Huddy Далее Episodes Airdates And Titles

Delia_Beatrice posted on Feb 21, 2010 at 03:08AM
Here they are, finally: next ep on March 8th, no title yet, and then as follows (no more breaks longer than 1 week - BLESS YOU, this is the best news i could have hoped for!!!!!! except for a Huddy wedding...):

Airs Mar 8
Written by Doris Egan

6.16 “Black Hole”
Airs Mar 15
Written by Lawrence Kaplow

6.17 “Lockdown”
Airs Mar 22
Written by Garret Lerner, Russel Friend, Peter Blake, and Eli Attie
Hugh Laurie directs

6.18 “Knight Fall”
Airs Apr 5
Written by A new writer to the show
Juan Jose Campanella directs

6.19 “Open and Shut”
Airs Apr 19
Written by Sara Hess and Liz Friedman

6.20 The Choice
Airs May 3
Juan Jose Campanella directs

Airs May 10
Written by Doris Egan and David Foster

Airs May 17
Written by Garrett Lerner, Russel Friend and Peter Blake (season finale)

Please note that episode 20 is called "The Choice" - it is the episode in regard to which that spoiler was posted, about House having sex with someone and letting Cuddy know which of them he chooses. The majority of us refused to believe it, because it seemed improbable and not trust worthy, and yet, here is the title...
Personally, i still believe that that spoiler was based on speculation made upon the title - i think it's way easier for someone to find out the title of an ep, than the content of it in such detail. Whichever it is, i PRAY that it all turns out good for Huddy. A lot of signals point towards it (David Shore and Michael Weston interview, for instance), i hope it's not much ado about nothing...

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