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Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
aaaa... well, this doesn't sound too jolly. Yes, the damage control strategy could be the reason David Shore gave that previous Huddy statement. BUT this sounds like SUCH a detailed spoiler, i find it hard to believe. I have never ever ever ever read an accurate spoiler that explained everything in such little detail. Usually all we get is one tiny hint, that almost always doesn't mean anything much in the whole context of the episode.

I doubt that we will ever get such clear info on anything this big that happens six episodes from now.

However, if this is true (or some of it, anyway), what matters most is the context: Does House do or say anything to make his feelings and intentions clear to Cuddy sometime in between episodes 15 and 20? Version A: if he does and she refuses him, then i think i'd rather see him with somebody else than miserable and alone and tempted by Vicodin. Version B: if he doesn't, then this could be a good thing, because it can make Cuddy jealous and she might get a different perspective on her affair with Lucas and her true feelings for House.
If it's version A, then yes, it doesn't look good for Huddy - but i somehow don't really see Cuddy choosing Lucas over an honest House who proclaims his love. If it's version B, then it could be the prelude of Huddy, but i have to say that i would really, REALLY hate it if these beautiful lovers got together pushed by something as petty as jealousy.
Больше года Belle0308 said…
I am going to just say here that I think it is best not to get too mental over anything yet. I came home and started reading all the spoilers and some rather wise individuals pointed out that the person who posted this spoiler has been wrong in the past. From what I understand, this poster is also prone to hysteria over things and is somewhat anti Cuddy.

Again, and not so sound negative, I think that we won't see Huddy this season. DS probably wants us to watch next season so thus, the Huddy spoiler. I am trying to figure out how all of the various things we know to be happening this season and the spoilers all work together somehow.
In my mind, I can't make it work so I am going to try to be patient and wait for more info or until I actually see it on the screen.
Больше года huddyislove said…
Just a thought, could you change the topic to something else, in case some of Huddies don't want to get spoiled?
It pretty much shouts it out when it's in the updates ;)
We don't want fans any more scared/angered/depressed than they already are :)
Thank you
Больше года Belle0308 said…
Good point...we don't need mass exodus right now.
Больше года Jessicatt said…
Even if this spoiler is true, it might not be bad. It depends on 1) how serious House is about this new girl, and 2) Cuddy's reaction. If she is super jealous, it might actually help Huddy because then it might push Cuddy to realize her true feelings. Somehow I don't really see how Huddy could get together this season, since there aren't that many episodes left and Pukas is still in the picture. However, I would love it if David Shore proved me wrong. :P Either way, I am going to wait until I've seen the final episodes of this season before I start freaking out.
Больше года yunioshi said…

moving on... i'm not going to comment on this because I'm trying to not be spoiled, take it as it comes and enjoy it while i can, while it's on and go in with no expectations.

btw. it's a tv show. these people owe you nothing except to put out a show that they believe has quality and merit. don't ask for blood, ask for a good show.

rant over.


edits previous post for over reaction to possibly being spoiled. i iz sorry. i just was trying not to be spoiled and it's pretty impossible with this header for the title.
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Больше года oldmovie said…
Seriously WTF DUDE!
Totally inconsiderate................not to mention immature its a tv show....
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Больше года rosehustle1 said…
I am kind of happy House has someone. Look, I love House/Cuddy but this whole season has been pretty rough to watch and I'd rather him be a bit happy with someone who accepts him than someone who is not yet ready to accept him. I love Cuddy but she hasn't shown any hint of pride or happiness over the positive changes in House, most of all his pause on the Vicodin. I think as his friend she should have at least been encouraging in that department.If she only wants him once he's with someone else, well, that makes her look just as selfish as he was in season 3 with the whole Wilson play ticket fiasco and Don. I also would be pissed off and a bit insulted if I were House and had spent over a year trying to get someone to realize I really wanted them, have them refuse me every time, and then all of a sudden want me once I'm finally dating again. I hope that this part isn't true to the spoiler but if it is then they really messed up Cuddy's character this year.
Больше года wendus92 said…
How do they know? They haven't even started shooting the episode yet..

Anyway, if this is true, I don't really mind that House is with another woman since Cuddy's with Lucas. We know there's still hope for Huddy, so there's no reason to get angry. I'm kinda happy for House even though I'm a die-hard Huddy fan.

And yeah, you should change the title o_O
Больше года pumpkinpie99 said…
WHAT THE HELL?????????????
Change this to a spoiler thread, or its gonna get reporoted! Its the first thing that I saw when i logged on, and i haven't been here in months!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!!!!!
Больше года wendus92 said…
Change the title FGS!
Больше года Melanie1121 said…
I am spoiler free !!! i hate spoilers so if this one is true I HATE YOU !!!!
Больше года pure_rebellion said…
big smile
pp99 your so slack ;-)
oh some trouble with the title your lucky im a spoiler whore.
anyways i don't care if house is with someone else.
huddy will happen eventually and thats all that matters
besides heaps of spoilers have been inaccurate.

Больше года LipschitzWrath said…

However, here are my thoughts:

First, you can't believe every spoiler you hear. I tend to agree that the amount of detail here seems like a bit of a red flag. I mean, it sounds like the writer got drunk and blurted out what the entire episode is about. I doubt that would happen. No one is gonna give away that much.

Second, if you are gonna believe this spoiler, then you might as well believe the other spoilers. Relevant spoiler here is the DS one where he says Huddy is going to happen. And then Ausiello flies off the handle and goes further by saying he thinks it's going to happen in this season's finale. They're saying this happens in episode 20, the finale is episode 22 - see what I'm driving at?

Third, the spoiler here says that Cuddy puts him on the spot at the end of the episode and House "makes his choice clear". Doesn't say what his choice is. Maybe he chooses Cuddy. This ties in with my second point. There isn't a whole lot of time between this alleged scene and the season finale for Huddy to develop if House is to turn her down in this epi.

In summary, I guess what I am saying is that IF (and that's a BBBIIIGGG "IF") this spoiler is true, it doesn't necessarily have to be the end of the world. Again, remember how these spoilers have tended to be misleading this year. Maybe they are misleading us into thinking we are moving away from Huddy when really we are moving closer. The writers are good at that. And again, we currently have no reason to believe this is true. This was some random poster on a Fox forum. I could post something completely made up and post it here and call it a spoiler. I bet I could make it sound believable and make people freak out, too.

Now, I'll give you my opinion on the subject. This assumes the spoiler is TRUE:

I'm with DB (first reply). I think it could be good. I agree that I don't see House turning away from Cuddy if she genuinely confronts him about it. He loves her too much.

However, I think House has waited long enough. He has changed and Cuddy refuses to acknowledge it. Not his problem. He should move on and be happy with someone, because Cuddy is doing a damn good job of trying to prove to House that she doesn't care about him that way right now. So, give her what she wants. Ignore her, move on. See how she likes that. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. And I think a little jealous!Cuddy would be fun to watch!

I spent the first 5 seasons of House feeling sorry for Cuddy - I've spent most of season 6 feeling bad for House.
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Больше года bluehue said…
I would like to see all of us avoid the word "hate." That is all.
Больше года belbernardi said…
We don't deserve this! David Shore is abusing our patience!
Больше года huddygirl2 said…
okay the only thing I see is last edited on Feb 18, 2010 at 10:29PM
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Quick recap of what the spoiler said. I guess this was posted somewhere on a fox forum board...

Fast forward to episode 20

-House is banging some other broad
-Cuddy finds out about it
-Cuddy is obviously upset
-Cuddy confronts House about it in last scene
-House makes a decision

Didn't say what decision he made or who the girl was. Also, I can't remember if the spoiler said whether or not Lucas and Cuddy were broken up at the time. Anybody else help me out...
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
LW, just don't sweat it. The way i see it, it's IMPOSSIBLE for something like this to come out six episodes in advance and in such little detail. They would never let anything this big leak out, they never have, they never will. All we usually get are tiny pieces of information which either prove to be just plain wrong, or most of the times are irrelevant details of an episode which has a completely different meaning.
Больше года LipschitzWrath said…
Oh, I'm not scared at all. The poster above me asked what the spoiler said in the original post because the original poster edited it out. I'm not worried. I'm with you...