Huddy The Huddy Limbo....I was better off in Purgatory :P

Beatrix8520 posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 05:18PM
Hi guys, it's me....I know I can be annoying with my religious metaphors, but I really feel like I am having a Huddy faith crisis XD

I am not overreacting nor dramatizing I swear...I just want to start the discussion over: make the point on Huddy you know, because frankly I am quite lost....

Ok, last night episode was a bit...unusual. For better or for worse it was...a first. I am not going down that road again I just want to crarify my concerns have nothing to do with House bringing Lydia up. I have already make it clear why I think he did it: to sum it up, he was just hitting at the deep change she had brought in his life. I think BB also said that....she helped him grow up emotionally...made him realize there was no way he could really be better off alone.

I have listened to the interview Belle was talking about...I guess it's the BBC one. Lisa surealy didn't sound like her usual self. She talked about Huddy but she was sort of coautious with her words...I dont' rememeber what she said exactly, maybe Belle can help me out here, but the general meaning was that Huddy is in adifficult situation right now...something like "life took them apart....their timing was off..." and so on. NO reference to the future of Huddy, no giggling, nothing. That was strange.

Now...we seemed to be stuck in some sort of Huddy Inferno. There's no way out apparently. Things look to be going on and on this way for ever. The Lockdown ep basically didn't add anything to our knowledge of House/Huddy/Hilson was a filler one, we know that.

We also know though, our perception of Huddy as "the neverending waiting par excellence" could have been sort of distorted by this damn long term breaks...which we have to take into account I think. Out inner "sense of time" has been quite affected by that...that's a fact I think.

I wonder where we are going....I mean, Huddy is meant to happen...eventually. God knows what the hell that does mean. A year? Two? Who knows...
The thing is when I was telling to @PC you can't put them thorugh all of that without keeping adressing Huddy all along, I didn't mean they actually can't. I meant it was getting sort of inconclusive...
I can accept one filler ep (Private Lives....bread crumbs); I can deal with two (Black Hole...Huddy desert); but three?

Besides what does it mean then KJ saying Lucas it's justa a phase, Lisa hinting at Huddy but then giving an interview in which she almost avoid the subject; Ausiello saying there's good news ahead....where? XD

This season is driving me nuts....I am on the point of needing a vacation from my entartaiment XD
My favorite show is shipwrecking in open waters XD
Somebody please help me!!

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