like the exact composition of his smile was tenderness, longing and sadness, joy, acknowledgment and pride, but not in the sense that he was looking at her like a man who admires a very compelling and attractive woman. No, that was the expression of a very intimate sort of pride: so tender, that it was almost parental. He knows her in and out, he knows her insecurities and fears, he knows her struggles - so he looked at her with joy for her success and tenderness for her hard struggle and admiration for her skills and pride for her strength and gladness and recongnition that she chose to be like him and she succeeded. It was a smile as tender as the caress a parent gives a child after the hardest day of the kid's life, that ended well, but it would have been ok if it hadn't ended well, too. Unconditional love was in that smile, more than admiration or pride. He was happy for her, delighted to see her success, aware of her struggle, but his love for her would have been even deeper if she had failed (remember "Joy"?...). It wouldn't have mattered, his smile says "You made it, but it would have been ok either way, you brave strong child, you can sleep now".
Больше года bluehue said…
Hello DB,
Yes..just quickly to bounce off of you and elaborate. Why (on earth) then, would House walk into Cuddy's office first thing & proclaim.."I made a bet with Lucas," on the same day as her major big decision (& House knew this) to give a final offer to the Insurance Rep. (I realize House also suggested she could opt for another delay..but he knew she wasn't interested in the delay option). This also makes me think that House is so far above Lucas, miles & miles ahead..and that makes me feel good (and to feel assured he has changed for the better, the greater good).

If so, or true, then this bet was not some silly stupid possum type thing (as it was to Lucas), or somehow "typical" old style House - but rather "master level advanced prankmanship...of the highest order."

Remember when House said of Lucas's condo pranks at one point, "This guy is good!" Again, I want to think that House will not be undone, out-shined or his "skills" & genius diminished by the likes of Lucas.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
WOW guys! A girl really can't afford to sleep on this spot XD I have been away just for four hours, geez XD I am crazy Huddy/Housian self just love to get up in the morning with sth really good to read as she has her triple cup of coffé and milk ;)
I have read carefully all your post and I am glad to see we are sharing the same feelings....besides DB is so happy about the ep too I am not sure I am still dreaming XD Just kidding BD but I feared last night when I saw the final Luddy "happy" family scene you could do a sudden gesture XD. ...Besides I can see BH is no more so down in the dumps as she has sounded on Belle's post :D

"I feel like the exact composition of his smile was tenderness, longing and sadness, joy, acknowledgment and pride, ...that was the expression of a very intimate sort of pride....He knows her in and out, he knows her insecurities and fears, he knows her struggles - so he looked at her with joy for her success and tenderness for her hard struggle and admiration for her skills and pride for her strength and gladness and recongnition that she chose to be like him and she succeeded....Unconditional love was in that smile, more than admiration or pride" =,)

Wonderful phrasing Delia, my eyes are sore with tears...*snifs loudly* I wondered how this tv show can messs with my emotions and apparently basculant sense of reality that much XD As I was saying, shall we talk about the acting? Oh my! There are no words for defining the quality of those two actors....they mimic is exquisite...the whole episode is pratically emotionally based on Cuddy's ability to show how the pressure affect her pshysically: we could see the worry in her features, the tension in her smile, the lack of selfesteem which somehow has always been a component of her character, surfacing now and then; eye contact with House, even if brief, is always a moment in which our heart stop beating. And House! Shall we talk about House? His adorable cunning, manipulative self? We way he scrutinaze her face at every step, never really getting in her way just pushing her through and helping silently to succed? Let alone the final masterly smile he displays at the conference...WOW!

@BH I think you're idea isn't crazy at all. House is quite ahead of Lucas and the thought he could actually have planned the whole Cuddy's day according to his perfect knowledge or her fears and strenghts is just beautiful and higly possible endeed. Master level advanced prankmanship LOL!

Long live Huddy cause whilst there's life, there's hope ;)
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Больше года bluehue said…
Smile Face....
Yes, that was a knowing, telling smile, as only HL could deliver as House, though it seemed even more genuine than simply an "acting smile." What I mean is, I think at least a part of that alarmingly charming smile was from one actor to another in acknowledging a fine performance.

Also, Delia’s solution for the Huddy future living arrangements just can’t go without some follow-up commentary. You take the cake on that tasty idea...only one little thing, this IS fantasy world already, so you must be talking about “Fantasy Fantasy World,” (kind of like “double death”) either way, brilliant! absolutely must be survive or even make it into the Housian dimension. I CAN imagine the mornings too...Sleepy sexy ravishing Cuddy with hair a tussle reaches over, hits pause button on alarm clock for the 10th time so she & gorgeous handsome passionate House can spoon & swoon in bed a little longer before their shower, Wilson busy in the kitchen whipping up some of his famous pancakes with warm maple syrup, baby Rachel playing with House’s shaving could be heaven. Yes, why can’t we have this..for even one least all of these characters snowed in together one night, one morning in the condo.
Get moving writers...we are giving you pure gold here..for the taking!

Bea..I love it...your revisions by the way for Huddy Finale were being on the same page, what a little team. I won't be writing my fanfic any time soon, but you'll be the first to know if I'm so inspired...I'll send my 1st draft over to you in Italian, you would never in a million years untangle that mess of words...but it could be fun.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
LOL! Definetely XD With your mind an Huddy Italian fanfic would sound absolutely ilarious XD

On to DB idea of the unconventional family picture....I must admit it actually rocks ;) And YOU, with your little eavenly just made tears come to my eyes =,) What a lovely picture! I could fly over the clouds for an ep like this...remember the honey cup DE was talking about a few months ago? I am fed up with these damn drops....I want to gulp down the hole cup all at once !!!! XD

BTW BH my fanfic wouldn't ever sound that good without your help :) Cheers fellow ;)
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
BTW on to the smile on House/Hugh's face....I believe the same as you too ;) Too malicious? I think not. How couldn't he be proud of her outstanding performance!! And also intrigued by her skills? One must be blind or gay....God I hope it's the first one XD

Just a little, up to now unspoken, concern haunts my Huddy heart right now: what the hell is this rumor about a Cuddy spin-off? Are they trying to give us a heart attack?? I have got quite weak you know...after May not joke with serious matters here!!
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Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Here you all are!!! Sorry, I've been friggin busy at work all week. Hardly any time to do my usual fanpoppin...

"Come on, let's all us girls think about ourselves (until LW gets here:))):"

^^^^^LOL, laughed my ass off when I read this. Mainly because as I read the words "us girls", all I could think was "Damn, these ladies still refuse to accept me as one of their own!"

Okay, well I will be posting my thoughts in the near future. No time right now tho. Just wanted to drop in and let u guys know that I hadn't abandoned y'all.
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Well, girls, i have to say, it doesn't take much to get us going... This was a great episode and a wonderful meltdown of the Huddy Ice, but still... look at us:) I wonder, if my prayers to all known and unknown Gods will ever be heard and they have sex, then what? What are we gonna do?... Suggestion: we fly to Rome and drown in Martinis. Or better yet, we fly to Los Angeles and sleep on the doorstep of Fox Studios until Hugh and Lisa agree to meet with us:))))

Just a little one on Hugh and Lisa, btw: i like your suggestions, and i have one thing to say: it can be argued that everything that goes on screen is directed and in the script, but it absolutely cannot be argued that Lisa could have gotten this ep unles Hugh lobbied it. It;s obvious that his power of decision within the show is now at least equal to David Shore's and i feel like its a present from him for her.

I heard about the Cuddy spin off, but i don't buy it. First of all, it wouldn't make it, in the ratings - let's face it, we love Lisa and she has a lot of fans, but the disappointment for the million of Huddy fans would be too bitter, so i couldn't really say if i could find it in me to watch... And if Huddy fans wouldn't watch, who love Cuddy the most, then who is left? But since you brought that up, there was a funny phrasing in the spoiler, something like if Mr. Laurie would ever let her or something. I didn't understand it, what could it have meant?

Blue, good one, "double death"... Well, what else do i have, except fantasy fantasy world? I'm trying to convince myself that it can be done, that there would be ways, even crazy improbable ones, in which we could get it. But to be quite honest, i ADORE the way it's going now, them finding a way back into the trust and intimacy, but i fear that we are closer to an end game than ever before:( It seems like TPTB are going to develop Huddy in a very spiritual and profound and beautiful manner, but still without getting them in a relationship. God only knows...

However, for the time being, i have to add this: House knocked me off my feet this ep. The way he guarded her every step of the way, without ever being intrusive or persistent, just simply there, with his humor and his teasing and his brilliance and the way he knows her and his ability to sense her every thought and need... That was amazing! My knees get all mellow when i think that this could be just a preview into the future of Huddy. House showing his love and loyalty to her, how on earth could she not lose her mind over him?... I certainly have lost mine:) Perhaps this was what David Shore was talking about when he said they are the new team that will get all the attention later this season... They did seem like an excellent team in "5 to 9", and maybe the best is yet to come. I somehow have high hopes for ep 17, Hugh's episode - a lockdown at the hospital sounds GOOD!
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Oh, LW, if you want to feel more accepted, then we can just pretend you're a girl alltogether and make up a name for you. How does Marissa sound?:))) Picked it because it rhymes with Lisa a bit:)
Come on, man, why the fear? I have accepted you fully, you should know that:) We'll be waiting for your thoughts, it's not like we don't have time:( March 1st at best - i am a bit frustrated about that. When we have more than two eps in a row i get used to the good life and then we get the damn breaks...
Больше года Belle0308 said…
I seem so disjointed because I am posting so slow, I am behind everyone.

@DB I agree on your reasons why Cuddy overlooked Lucas’s behavior. I think that this woman is used to insanity (apparently) and maybe things we would find as incorrect behavior wouldn’t strike her the same as a person with a little more time to contemplate. I identified with her a lot in some ways in this. I am in now way in a high powered job like her. I am a working wife and mother, but not in a very high position. Still, I know what it is like to feel like your job, life and decisions are reeling around you. Sometimes you don’t have the best perspective on what may be lacking in your life because you are too busy trying to make things work

I also noticed that when Cuddy asked House what he would do, he immediately said, “If you called me during sex?” and she wasn’t even thinking about it. Like that is all he was thinking about right then…was she or wasn’t she?

My Sister and I had our weekly House discussion tonight and she also thought it was funny how Cuddy was accused of sleeping with House and it was also brought up that she favors him and she never really defended herself at all. For one thing I can see the sociopath pharmacy hag saying it, but then when the Chief of surgery said that she favored him she really didn’t deny it either. Interesting….

BTW my Sister’s favorite scene was the smile on his face when she was announcing the staff that she got the deal. We both agreed on that. DB, you have a really interesting description and I like it. It was honestly hot in it’s own way. He admires her, which says a hell of a lot. I mean, who the hell DOES House really admire?

@BH, I totally agree that House is miles above Lucas. Also, using my Sister again, she said that it is very clear how immature Lucas is and we see that more than ever. It’s only a matter of time.

@Bea “the lack of selfesteem which somehow has always been a component of her character, surfacing now and then; eye contact with House, even if brief, is always a moment in which our heart stop beating. And House! Shall we talk about House? His adorable cunning, manipulative self? We way he scrutinaze her face at every step, never really getting in her way just pushing her through and helping silently to succed? Let alone the final masterly smile he displays at the conference...WOW!”

EXACTLY!! I felt like the eye contact and even the physical contact between them was more intimate than it has been in a long time. Seemed slight, but it spoke volumes to me. Even when she goes to break up the fight (one of my favorite scenes) and they stand there looking like two parents at their kids fighting.

Cuddy spinoff rumors are I believe, false. HOW could they do a show with Cuddy full time and then bounce the other characters that are on the same show as House in and out of both shows? It would be a tad insane. Could you imagine the logistical nightmare of filming two hour long dramas on one set? If they did that it would have to be after a major upheaval on the House we know and love as a show.

Interesting how she is called "bitch" in several different contexts during the day. Don't they always call strong women that?
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
"The way he guarded her every step of the way, without ever being intrusive or persistent, just simply there, with his humor and his teasing and his brilliance and the way he knows her and his ability to sense her every thought and need...this could be just a preview into the future of Huddy. House showing his love and loyalty to her, how on earth could she not lose her mind over him?..."

Another wonderful one DB! Are you under drugs or something? XD Your phrasing is lately amazing!!! Keep up this way! You and BH are really trying to make me burst into tears everytime I cheek up this spot, aren't you? ;)
BTW BD You know I thought exactly the same thing about House and Cuddy as a team? Amazing...I mean besides they usuall chemistry this ep someth more was going was barely perceptible but it was there, and the very fact I sensed the same bond growing between them that DS had talked about in his interviews without even knowing it it's just freaking cool. It means we are on the right track in analisying Huddy's baby steps, doesn't it?

Belle sweetie don't worry to catch up so fast...take your time, we have a long way to go :( till March so...ALMOST 3 WEEKS OF BABBLING XD I'll write more later in the I gotta go too, class in 40 minutes!!!
PS Could you believe in my course we are gonna study films and tv shows adaptations and there's a Bones ep in the programm??? XDDD My dream come true...TV SHOWs at school!!! XDDD

Love you all girls.....adn boys ;)
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Okay guys, I am still kinda shooting from the hip on this because I have not watched the episode again yet. Sounds like I need to because all of you guys are spouting off with epiphanies after watching it again.

As I said before, I was not very impressed with the episode. I don't think that Huddy made much (if any) progress. BUT, I feel like Luddy lost ground, which I guess one could argue is progress for Huddy. I think one of the major contrasts they attempted to make in this episode was the levels of understanding that the "two men in her life" have for her. It seemed pretty apparent to me that the writers tried to make it look like House has a much deeper understanding of her than Lucas.

A prime example is Lucas replying with "Do what?" to her putting her game face on in front of the mirror in the opening scene. There are several other much smaller examples, too. Lucas bragging about their sex life, cutting her off from contact with her child, etc. Whereas House pretty much didn't have a single major slip-up all episode.

However, the reason this didn't cheer me up all that much is because it was something that anyone who has watched House for more than a few episodes already knows. Everybody knows that House and Cuddy know each other like the backs of each others' hands. And even if they don't, they know that, AT THE VERY LEAST, House and Cuddy know each other better than Cuddy and Lucas do.

One thing that I have noticed this season is how Lucas always does his little "rants" about why Cuddy is acting the way she is. Like in Teamwork, when he and Cuddy are at home and he goes off on his little "delusional" speech when Cuddy is worried about House messing with their relationship. He sits there and explains each situation and says stuff like "in which case, I'm delusional..." He goes on with this until Cuddy finally stops him. This just caught my attention because it's like Lucas is trying to figure things out. But you never see House doing this because he already knows what Cuddy is thinking and what drives her actions. Like I said, this is a well-known facet of House and Cuddy's relationship. So when the writers show a whole bunch of scenes that reinforce this, I'm left there thinking to myself, "Well duh, what else is new".

Similarly, I don't think there is any question that House is light years above and beyond Lucas when it comes to being cognitive, manipulative, and intellectual. So, House outsmarting Lucas in the episode on several occasions was not all that big of a surprise to me.

I guess one way I would sum up "5 to 9" is that they didn't really point out any of House's strengths (or any new ones, at least), but rather they focused on pointing out Lucas' shortcomings in his relationship with Cuddy. We don't even need to revisit the physical aspect.

Of course, I think this entire plot line was secondary to the main plot line of the show, which I think was Cuddy's day-to-day struggles. There was one thing that this episode pointed out about Cuddy that I think is going to be a major obstacle for her in terms of any successful relationship (and I'm not just talking about Huddy): her independence. Notice that she only started asking people what they would do when the situation was deteriorating to the point that her job was at stake. And, of course, House was the last person she asked. She doesn't have anyone to rely on for support, and Lucas is certainly not helping it...
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Больше года bluehue said…
First of all, I’m stickin with LW nickname, it’s easy.
Look what you’ve done..always providing good ideas to dive into...making me go on much more than I should..

I only viewed 5to9 once & like you, I was not over the moon about the epi as much as some..more for reasons of thematic styling than anything..I won’t go there in depth. It’s just that personally, I would have preferred a slower paced look at Cuddy, because we always see her in such fleeting fast moments already.
But I get their choice.

I didn’t think Huddy made progress either, at least not obvious progress. “Upon reflection” I can see the subtle indicators of question, and I think which way is it going..towards LOVE, or towards being just really good friends & collegues? For ex., after a while, House & Cuddy return to a kind of banter-lite in dealing with one another, but it’s newly defined, qualified, boundaries set, then life goes on at PPTH...much doctoring and so forth. Then, I suppose, when we least expect it, something happens to bring Huddy together passionately. I’m one that feels you cannot have love without respect, so maybe that is the necessary part of their relationship the writers are working on right now..following on the heels of House’s rehabilitation & transformation. So, while they are ever so slowing building that up, they are also ever, ever so slowly tearing down Luddy. (I'm zig-zagging along your train of thought about the writers comparing the “two men in her life” & their depth of understanding for Cuddy).

Lucas's little rants...I would need to view these epi’s a 2nd time, but at this point, I just don’t seem to notice Lucas any more than I would a lamp or a chair, because I don’t “get him” in Cuddy’s life, any more than that. I think in 5to9 they showed a few aspects of him that could lead us to believe Cuddy may find him appealing...he trys to be her friend, & little helper at home & through his cross overs into her workplace, pranking Hilson, the tape recording flower bit..etc. But again, the depth of friendship could never compare, it is one dimensional, unlike House’s friendship which is multi-dimensional. The viewers well know that Luddy is not a serious long term relationship. Right..duh, what’s new. That’s why they really, really need to wrap up this Lucas arc. He is wearing on Cuddy and wearing us down...before long, we may not let Cuddy off the hook as going through a mid-life crisis..we’ll see her as a hapless case, a much less sympathetic view.

Oh, btw, I didn’t mean to suggest House was NOT light years ahead of Lucas..god no, but that while Lucas is a capable sneak & pranskter, House has moved on this season to being a whole person, that he sees the consequences of his actions more than ever before & seems to revel in his “behind the scenes” manipulative powers, though for a higher purpose now, even for the sake of other’s well being and happiness...(there I said it DS - it’s not a bad word - happiness!!).

LW, I do think they may have pointed out more of House’s strengths in this epi though, the more you think about it, that is..his new found inner strength, post vicodin. His strength to restrain himself in the face of showing some genuine respect..and even lending a listening ear and a strong bit of shoulder - and yes you are right, this ep, House WAS the last person she asked for advise...but maybe next time he will be the first.
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Больше года Belle0308 said…
"His strength to restrain himself in the face of showing some genuine respect..and even lending a listening ear and a strong bit of shoulder"

I love that BH!

Someone made a comment that it isn't that the characters change as much as they are revealed more. I tend to think it was LE who said it, but I could be wrong. Two points I want to make on that.
First of all, I think that House is the same guy he always has been. He is the person that Cuddy loves and what was that line about "for better or worse, you are a part of my life"...yep...that is the truth. I think that he hasn't changed but he has made better choices about how far to push the envelope. He perhaps has better control of his toxicity than before. I don't know if you can actually consider it "changing" as much as gaining a little control.

One thing that I appreciated about this episode was that more of the things we have guessed about Cuddy were revealed to us. The perspective of House was given a different angle. We have seen in the past that apparently he keeps track of Cuddy's periods, he knows her pretty darn well, yet this cemented it a little more. He was handling his case, causing some distractions, yet always keeping his eyes and ears on what was going on with Cuddy. Because of the change of perspective this fact was highlighted.

I think it could be debated over and over and I am sure it will be, but love and friendship change over time. You pretty much first lust after someone (nope...I don't think it is "love" at first sight) and then as you move beyond that it becomes friendship and love which will over time change. For example, the high you get off the lust stage won't last forever. I think that Huddy is in a transition phase. They obviously aren't lovers, but I think they are trying to hold on to friendship, however strained at times that might be. Maybe it isn't a friendship in the traditional sense or what some might picture as friendship, but it seems to be a comfort zone of sorts for them.
Maybe it comes down to a trust needs to build up before they can allow the sparks to fly between them and get caught up in something that neither of them can control. In my own opinion, the thought that they might let go and NOT be in control of something scares both of them immensley. At the same time, their curiosity and fixation of sorts with what "might be" in regards to each other keeps them playing their own little game of "chicken". One of them will cross the line one day to test the waters again. Of course we will all be watching when that happens.

All of the points last year where she put herself out there as a kind of bait to him and he didn't bite ( all know those moments) probably left her a lot more cautious. I think that Lucas is her little shield right now, but the cracks are showing and they will get bigger and she will be left exposed again. Only lets hope that House will take her up on it this time and meet her halfway.

Those are might hopes minus the politics of what TPTB have to do in order to keep the show going. ; )
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
You know people I am beginning to think we ARE some geeks to the core XD The time and effort we spend around here over topics we have already discuss thousands of times, always coming up with new ideas and observations is should really wonder how the hell is possible a TV Show could mess up with people's priorities this way....I mean, first thing I do in the morning (while drinking my coffé of course :D ) cheek up my updates; last thing I do in the evening, before sleaping ( under my lovely warm sheets XD ) cheek up my updates XD Anyway this is just me babbling on useless matters...let's get down to work here ;) It's like 8 hours I want to post this comment!!

I read LW comment first and then this morning Belle's and BH's ones so there are already some thing smarty Belle ;) have pointed out for me that I am not gonna repeat myself. For example great phrasing:

"I think that House is the same guy he always has been. He is the person that Cuddy loves and what was that line about "for better or worse, you are a part of my life".....he hasn't changed but he has made better choices about how far to push the envelope. He perhaps has better control of his toxicity than before. I don't know if you can actually consider it "changing" as much as gaining a little control"

I totally agree with this one: changing doens't mean becoming a whole different person at all. It means you'll be able to make some steps further in order to adjust yourself to life, people, situations, problems...In House's case it means he's getting better and better at finding the compromise between his own cinic, insightful, sarcastic, brillian outlook on reality and normal people's naive attempt to believe reality is better than it looks like. We know House was irreparably disillusioned and miserable once : unable to be happy, unable to trust anyone, unable to believe in anything or anyone; unable to shut up, ponder his thoughts, find the compromise to be the person his friends needed in that very instant even if that could go againts is personal believes. The changes he underwent are deep but that don't make him another person...

LW I think it's nice to have you around, you help us to keep our feet on the ground XD
But As far as I basically agree with you and BH on the fact that the episode didn't really represent anything special about Huddy as you rightly observe, it somehow gives start to the Luddy decostruction....which is meaningful as well.

But I also think we should keep in mind House have always had a certain "structure"....Nothing happens suddenly on the show: the plot usually evolves slowly....every ep could be believed to be identical to the others and from the distace House could seem nothing but the teenth medical drama.
But we all know that if one watched for example season 4 and 5 one after the other, he would realize every ep is cautiously build up, in so doing adding a new little piece to solve the puzzle...step by step every ep participates in making the big picture come to light. You say that somehow it's the same old story between House and Cuddy....but where you see just a tiny little change, that could mean nothing, I on the other hand, - taking into accout the show as a whole and the way writers and creators think - I see another brick stacked upon the previous one. My personal modest opinion obviously ;)

"So, while they are ever so slowing building that up, they are also ever, ever so slowly tearing down Luddy" Credit: BH

LOL!!! "I just don’t seem to notice Lucas any more than I would a lamp or a chair" XDD
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Больше года Melanie1121 said…
Guys, just wanna say that i read all your comments here, it was so intersting ! Just make me understand the episode a lot more, thanks ^^
Больше года bluehue said…
Ahh, that's nice of Melanie1121 to give a little shout out. See guys...we are doing good work here..informing the fans with our babbling, I mean "critical discourse".

Sometimes Bea, I think you are my Italian double..I too check up comments with my morning coffee with 1 cream & sugar and or at night with my tea. Are we really so bad..."geeks?" I suppose all our supposing could land us a trip to Mayfield for Huddy withdrawal and follow up councelling. Plus, our "forum" dialogue is a little like preaching to the choir...but that's also why it's fun and free from fear or bashing here. Maybe we need to stir up some real controversy though at "New Chemistry." We could invite the Huddy haters, DeathtoHuddy types to "share their views" with us...if you all are in the mood to poke a stick at a hornet's nest..or NOT. Of course we know that Huddy is important to us, but is not the only reason we watch the show. However, who wants to discuss the POTW's disease or prognosis ad that's geeky...unless you are in Med-school. "Love" is a universal theme..just happens to be in all the good literature through time we have every right to forum our thoughts on such a human topic of discussion. End of pep talk/rant. Have a great weekend. Later.

Oh..BTW..all that you said up there, your last comment...really smart, really good writing Bea!..along with the entire gang. I need to read over a few of Delia's and Belle's again to be able to pick their brains at a later date.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Yeah we are really providing social serrvice aound here....:D
Thanks Melanie! Partecipate! Share your thoughts! Bable as much as you want! ;)

Yes BH I am your truly overseas twin XD I don't know about the Huddy haters though...I feel so confortable in my little private world here, taking refuge from the hostile world...couldn't we keep on preaching to the choir for a while? XD Obviously Huddy-non-belivers are welcome to come by and give vent to their opinions....but sending out invites?? I am not sure I am ready for that XD Huddy is too much of an X right now...XD

W my happy Huddy paradise! :D
Больше года Melanie1121 said…
Thanks guys ;) i don't know what to say more than you lol specially cause i don't speak a really good english and can't tell my thoughts sometimes in english :S
But i really appreciate your reviews ^^
Больше года bluehue said…
You are welcome Melanie.

Of course you are right Bea..this will always be positively Huddy positive !
My "invite" was a hollow joke, at best. At worst, once in a while, I do feel "feisty" when reading mean spirited or negative comments "out there."
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Have you guys read the latest spoiler? BH, I know you aren't really into spoilers but I think this one warrants discussion.

Apparently, Ausiello had a phone call with Shore and Shore confirmed that "Huddy IS going to happen". Ausiello seems to be going nuts, saying that there wasn't a single qualifier or "catch" to his statement. However, upon further reading, I disagree that there are no qualifiers. DS says it will happen "eventually".

Eventually? Like when? Eventually could mean season 8 for god's sake. What are your guys' thoughts???
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Hey guys I post tnd so really insightful. Besides some conshis review's's the link link but I am going to paste a few parts below, I just found too wonderful. Besides some consideration about Lucas just made me laugh my ass out!! Let alone the part about House...just wonderful...I copied it all because I coulnd't choose what to cut out for the sake of shortness....but what do we have to do until March 1st? XD

"Current Huddy mood after Monday's episode of House "5 to 9"? I'll let John Travolta express it for me: "I got chills, they're multiplying. And I'm losing control. Cuz this power, you're supplying. It's electrifying!" ... Yes, never deny the power of a completely kitschy reference when it pops up in your mind. Like a lot of things in that episode "it might come in handy some day"...
Here's how I felt after seeing "5 to 9" on Monday: impressed, excited, thrilled and above all, still faithful. Curiously though, I can't really say that this portrayal of Cuddy's crazy, busy life made me truly happy for Cuddy, considering where I saw her stand in her life at that very moment, and of course, I mean that on a personal level more than on a professional one. But paradoxically (I think I'm starting to live there, in paradoxland that is...), despite this taste of mixed feelings I had after Monday's episode, overall, it still left me with the plain and undeniable certainty that all that was depicted, good or bad, and even maybe mostly bad, was really there for a greater good. It had a purpose, and considering the fact that this is Cuddy and House we're talking about, I was once again left with a satisfying feeling that it was promising and good for Huddy: because in order to go there, it just has to be like that, right now, in both Cuddy's and House's lives. It's a journey and it can't be anything other than what it is: not perfect, not absolutely fulfilling, not completely rewarding, not peacefully beautiful. Not............... yet"

"But first thing first, let's start with her morning: 5 o'clock. Cuddy wakes up, and already a huge emptiness is "filling" her bed... (or is it life?) She taps on the mattress behind her, visibly searching for Lucas' presence, but the other side of the bed is empty. There's nobody there and, although she's supposed to be with a man, she's actually already alone. In a relationship, but left to herself to start her day nonetheless. At 5am. The disenchanted pout she displays when she realized that Lucas is not here, and the heavy sigh that follows speaks of disappointment, but somehow, it also (already) speaks of something sadly familiar. The expression on her face says something like "oh, great! Again"

"At 7.30am, after two hours and a half of constant rush, Cuddy's finally ready to leave and, of course, that's the moment when Lucas shows up, nonchalantly, slowing her down on her way out by offering her a relaxing nookie session before she goes, to get rid of her stress and help her unwind before her big day. And yes, as we learn, it really seems like a big day she's got ahead of her because "the entire hospital is depending on a proposal she's yet to finish and need to present at 8.30." Still, she's undeniably contemplating the offer, and as the woman who never was ashamed to admit "she liked sex", she concedes; because "why not?" (As Woody Allen said "I don't know what the problem is, but sex is definitely the answer.")
So back in the bedroom to try to get the best out of this promised relaxing quickie, which in fact, rapidly (that's the word!) turns out to be anything but relaxing. Just when they're about to get there, Cuddy's blackberry interrupts them and Lucas picks it up (quite inappropriately, in my opinion, because if one should choose whether or not they want to take the call, it's her, not him) He announces that it's House, paging for an emergency. But, not without certain logic, Cuddy rejects the call and tries to get him to focus back on the "here and now", which, although it is of course, very unpleasant to witness, is nothing that we can blame her for (somehow, the only reason she's accepted to delay her departure is to RELAX, so an emergency page is not really what she needs in that precise moment, isn't it? ...) Yet, unfortunately for her, it seems that despite what she needs, and her efforts to have it, she won't get satisfied, since Lucas fails to fulfill his promise, and - almost like a horny self-centered teenager - selfishly relaxes nobody but himself, in two minutes time!
"Do what?" is Lucas' absolute lame answer, and should I add, delivered with the most "I'm-such-a-selfish-moron-I-have-NO-c­lue­-ab­out­-wh­at-­my-­gir­lfr­ien­d-r­eal­ly-­nee­ds-­in-­her­-li­fe-­but­-I'­m-s­til­l-s­ati­sfi­ed-­wit­h-m­yse­lf&­quo­t; inexcusable look on his face.
Poor Cuddy. This is not the kind of day that seems to start well. And the resigned sigh she puffs then, shows that she indeed already knows it. As for us, we now know the four things that appear to represent Cuddy's (current) entire world - probably in that order: her daughter Rachel, her blackberry, Lucas, and House... And, in that particular morning, before she goes to work, where does Cuddy stand, in regard to those four elements that fill her life?

- First Rachel. As it's shown throughout the whole episode, despite the professional pressure, she's undeniably her biggest source of concern. And as the day unfolds, it's also clear that she's her most genuine.

- Secondly (the blackberry): metaphorically, it's the link between her personal life and her professional life. All in all, it could have the potential of being such an enabling tool for her! It really could offer her an inestimable help in keeping her updated and connected to her personal life, allowing her to go through her day without too much worry. Instead, since every personal reassuring call she crave to make never goes through, while every other professional ones she'd wish to avoid keeps swamping her, it appears that this blackberry is just another nightmarish tool that only has an helping function because that's the way you forced yourself to look at it... in some kind of a delusional way.

- Lucas. As it is, at this point, and especially as the day passes by, it really looks like he's everything I just said about the blackberry, only applicable to a man! He could be helpful. He could connect her to her personal life. He could lessen her worry by keeping her updated in a clever way. He could. A lot of things. But eventually, he's just another nightmarish tool, not really properly working even, and which disappointedly ends up serving the exact opposite purpose he's been chosen for...

- Finally, House: the unpredictable, unexpected, uninvited, obsessive source of annoyance. Always there at the wrong time... or always there in the right moment? He's this absolutely unavoidable thing that just can't be dismissed, even despite this almost instinctual need to reject it at first, "Ignore it! (...) I say ignore it!" Yes, this is Cuddy's reaction to House's emergency page. But, to a certain extent, it's also, and simply, Cuddy's desperate (and so deliciously already lost) struggle to ignore House in her life..."

"And the big challenge in "5 to 9" was to explore those four elements: Rachel, work, Lucas and House, to see what importance each one of them has in Cuddy's life. And even more so, from a Huddy perspective of course, the questions that are left after this exploration are: how long will Cuddy be able to live with those four elements all together, while maintaining a perfect equilibrium in her life? Is there really room for every element?
3rd element: Lucas.
The first thing that struck me is that, supposedly being Cuddy's partner, lover, man or whatever... I was expecting Lucas (with greeted teeth) to be supportive. Because that's his role. That's who he's supposed to be, for Cuddy: he's supposed be the one standing at her side, who understands her, soothes her, eases her day, cares. And he's not. And that's not even a debatable question, since every single action he initiates during the day to do things right, are just clumsy failed attempts that lead nowhere or... not far...
And Lisa Edelstein herself has explained it quite simply in the numerous interviews she gave to promote "5 to 9": this hectic day in Cuddy's life, in addition to show how tough and determined and good she is at her job, was also a pretext to establish the nude raw (and rather cruel) difference there is between her relationship with Lucas and her relationship with House. And to whose advantage? It certainly is no longer hard to find the answer after Monday's episode. One would think that because Lucas has got full access to Cuddy's love rug, he's therefore the luckiest one, and that his relationship with Cuddy should instantly be declared the best one (At least, in the storyline, I'm ready to bet that it's what Lucas probably thinks) And yet, it takes so much more than that to make a deep, intense relationship between two people. And the more the story unfolds, the more we're given clear hints that Lucas is in fact practically only a tool ("boy toy", as House calls him, probably for the immature aspect he's gotten the privilege to witness, sums it up rather nicely).
For Cuddy, controlling things is undeniably important, and luckily enough for her, Lucas obviously complies with her requests quite docilely. He's just happy to be there and he doesn't really seem like the guy willing to take initiatives, at least not the constructive kind. Whereas, with House, and I'm sure that Cuddy certainly already gave it a real thought - hence the reluctance to make the step forward - things would undoubtedly be different, but also certainly exciting; because, despite his childish side, House perfectly knows how to make Cuddy do exactly what he wants... and that would certainly spice their relationship up, even if it could easily get exhausting - at least, if we're only projecting the idea of it - just as Cuddy must do, through their challenging professional interactions...)
Anyway, was this enough good a reason to settle for the easy solution? At first, maybe; it's probable that at some point (just like House does) Cuddy feared that she would end up alone. But contrary to him, she decided to do something. Going for Lucas was not the most thrilling choice but, given the fact that she'd spent most of her life longing for House (who at the culminating point of last season, clearly proved to be the worst inappropriate man she could choose to share her life with) at least in comparison, Lucas had the advantage of being the available uncomplicated one, in a moment when Cuddy needed it the most. So, when Lucas showed up, it surely seemed like a sane safe choice for Cuddy. At that time. But now? The cards are changing hands. House is no longer the unreliable, almost mad, drug addict, selfish unemotional cranky jerk. And Lucas, well Lucas, he doesn't seem to be that reliable, smart, confident, caring guy Cuddy craves.
How much do the homemade meals, the babysitting, the sex still weigh in the balance? And, above all, how long before it becomes irrelevant to take them into account, compared to the excitement, the connection, the intellectual challenge, and the games Cuddy has with House? Especially since, in "5 to 9", the illustrations of all those allegedly alleviating little things Lucas is supposed to give Cuddy, are far from being conclusive, and that's why instead of enjoying them, as we've mostly seen Cuddy do until then (smiling blissfully in warm peaceful halos) it was rather obvious that she was beginning to be upset by their constant ill-timed occurrences.
As Cuddy later walks into PPTH, House is already there, waiting for her, and as he follows her in her office, he seizes the occasion of teasing her with this weird, almost disturbing confession.
"I was with your boy toy on a stake out last night. (...) Things got a little slow so we made some wages; one being that I could get you to stop the miscegenation with an emergency page."
"What makes you think we'd-"
"He said you guys did it every morning."
"Everybody lies, remember?"

Several things come to mind from this almost Vaudeville situation. The first one is that Cuddy, although she bravely tries to hide it from House, realizes (probably not at once, but eventually, in the car scene) that this bet means she's been used, by her 'boyfriend', for bragging purposes... The second thing is that, given House's mischief and the intriguing reasons that made him hang out with Lucas all night in the first place, this little humiliating bet thing has surely been made purposely (House wouldn't just hang out with Lucas, his rival, only because it's fun...). So, the first reason for House to pretend to 'bond' with Lucas is probably to investigate the subject: sex is indeed (though not the only one) a good indicator of the health of a relationship. And secondly, House certainly made this bet with the deliberate intention of letting Cuddy know about it: as another seed, implanted subtly, to trigger the thought process in her mind and make her start wondering what she really gets compared to what she really wants (as Sun Tsu wisely advised us in 'The Art of War': "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"). However, all while executing this little evil plan, and although he bravely tries to hide it from Cuddy, House must certainly deeply suffers to hear about the details of Cuddy's sex life. But "the ends justify the means" and House probably knows that the reward is worth the price to pay. Still, his constant curiosity about the subject, throughout the whole episode (he brings it up in the conversation at least on three different occasions) shows that it most certainly was not easy for him to deal with it, especially when, as he says to Cuddy: "He [Lucas] said you guys did it every morning."
And I actually wondered if it was something Lucas had really confessed (or more like bragged about, since it's obviously untrue) or if it was just a clever bluff from House's part, forcing Cuddy to reveal more about a private aspect of her life she'd usually want to keep secret. Whichever it is, Cuddy's answer (so spontaneous that it speaks of the truth) "everybody lies, remember?" undeniably seems to relieve House a bit.
Finally, another thing that this little bet reveals is that, regarding Lucas (in case someone was still questioning his insecurity at this point) there is now no possible remaining doubts: he's obviously not comfortable enough in his so-called perfect relationship with Cuddy if he feels the need to bring proof about it, by accepting (or initiating?) bets about his sex life with a man he sees as a competitor and hence certainly (and really immaturely) obsesses about"

""What are you doing to me?" is Cuddy's helpless consecutive question and it says a lot about what she feels of this whole situation in that precise moment. And the most (shocking) obvious thing is that it also proves Lucas really doesn't know squat about Cuddy's life. And yet, he's probably a very good investigator, with a good intuition too. So the fact that he really can't put all those hints together to understand (and possibly) satisfy, or even anticipate Cuddy's needs, shows that he doesn't actually care. What matters to him is the satisfying things HE can get out of this relationship. He's not complicated, indeed, but he's not very helpful either. And, despite the appearances, there is more and more obvious clues to tell us that Cuddy is getting unnerved and disappointed, about how her life really looks like. And it may be very likely that she is becoming slowly (but surely) aware that it is not the satisfying one she wants.
That's the thing with Lucas: from a distant observing point, he seems to be helping, to be here, to satisfy Cuddy's needs. "He seems." That's indeed the key word. At first, he is absolutely able to fool anyone into thinking he could be the man. The exact impression House has within the glance he gave at the perfect family scene from the hotel's balcony in "Known Unknowns": "He looks like a guy who'd be here every day." But the deeper we explore the reality of the relationship, the more it reveals flaws, cracks, deceptions... because the truth is Lucas can't give it all: sex, babysitting, advice, support, understanding... he's here, helping, trying, with this offhanded juvenile nonchalance, but he doesn't meet Cuddy's expectations. Episode after episode, event after event, everything begins to indicate that Lucas is not that perfect guy Cuddy would have wished he'd be; and what's more important, that Cuddy begins to realize that as well...
The most noticeable clue to illustrate that point mostly resides in the look on her face during every interaction she has with Lucas (another occasion to mention the talent of Lisa Edelstein, who can convey so many different subtle emotions in one gaze) Each time she's with Lucas, she looks tired, weary, stressed, frustrated, annoyed, upset. Impatient to move on. She sighs, she pouts, she rolls her eyes in exasperation. She doesn't really look happy anymore. Not completely, that is. Disillusion is pervading her.
And the contrast with how lively, serene and even happy she is when she's with House, despite the very stressing context on that particular day, is thus twice as much striking. Because the difference, ever so subtle, is yet made conspicuous and unavoidable.
4th element: House
House... conspicuous and unavoidable indeed. He is there, throughout Cuddy's marathon day. Everywhere. Everytime. At her side. He understands her, he soothes her, he eases her day, he cares. He's actually everything Lucas fails to be for Cuddy. Of course, he's every one of these things in his absolute most House-ian way, which means in a flawed, capricious, challenging, provoking way, but it's the only one which seems to suits Cuddy's needs, and only hers. Everyone else around indeed seems to have a reason to complain about House, being the disturbing element and the one who creates conflict, but Cuddy, she can't help smiling whenever she runs into him during that day, may it be for pleasant or even unpleasant matters.
And the way they keep bumping into each other says everything about how much House knows her. He has this very rare and unique way of showing up in the most appropriate moments, which are the ones when Cuddy needs to loosen the stress and get rid of the tension, even when she doesn't consciously realize it. He's there to make her smile when she's low, to deliver the right pep talk, hidden behind a sarcastic remark, he's there to boost her confidence, with some of his unique sexual innuendos, he's here to instill realism and put her feet back on the ground, he's there to support her when she doubts, he's there, again, to give her the strength to hang on when she want to give up.
And what is impossible not to notice is also how he always finds her, wherever she is. And how he always knows what she just did, and what she thinks, or what question she's asking herself. Nobody reads her better than he does. No one knows her like he does. It's unquestionable but it's also probably terrifying in a way. Because it's not usual. It's not "uncomplicated". And that's why, despite this inevitable attraction that everyone perfectly perceives between them, Cuddy is still fighting, more and more unconvincingly, but still, she resists. For example, with this inimitable way House has, of always knowing what she's done or predicting her next move, better than anyone else can, Cuddy should know that he is the obvious person she should turn to for help. But she just can't give in to the idea, seeking for Wilson's advice at first, who instantly redirects her to the right person, he knows she's thinking about: "You asked House? (...) He's the master manipulator who always gets what he wants."
That's a fact Cuddy can't pretend to ignore for too long. The hours pass and the pressure goes up and she still doesn't get "her 12", so she ends up asking House, who's here, just available, once again. She isn't even consciously aware of it, but he shows up too. Yet, contrary to Lucas, House has a right timing. Where Lucas undeniably unnerves Cuddy, House unwinds her. And when she asks for his advice, although reluctantly, and despite the fact that she actually doesn't get a real answer, she however very subtly connects with him. In spite of their difference, they're very much alike. They share the same philosophy. They don't share the same means, but they both want the same thing eventually: doing what is right. Even if it's risky, even if it's stupid, even if it's dangerous even... and this thrill, this very unique desperate way of committing to a goal, they're the only ones to have it like that. That's why they understand each other so well. Anticipate each other so well. During the episode, we not only see House deciphering Cuddy's motives and reading through her, but we also see Cuddy doing that with House as well. They look each other in the eyes and they know. Instantly. What they're up to (the malaria bet for House – the ultimatum for Cuddy). So no surprises if, once again, House is there, when in a overwhelming moment of doubt and fear of failure, Cuddy takes refuge in her car to contemplate the idea of quitting. Cuddy is almost crying. It's the end of the day. She's played her cards: she'd said she would terminate if Atlanticnet insurance refused to give them a 12% increase and she has. But, contrary to what she thought it didn't change anything. So she has no other choice but to either quit or be fired. All of what she's believed in, all the principles she's been standing up for, every certainty she has about the choices she's made are questioned; and the line between her professional and personal choices is blurry in that instant. Why? Because when House enters in the car, she gives him that answer he's been craving all day about the bet he had with Lucas: "you owe Lucas the money. We were having sex when you called."
Why saying that now, in that precise moment, even more so when it's not really true, since when House paged, she and Lucas were just laboriously trying to get there, but never really actually managed to? ... I have to confess I've been bothered by this remark. I wasn't seeing any point in that, or why she would bring that up again, since it was obviously not to hurt him. But I realized that, in the context, this sad admission was just a way to show what she was thinking of herself in that moment: she's at her lowest, convinced that she's lost her job, and she doesn't even have a satisfying private life to hang on to, because as it turns out, her boyfriend made a bet about her sex life. I think it's the moment when she truly realizes that she's been used, that Lucas doesn't care about her like she'd want him to. That's the saddest moment of her day, because it's the one where she assesses how pathetic her life is. And in a way, telling House about it is also her masochistic way of saying: "Go on, say it! tell me I'm pathetic, show me how much I failed..." But House knows her thought process. He knows her guilt complex and he knows that she's at the most fragile exposure of her self. So what does he do? While he spent the whole day searching for an answer about the bet, when she finally gives it to him, he doesn't take advantage and he doesn't mock her. Instead, he chooses to bring up the clinic patient subject, the one who wanted breast milk as a prescription against cancer. The one Cuddy had said 'no' to, constrained by ethical reasons. House confesses that the patient finally found a doctor (obviously him) to have his prescription. He knows that, ethically, it's a questionable choice, but as he says: "it's worth the shot". And with that confession, he's just saying to her that she's been right to resist. She didn't fail. She followed her heart and she did what she thought was right. She doesn't need to feel low. Eventually, she stood up for her principles and that's what matters: she has every reason to be proud of her. That's his subtle reply to her moment of doubt about how pitiable and useless he instantly knew she was feeling, just by the way she confessed about the bet.

"They're not going to fire you. And you're not going to quit"
"Why not?"
"Because you're an idiot. This place needs you. That matters to you."

In the morning, when Cuddy was cheering herself up with a "you can do it.", she got a "do what?" as a 'supportive' answer from Lucas. And in the evening, when she's alone and feeling down, not even mentioning the subject of her resignation, House knows. And not only does he know what she thinks and how she feels, but he also knows what to say. Not too much, not too pushy. Just enough support to let her know he understands her, just enough teasing to make her smile, just enough selflessness to help her feel better."

"And this is the relationship she has with House. This is the deep emotional connection they share. And that connection, Cuddy doesn't have it with Lucas. Because he doesn't know who she really is. He never went that deep or that far into her emotional struggles to know her as much as House does.
Who is Cuddy for real anyway? During that day, she's been repeatedly called a "b!tch", on several occasions, even by Lucas himself (!?!). Sometimes it was in an insulting threatening way (by Gail, the pharm tech) Sometimes, in an angry way, by the clinic patient, sometimes in a "bantering" way, by Lucas, who probably seriously thinks she'll find that cool… (which I doubt) and sometimes as a sort of proof of admiration, by Eli Morgan who comes to announce her she won HER bet. Even in the eyes of the staff, with the exception of the nurse who stays at her side like her assistant all day, Cuddy seems to be perceived as a cold heartless woman. And with the guy who wants to sue the hospital because of his thumb, she shows a determined, unsympathetic side. The guy is underwater with his house, but she doesn't show pity.
And yet, "underneath the facade" (that same one House wanted to break in his delusion, in "Both Sides Now") there is someone soft. Cuddy is not that cold heartless woman she appears to be, for those who only observe her on the surface. The real Cuddy is someone, very few people can see, or have access to. It's the one, trying to slow down her breath in the elevator to calm down her fear; it's the one pacing up and down the stairway to fight her moment of doubt; it's the one hiding in her car, almost crying, overwhelmed by emotions, it's the one who tears up the check the "thumb guy" left in her office. it's the one so genuinely relieved to hear that her daughter is fine.
And after "5 to 9", what we know for sure is that even the one who shares intimacy with Cuddy doesn't necessarily know that woman. In "Teamwork", Lucas has (already) bragged about the fact that she "was acting all cool in front of Wilson, but was feeling comfortable enough with him to freak out" but it's sadly proven its limit now, the real thing Cuddy craves, is not to be able to freak out freely. It's just to be understood. And, among the four elements that compose her life, who better than House can do that?
Rachel is too young to get her mom already, PPTH is too preoccupied about business' matters to see her human side, Lucas is too self-centered to get what she really wants and give it to her... there is just House left. And he's annoying, and childish, and inappropriate, and selfish too. But he's there. He understands her. He cares. He helps her. He soothes her. He makes her proud of herself. He's supportive. Because he's the only one who knows the two Cuddy: personal AND professional. He's the only one who knows her fully.
"You act like employees should fear and respect you, but your eyes tell us... Actually your eyes tell us nothing because we're looking at your boobs… which tell us that you're desperate to have someone jump on you and tell you they love you one grunted syllable at a time. What you want, you run away from. What you need, you don't have a clue. What you've accomplished makes you proud, but you're still miserable...”
Season 4 "No More Mister Nice Guy". Not one word is missing to describe the Cuddy we witness through episode "5 to 9". The most accurate portrayal of her, and of course, it's made by House: the best proof of respect and love he can give to her (in Houseland, that is). And the best proof for us viewers, that despite the appearances. It's not the closest one who's got the best access to the real Cuddy. House does. And that's her he loves, fully, above and underneath the surface. It is to that woman he smiles, proudly, when she announces her victory at the end of the day.
So the day's gone by in full circle. We see Cuddy lying in bed again, but this time she doesn't look stressed-out. All her attention is gathered on the first element of her life, the steadiest: her daughter. The second element, her work, gave her the opportunity to win another battle and she feels proud. She's regained her self-esteem. She smiles and while she's leisurely stroking Rachel's back with that proud smile on her lips, it's obvious that she will never willingly get rid of those two elements.
So what's left then? Lucas and House. All this agitation she had to live through has proven her one thing: the equilibrium between the four elements in her life is fragile. It's complicated and stressful to deal with the four of them all at once. And she knows the time to make a choice is getting close, but since she will sacrifice neither her daughter nor her job.. what does she wants? Lucas or House? Lucas, of course (he's still the boyfriend!..) is here by her side and he spoons her, possessively grabbing her butt with his hand. But exclusively focused on her daughter, her first gut feeling is to remove it and free herself from his grab. Yet, probably due to the feeling of fulfillment, the pride of the personal accomplishment, the relief, the stillness of the moment and the "you're desperate to have someone jump on you and tell you they love you one grunted syllable at a time" outweigh this first instinctual reaction and she takes Lucas' hand to put it back on her butt. After all, she's desperate to make things right, she's stubborn and she doesn't want to admit failure.
So is that it? No, because at 9pm, the last element of her life makes another sounding and meddling apparition and interrupts this so-called perfect little moment via the ringtone of her blackberry (because, of course, it's House calling then...) And just like in the morning, the four elements in her life are again united. But this time, when the phone rings, instead of picking it up for her, Lucas just asks if "she's gonna get that?" (note that he doesn't say: answer, or take it, or pick up, but get that, creating an obvious metaphor, addressed to the viewers about Huddy possible future and Cuddy's upcoming necessary choice) And by the way Cuddy smiles and unexpectedly directly stares straight into the camera's eye, planting a mischievous gaze right into ours... it seems that she is answering to us. And with her silent smile, she makes it obvious that the answer can no longer be "ignore it"... not after the day she just lived...
Больше года bluehue said…
A good read Bea...Thanks.
How long till next ep? They really like to keep us sitting in the clinic “waiting room” this season.

Yes...actually in summary, it is just what LW was suggesting a few comments back..5to9 served to show us the depth of understanding the 2 men in her life have for Cuddy..that in a one take away from the Cuddy-centric epi. This reviewer brings that thought into a tighter focus by suggesting that "understanding" is what Cuddy needs above is the ultimate act of intimacy she craves...(more so than the act of sex)...but combine those two elements, then you have what Beatrix is calling "The New (Huddy) Chemistry," an explosive affair to be sure!

LW..I don't mind spoilers, I just don't go looking for them on my own. I think you, (& others here) calmed down the masses under that spoiler. Don't you think part of it was the suggestive title? (Loose your s**t !). Anyway, I did click over to EW & read the VERY short spoiler & with regret, scanned a few comments. (If I were Ausiello, I would be aghast at the endless spew of basher comments, (75% anyway). At best, it's like nightmare Junior High over there, when the substitute teacher steps out of the room, appalling behavior!).

Anyway, to circle back to your wisely issued yellow caution light, or "wet blanket" as you called it, I tend to agree that the spoiler was more of an admission by DS, that a significant dynamic energy of the show is the ongoing "dance" around these two main characters. I guess his choice of the word "eventually" is better than "never," but is still an undetermined amount of the future & we know that future most likely includes at least two more seasons. So, we are left with an "inkling" of the inevitability of Huddy something or other, & that is more, but no less..partly sunny, partly cloudy.
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Wow... I mean, wow. Two busy days and i need hours and hours to read the flood of messages... And that's just here, because the new David Shore interview made all of us go up the walls - btw, i think there is a good reason why this interview means a lot, i posted a comment there, i'll sum it up: it is an the admission of the finality of this on going dance, and that is a big thing. Look at it from a commercial point of view - wouldn't it be more profitable for the show to do an all Huddy season -season 5-, put the hallucination cherry on top, and then slowly move away from it, so that you can keep all your fans, huddy or non huddy, hanging in? Yes, it would, but it would be a crappy and incoherent creative decision, and "House" isn't like this. I feel like this David Shore interview shows that "House" does not do prostitution of ideas - they were going somewhere with it all and they haven't chickened out and the haven't been simply f...cking with our minds. It's good news. It is, however long it will take.

Well, i just got as far as Beatrix's post right after my last one (thank you, thank you a lot - grazie mille:) - for your compliments, you are very sweet. I am not trying to make anyone cry, it's just that i get very emotional around very emotional Huddy stuff, so i just express myself... And no, i am not on drugs (even if some of this season's episodes made me think about taking a Vicodin overdose, perhaps i could get to hallucinate Huddy!), but i do have a solid literary background that's gotta pop up from time to time, when the ispiration is powerful).

I'm gonna try to read all of this tonight and i'll get back to you. Just one thing that bugs me big time: next episode on March 1st and we know nothing about it? I'm kind of getting impatient.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
LOL! I would take a white pil too if that could be some use! Allucinate Huddy....the ultimate resource of an Huddy bruised heart XD
last edited Больше года
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Hey everyone!

Ok, so I went back to my last post and started reading.
@Bea even if I am a Huddy geek, I would rather be that than anything else. ; )
I am thankful that I am not full of the hate that some people that calls themselves “fans” have been spewing. I stand firm that they are not really fans or they wouldn’t be acting like that. It’s really hateful.

@Melanie1121 WELCOME!! Feel free to read what you can and input whenever you feel comfortable. We are from all over so don’t feel alone.

@LW I read the spoiler and I was happy, but not because I think that Huddy is right around the corner. As far as I am concerned, there is a little in most episodes, but it was nice to see DS acknowledge that the direction is towards Huddy. I don’t really mind if it isn’t this season. It would be GREAT if they would throw us a morsel or “bone” as I told Bea today….she had some interesting ideas on that…lol. I don’t think it will be season 8, but I guess we will see.

@Bea again, that review was amazing. I noticed that she added at the end that the one obstacle that she sees is that Lucas already has an established relationship with Rachel where House doesn’t. Here is my new flow chart.

Cuddy realizes that Lucas is just NOT the man.
Cuddy realizes that House has been stepping up more and more
House realize that he is gaining ground with Cuddy
House reflects on Lydia
Cuddy finds out about Lydia
Cuddy gets hot and bothered for House and realizes it’s far MORE exciting than what she is REALLY getting from House
Cuddy breaks up with Lucas
House sees his opportunity and moves in to be “supportive”.
*Marina gets sick and can’t take care of Rachel and Cuddy has to bring her to work.
*House watches her for an hour while Cuddy has a meeting, and Rachel loves him.
*Rachel likes him so much she cries when he leaves.
House and Cuddy get wild and crazy and this leads to Huddex
We get Huddy for a very long stretch, with House still being his insane self. Cuddy still trying to run interference for him.

Of course, this is subject to change at any given, random minute. ; )

@BH People that leave totally lame comments like those on the Ausiello article are just lame, bitter people. I said pretty much the same thing at the start of this.

BTW…I was watching “Known Unknowns” tonight and damn…their eyes are soooo amazing. That dance was so beautiful in its intimacy and awkwardness. WOW! I always love the show more the more I watch.

On the subject of spoilers…I take them cautiously. There are certain people I will listen to, and some I won’t. Emotion, delivery and direction come into play with nearly everyone that we hear. We have had some that were correct, but much better when we saw them. Some that was built up to be something worse than they were. Biggest spoiler let down for me was the Huddex that wasn’t. I realize now why it was important we buy into it, but OUCH! Of course, that would have happened anyway.

Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
I haven't enough time now to answer your post sweetie I gotta run to classes! But I have a quick question for everybody, on to the spoilers issue, which just come to my mind reading Belle's post

Haven't we heard, along with the fake son spoiler, that House was supposed to be dating someone in the second half of the season? What happen to this spoiler? °_°

It could have been interesting...I would suggest a name starting with an L who could provide a good service here ;)

Talk to you later, bye
Больше года Melanie1121 said…
it would be great to see Lydia back right now, Cuddy reaction would be really intersting ! Even if still don't understand why House fall for Lydia when he is so in love with Cuddy lol
Больше года wendus92 said…
I think he just needed to open up to someone...emotionally...I don't think he fell for Lydia you know..he was off meds, she was vulnerable happened...yeah, he probably liked her and she liked him, but that's all it was..I agree with Melanie, it would be interesting to see Cuddy's (and Wilson's) reaction if Lydia came back ^^

btw, hi guys :)
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Hey Wendus! I have to admit that I have never really understood the entire Lydia thing. I think because I haven't spent a lot of brain power thinking on it. I liked Lydia and I thought she was a sweet woman in the middle of a tough spot in her life, feeling really lost. I think that House was someone different and interesting and made her feel a little alive. House and her would never work long term because she had a family to deal with and manage and House would not fit into that world very easily. If Lydia does return, I think that if Cuddy knew about Lydia two things would happen. She would become a bit jealous and also she would realize that House was genuine in Known Unknowns because he had a relationship (of sorts) after hallucinating "Huddy" so he had moved beyond the hallucination as much as he could. Maybe she wouldn't feel like he was confused between reality and fantasy and that she is what he wants.

I don't know if that makes any sense at

There are just so many ways it could be played out. Knowing TPTB and House and Cuddy, they will more than likely approach it in a different way than they should, but it will be 100% them.
Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Hi wendus! Glad to see you here and BTW I think you're absolutely right about Lydia. And yes, as Melanie was saying too, it would be priceless to watch Cuddy's reaction to Lydia's return and House's reaction as well.
I mean, would he go for it or not? Would Cuddy be expressingly jelous? Would House be able to see it? A couple of eps ago we have heard him saying to Wilson he thought Cuddy wasn't in love with that makes me think writers are suggesting he hasn't realized how much she was into him at all yet.
That's interesting and quite realistic I think, because usually when you are in love with someone, but you have been rejected from him/her, you get unable to detect all those little details that could easily give you the proof the other person have been or is still into's like you could see just the negative side: you forget the things you had noticed in the past, thinking they have just misguided you. I think this is what writers are trying to suggest here.
We have seen House pretty confident in the past: he was always smug, always hitting on her with a tauntly attitude, but maybe that was just a facade, as his attitude wasn't due to the fact he was actually sure about her feelings, but to the fact he wasn't sure about his own. So as House had always had the emotional maturity of a teenager, he acted again just like that. And how does teenage guys react when they freak out? They are asshole: they sound distant, they pull your leg, make you go crazy with their constant foolish behaviour and so on...I mean both boys and girls XD
So I think it would be interesting to watch Cuddy getting jelous and jelous....House pondering on the possibility he could have a relationship with Lydia, and how his attitude towards Cuddy would change if he realized she still does feel something for him....

In summary I would sign Belle's script right away XD I think it would be much more exiting if we saw Cuddy giving in to House BEFORE breaking with Lucas: if something unexpected happened between the two of them for any reason, it would be a huge surprise for the fans. They wouldn't be expecting it and the fact that Cuddy is still with Lucas would provide the necesarry suspance to the end of the season....

I don't know about would be huge and wonderful gift to this faithful fandom but I still doubt they will give us sth that big. On the other hand, I see no reason to negate a little, passionate kiss. It would be perfectly plausible....besides it woudl be meaningful as well. First time they kissed (I am not taking into account their one night stand in college) it was a passionate, unexpected kiss....second time, it was just House delusional mind making up his own reality....third time should be the lucky one: when they both finally give in to the fact they can't stay away from each other anymore.

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Больше года wendus92 said…
@Beatrix, I'm very positive about Huddex, especially when you have Cuddy & House. Seriously, a kiss would be great, but when you're in a "relationship" and not having sex, that is kind of awkward. The other option is that they will be having sex, but not in front of our eyes =D Which is fine with me, as long as we get to see their first "connection" =P Anyway, I think TPTB are cooking something very unexpected.

About the Lydia coming back thing...I think there was a spoiler a few weeks ago saying that House will mention her to Wilson, which means Cuddy could find out (Wilson is a blabbermouth) and that's fine with me, because there's no need for Lydia to come back. I just want to see her reaction..
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Oh yeah Wendus Lydia should just come back in order to let us enjoy Cuddy's reactions for a while....I don't want House in a relationship with her...please Luddy 2:the revenge XD

On to the Huddex I meant it sounds to huge to be true, that they could let it happen this season on the finale or even before....although I totally agree with you on the fact that it would be awesome if Huddy (either a kiss or something more XD) would happen at least an episode before the finale...just to enjoy the tension and some kisses and some glances a little longer than 45 minutes...then I could watch the latest two season over and over again along the summer....The Huddy Arc Final Stop on the finale, wouldn't it be wonderful? I'd better calm down now...don't want my not-so-secret-Huddy-hopes to overwhelm my nomore-so-strong-Huddy-cautioness XD
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Больше года wendus92 said…
Exactly! =D If it's going to happen this season, it must happen before the season finale...or at least in the middle of the last episode of season 6...not in the last seconds (Under My Skin)..we deserve something more after 6 years of waiting, right? =) Anyway, according to the latest spoiler there's a high possibility it might happen this season :) But I won't get my hopes's Ausiello afterall..
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Больше года bluehue said…
Just a couple thoughts from your latest comments...
I wonder if Cuddy would really be all that jealous of Lydia? I think in a way, if she knew the basic facts, she may actually be somewhat thankful someone like Lydia was there for House. As long as Cuddy does not see her as competition, what harm would mere knowledge of her be? In fact, it would perhaps be best for this "brief affair" to be out in the open, sooner than later, so it does not pop up to trip up the Huddy relationship in any way. Simple honesty is better than the "skeleton" in closet scenario.
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Sorry that I haven't been contributing much lately guys. I promise I will do some serious fanpoppin' starting tomorrow. I actually fractured my left ankle in two places on Sunday so I have been a little preoccupied handling that lately. Never fear, I will voice my thoughts soon.
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
OMG, I just thought of something. So I am limping around because I have a bum leg. They also put me on a pain killer - can you guess what it is? Hydrocodone, a.k.a Vicodin!!!

Maybe I need to trade in the crutches for a cane...
Больше года houseluva8 said…
big smile
I do have a flame cane you can borrow :)
Больше года bluehue said…
Oh nooooo's..LW...SORRY to hear about your ankle injury. You must be laid up and hobbling around something awful..& on vicodin no less. Take it slow and feel better soon!! Thinkin of ya!

I know we explore our favorite House characters around here..but you went above & beyond. (..Just thinking the same thing as houseluv, to paint some flames on your crutches so you'll look slightly Housian whilst limping around for a spell). Later.
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Больше года Beatrix8520 said…
Sorry to hear that LW! Take care and be back as soon as you can!
On to Lydia BH I was actually thinking on taking her back as Cuddy's opponent to win House's heart XD Jelousy for the past in not plausible, but jelousy for the future is highly possible ;)
Больше года bluehue said…
How could I forget? Ah HA! You've been plotting this wicked Lydia scheme all along..since a little something called "Beyond the Mask-Huddy Finale". Bad Bea! Very, very bad.

I will not stand for any jealous games! No green-eyed monster. House & Cuddy must come crawling back to each other under their own steam..fair & square.
Больше года Belle0308 said…
LW...sorry about your leg...OUCH! Go easy on the

@Bea, wouldn't it be crazy if my story was even halfway close to what they would actually do?

I was driving home today. I do my best thinking in the shower and in the car and it occured to me that maybe when Cuddy thought House thought of her as his savior, I don't think she could handle that because she couldn't really deal with that much on her plate. Not earth shattering but she might have thought she was running from that need. If she knew about Lydia, she might not feel the stress of that thought.

Who knows. ; )